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Company Confidential 1 © 2005 Nokia N6220_training_material_for_CCs.ppt / 2008-03-19 / T&VD N6220 classic For Contact Centres.

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1 Company Confidential 1 © 2005 Nokia N6220_training_material_for_CCs.ppt / / T&VD N6220 classic For Contact Centres

2 Company Confidential 2 © 2005 Nokia N6220_training_material_for_CCs.ppt / / T&VD Online sharing View new photos and comments Add comments View the latest uploads - feeds

3 Company Confidential 3 © 2005 Nokia N6220_training_material_for_CCs.ppt / / T&VD Upload Example From within The camera From within Gallery After taking photo click on the envelope icon and select send step 1 … Select web upload Select your flickr account Give a title, description. Add tags and visibility settings by arrowing to that field and clicking on it Just hit the Green key (or send/ Talk) when done On its way! One click upload icon Optional step 1

4 Company Confidential 4 © 2005 Nokia N6220_training_material_for_CCs.ppt / / T&VD Maps 2.0 in Nokia 6220 classic MOVE Mapping, Routing Pedestrian Guidance. DISCOVER Map Search. CREATE DRIVE Car-centric Navigation SHARE Sharing & Publishing Of Map Content

5 Company Confidential 5 © 2005 Nokia N6220_training_material_for_CCs.ppt / / T&VD Geo tagging in Nokia 6220 classic Usage flow: User activates camera GPS is activated and it get location fix User captures images and UI is indicates that GPS has been found Location information is attached to image User can continue image capture and location information is added to those When images have GPS data stored to image, it can be used by online services to create map views with your images

6 Company Confidential 6 © 2005 Nokia N6220_training_material_for_CCs.ppt / / T&VD Inbox Content Inbox HS-47, Headset CA-92U, TV-Out cable CA-101, USB cable AC-5, Charger CD-ROM 1GB Micro SD card Short User Guide Inbox (2G variant, China only) HS-47, Headset CA-92U, TV-Out cable CA-101, USB cable CA-100C, Charger cable AC-6C, Charger CD-ROM 512 Mb Micro SD card Short User Guide

7 Company Confidential 7 © 2005 Nokia N6220_training_material_for_CCs.ppt / / T&VD S New Features

8 Company Confidential 8 © 2005 Nokia N6220_training_material_for_CCs.ppt / / T&VD Remote lock by SMS In S you can lock the device and the memory card using an SMS To enable your device to be locked remotely, and to define the message text to be used, select Settings > Phone sett. > General > Security > Phone and SIM card > Remote phone locking > Enabled. The message can be 5-20 characters long. To lock your device, send the text message to your mobile phone number. To open your device later, select Unlock, and enter the lock code. Other security enhancements: Remaining number of failed entry attempts into SIM PIN/PIN2 and PUK/PUK2 dialogs User can see how many times PIN or PUK code attempts are left

9 Company Confidential 9 © 2005 Nokia N6220_training_material_for_CCs.ppt / / T&VD Improved personalization Slideshow wallpaper in Active Idle New Arriving call display Versatile layout designs

10 Company Confidential 10 © 2005 Nokia N6220_training_material_for_CCs.ppt / / T&VD UI effects and transitions Improved look and feel of UI by introducing powerful system wide transition effects. Integrated to the key use cases: Application launch, exit, switch and opening and closing of folder. Options menu opening and closing. Fast UI response: Transition effects enhance usability by improving the responsiveness of UI.

11 Company Confidential 11 © 2005 Nokia N6220_training_material_for_CCs.ppt / / T&VD Active Idle Customization New layouts Flexible customization of look-and-feel for the operators Flexible layout design Two reference UI layouts UI customization tools for operators RSS/ATOM News Ticker plug-in Plug-in architecture for expandability RSS/ATOM News Ticker plug-in

12 Company Confidential 12 © 2005 Nokia N6220_training_material_for_CCs.ppt / / T&VD Personalization with own pictures Slide show screensaver and wallpaper Use own pictures from gallery to be used as screen saver and slideshow wallpaper on Active Idle Screensaver changes pictures every 5 seconds. Wallpaper changes periodically. Change frequency can be between 1 minute and 1 day. Visualisation of arriving call notification Utilization of wide display area Richer personalization with new content types – Flash components Images, larger than thumbnails, text, animated gif or flash content can be displayed within Arriving call -situation.

13 Company Confidential 13 © 2005 Nokia N6220_training_material_for_CCs.ppt / / T&VD Multitasking and softkey Easier to find the multi-tasking capability Label for the middle soft-key

14 Company Confidential 14 © 2005 Nokia N6220_training_material_for_CCs.ppt / / T&VD Labelled Middle softkey Existing middle softkey functionality made visible Both text and icon labels Used in portrait layouts only Multitasking options and labelled softkey Multitasking selection under Options Existing multitasking functionality made visible and highlighted in UI Multitasking can be found as earlier and additionally under options menu

15 Company Confidential 15 © 2005 Nokia N6220_training_material_for_CCs.ppt / / T&VD Improvements in Messaging and Phonebook Common view for SIM and phonebook contacts Common composer for messages

16 Company Confidential 16 © 2005 Nokia N6220_training_material_for_CCs.ppt / / T&VD Messaging and Phonebook New Phonebook Phone and SIM contacts visible in the same view of Phonebook View can be set by user (phone / SIM / phone&SIM) Messaging Editor for S60 Simplified message creation with combined SMS&MMS editor SMS and MMS messages are created with one combined message editor and the bearer is automatically proposed according to the message content

17 Company Confidential 17 © 2005 Nokia N6220_training_material_for_CCs.ppt / / T&VD Application usability improved Calendar Event viewer New main view displays context of the calendar event in easy readable format All calendar event types are support; Appointment, To-Do, anniversary and Memo Supports find and use numbers, & URI addresses from all fields. Timed profile Expiration time for a selected profile Max 24h New Help application Browser/HTML based Flexible customization Highly visual

18 Company Confidential 18 © 2005 Nokia N6220_training_material_for_CCs.ppt / / T&VD Downloading and streaming Instant Media Playback when downloading Streaming experience for all music and video downloads Easy personalization with downloaded content

19 Company Confidential 19 © 2005 Nokia N6220_training_material_for_CCs.ppt / / T&VD Instant playback during download Enabled by progressive download (DRM + plain) from standalone browser User can listen to or view the content during the download process. Manage Multiple Concurrent Downloads Effectively Pause Media Consumption while Progressive Download Continues Dual Progress Bar in Media Players: Showing Current playback progress and Current download progress simultaneously

20 Company Confidential 20 © 2005 Nokia N6220_training_material_for_CCs.ppt / / T&VD Downloaded content immediately ready to use Save As- option Take downloaded content immediately into use Set the downloaded picture as wallpaper or mp3 as ringing tone Own folder Unconsumed downloaded content e.g. images, ringtones, mp3 files are stored to a one place. Java Applications Launch the application immediately after the installation is finished No need to navigate to downloaded applications folder.

21 Company Confidential 21 © 2005 Nokia N6220_training_material_for_CCs.ppt / / T&VD Push to talk and video call OMA PoC OMA PoC Rel 1.0 push-to-talk voice service Enabling interoperability over operator and device vendor boundaries by standards based implementation Person-to-person, Person-to-group Improved CS Video Call quality H.264 Support for video call Options: Higher frame rate than current 10 fps (motion) Same frame rate but better quality for single frames

22 Company Confidential 22 © 2005 Nokia N6220_training_material_for_CCs.ppt / / T&VD Higher performance WCDMA data evolution HSDPA support UI indicator for HSDPA High Speed USB Convenient PC – S60 Device connections for media transfer Maximum speed 480Mbs Response times Faster bootup Improved key application performance: , Media Gallery, Phonebook, Music Player

23 Company Confidential 23 © 2005 Nokia N6220_training_material_for_CCs.ppt / / T&VD Better Sync with Business users Active Sync Interoperable with Exchange 2003+SP2 & 2007 (w/ Active Sync protocol v2.5) Seamless push experience Supports , contacts and calendar Remote Device wipe OMA DS sync Inbox, outbox and drafts folders See read/unread status Initiate sync/edit settings from application Priority flags and Reply to –address supported

24 Company Confidential 24 © 2005 Nokia N6220_training_material_for_CCs.ppt / / T&VD Accurate positioning services Better usability Similar UI experience like in hand held GPS Graphical display of the satellite positions Signal strength for all satellites

25 Company Confidential 25 © 2005 Nokia N6220_training_material_for_CCs.ppt / / T&VD Troubleshooting for Nokia 6220 Classic

26 Company Confidential 26 © 2005 Nokia N6220_training_material_for_CCs.ppt / / T&VD Nokia PC Suite The Nokia PC Suite version in Nokia 6220 Classic on the CD-Rom at sales start is Nokia PC Suite Nokia Software Updater automatically installs USB drivers on the PC, these drivers are newer than the ones in Nokia PC Suite The newer drivers do not work properly with Nokia PC Suite Possible issues the user will face if Nokia Software Updater has updated the drivers: Nokia Phone Browser does not work. Nokia Text Message Editor does not start, text messages are not shown in the Launcher. This issue can be solved by downloading and installing Nokia PC Suite 6.86 from

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