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Industrialization & Immigration Vocabulary. a sudden change of direction.

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1 Industrialization & Immigration Vocabulary

2 a sudden change of direction

3 revolution

4 having a central government, with a number of separate states, each state retains control of its own interests.

5 federation

6 coming from another country or nation; not native

7 foreign

8 Person or persons who leaves one country to settle permanently in another.

9 immigrants

10 When one nation takes control of colonies and other nations.

11 imperialism

12 any general business activity; business activities to make money

13 industry

14 anything made up to help in everyday living

15 invention

16 A person who creates an object or service to make life easier

17 inventor

18 an organization of wage earners or salaried employees to get aid and protection

19 labor union

20 The manufacture of goods in large quantities, especially by machinery.

21 mass production

22 the moving of people or animals from one location to another

23 migration

24 Groups of people that ban together to protect or help one another

25 allies

26 to attach or add, especially to something larger or more important

27 annex

28 quality in a person or society that happens from a concern for what is thought as excellent in the arts, writing, manners, learning

29 culture

30 of or about the home, the household, household affairs, or the family

31 domestic

32 a formal agreement or treaty between two or more nations to cooperate for specific purposes

33 alliance

34 Having a strong military spirit or policy

35 militarism

36 Being forced to join the armed services

37 military draft

38 sole control of a commodity or service in a particular market

39 monopoly

40 give an alien or foreigner the rights and privileges of a citizen

41 naturalization

42 devoted love, support, and defense of one's country; national loyalty

43 patriotism

44 an bad opinion or feeling felt beforehand or without knowledge, thought, or reason

45 prejudice

46 Wanting progress, change, improvement, or reform, as opposed to wishing to maintain things as they are

47 progressive

48 Improvement from what is wrong

49 reform

50 Someone who studies the world around them

51 scientist

52 To agree with others not to work so that the employee will listen to their grievances.

53 strike

54 Ways to improve how things are done

55 technology

56 Carrying things across distances

57 transportation

58 any group of persons joined together in one body.

59 corporation

60 Person who owns a part or share of a company

61 shareholder

62 A place of employment where people are abused and exploited by their employees

63 sweatshop

64 thickly populated, run-down, dirty part of a city, inhabited by poor people

65 slum

66 run-down and often overcrowded apartment house, especially in a poor section of a large city

67 tenement

68 To cause others to move or go into action, sometimes in the military

69 mobilized

70 Industry dealing with fabrics

71 textile industry

72 an early spinning machine having more than one spindle, enabling a person to spin a number of yarns at the same time

73 Spinning Jenny


75 Flying Shuttle

76 Taking seeds out of cotton

77 Cotton Gin

78 Motor that works by boiling water to create steam

79 Steam Engine

80 Roads made with tar

81 macadam roads

82 A means of transportation that runs on rails

83 railroads

84 an artificial waterway for navigation, irrigation

85 canals

86 Disease caused by mining in the coal mines

87 black lung

88 to place molten iron to the process of melting down

89 Puddling


91 Bessemer process

92 natural resources

93 exploitative

94 pesticides

95 domestic work

96 agrarian

97 industrialization

98 automation

99 detrimental

100 adequate

101 exploited

102 informal sector

103 formal sector

104 overseers

105 apprentice

106 intercede

107 indentured

108 migrant workers

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