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Minnesota State Arts Board 2015 Artist Initiative Grant Program 1.

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2 Minnesota State Arts Board 2015 Artist Initiative Grant Program 1

3 Artist Initiative Artist Initiative Deadlines Literary artsJune 13, 2014 Performing artsJuly 11, 2014 Visual artsAugust 1, 2014 For projects taking place: Literary arts January 1, 2015 – December 31, 2015 Performing arts January 1, 2015 – December 31, 2015 Visual arts March 1, 2015 – February 28,

4 Program Purpose Grants for artists at all stages of their careers Career building and professional growth Projects must promote professional development and be strategic to career advancement 3

5 Artist Initiative outcomes Minnesota artists are able to expand or further develop their artistic abilities through varied learning opportunities. Minnesota artists are able to develop business skills needed to support their professional arts work. More Minnesotans are able to engage in or with the work of Minnesota artists. 4

6 Artist Initiative eligibility Must be a Minnesota resident 6 months prior to deadline Must be at least 18 on or before the deadline Cannot have received Artist Initiative grant for fiscal year 2014 Cannot have received a Cultural Community Partnership grant for fiscal year

7 Grant amount $2,000 - $10,000 No match is required 6

8 Use of Funds For time to research, complete, or present work To travel within Minnesota for artistic research or to present or complete work For professional documentation of work To achieve specific artistic career goals or pursue projects that further artistic development To purchase supplies To purchase equipment totaling less than $5,000 To attend Minnesota based workshops and conferences for professional development For the realization of specific creative ideas or other purposes that will contribute to the artist’s professional growth and career development 7

9 Funds may NOT be used for (partial list) Travel for individuals or organizations brought into the state for the project For work on scholarly manuscripts or standard journalism. Activities that involve any organization at which the applicant is employed and/or from whom the applicant receives a W-2 or 1099 form; Paying for tuition, fees, or work toward any degree; Paying for translating another person’s literary work; Activities that are exclusively for curriculum development; Costs for relocating the applicant’s legal residence outside of Minnesota; Paying for the establishment of any type of organization; Paying for publishing with a vanity press; 8

10 Review criteria Artistic quality in relation to the artist’s career goals, as demonstrated by work samples and resume Merit and feasibility of the proposal and its impact on artist’s creative development and professional growth, as demonstrated by artist plan Ways in which a grant to this applicant will strengthen the creative community and the state of Minnesota 9

11 WebGrants grants management system Use WebGrants system to apply Registration is required before beginning an application. Add to your safe sender list. 10

12 How to start an application Log into WebGrants Select: Funding opportunities Select: FY 2015 Artist Initiative Select: Start a new application Complete eligibility questionnaire 11

13 General information form Primary contact Project title Organization (won’t appear in most cases) 12

14 Artist and participant estimate form Number of artists who will provide artistic services for the project Number of youth and adults in the audience or participants Broadcast and electronic audiences “0” unless project content is delivered this way 13

15 Artist plan form 1.Project dates 2.Publicity statement 3.Project location 4.Review panel 5.Project and program outcome(s) 14

16 Artist Plan Form (continued) Artist plan form (continued) 6. Artist plan narrative a)Artist’s background - Tell the panel about yourself and your work; why this work is important to you and where you see it taking you. 15

17 b) Major goal - Identify a goal that is a stretch but is also achievable within the project dates. 16

18 c)Barriers – Identify what is standing in your way and why you can’t achieve your goal now. 17

19 d)Actions – describe what you will do to achieve the major goal and overcome the barriers 18

20 e)Community component - a live, in-person community component is a requirement of the program. 19

21 f)Impact on the state and/or creative community – describe what the project will contribute to the state’s cultural legacy. 20

22 Artist plan form (continued) 7. Artist Resume – Two-page maximum – Focused on artistic training, experience, accomplishments, and artistic recognition 21

23 Financial information form Project Revenue Request amount $2,000 - $10,000 No match is required Income must equal expenses Round figures to the next $100 22

24 Financial information form Project expenses Artist compensation Other project personnel Travel Space Materials and supplies Promotion and marketing Equipment purchase (must be less than $5,000) Equipment rental Other expenses 23

25 Artist work sample Submit work samples electronically Quantity: 9 images, or 4:30 minutes of video or audio, or 12 pages Videos must be uploaded to Complete the work sample description form as fully as possible 24

26 Project information form Artistic discipline(s) Project characteristics Project descriptors Educational activities 25

27 Demographic Information Form Gender Ethnicity Other – veteran, older adult, disability If applicant is not a U.S. citizen, attach a copy of permanent resident card (green card) 26

28 Certifications and signature form An electronic signature is required. The signature certifies that all information in the application is true and correct. It also certifies that all of the program eligibility criteria are met and that grant funds will only be used as described in the application. 27

29 Panel review Panel review process At home review Open meetings by discipline Scoring based on criteria Panel recommendations go to the board in November 2014 for literary and performing arts, and January 2015 for visual arts Feedback to applicant 28

30 Tips Review proposals previously submitted Read instructions thoroughly; contact the program officer with questions Prepare work samples early – test them! Ask someone unfamiliar with your project to read the proposal for clarity and understanding 29

31 For questions or help For questions about the content of the application forms or narrative, please contact: Kathee Foran, program officer For questions about financial forms please contact: Dave White, director, finance and grants administration For questions about the technical aspects of the application forms, or questions about electronic submission, please the Arts Board at: Tom Miller, project manager (651)

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