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Individual Artist Project Grants 2011 Information Session.

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1 Individual Artist Project Grants 2011 Information Session

2 About The Grant Program A program of the Arts & Cultural Council for Greater Rochester in partnership with the New York State Council on the Arts (NYSCA) and the New York State Legislature Three grants of $2,000 each For Monroe County artists of all disciplines

3 Creation of New Work This grant is for creation of new work, not performance or exhibition It must involve the public in some aspect of that creation Creation of new work must take place between January 1 and December 31, 2011

4 Eligibility Requirements Artist must reside in Monroe County; public component must take place in Monroe County Must be age 21 or older May not be a student enrolled in a degree program Has complied with reporting requirements for past grants Must attend an information session or one-on-one meeting with Arts Council staff

5 Application Deadline Deadline is Thursday, November 4, 2010 Not a postmark deadline Application must be complete, with all attachments Application must be typed or computer generated. NO handwritten applications accepted!

6 How to Get an Application Download the application and guidelines from the Arts Council website, PDF fillable form For hard copies, call (585) 473-4000, ext. 208 Be sure to answer all questions and sign the application!

7 A Complete Application Will Include: Application form – 10 copies Narrative & budget section (questions 1-6) – 10 copies Artist resume – 10 copies Letter of support for community engagement – 10 copies Evidence of required permits or insurance – 10 copies Artistic Sample – 1 copy, unless literary

8 Goals and Objectives Goals are the big picture: I will create a large mural on the I-490 wall at the intersection of X Street and Y Avenue that will examine the reasons for and solutions to the problem of violence in our city. I have received a permit (copy enclosed) for this project. Objectives are more specific. They tell how you will achieve your goal: Conduct four public sessions at the YMCA in May and June seeking input for themes for this mural. Display mock-up of proposed mural for public comment in early July and incorporate comments in final product Mural painting to begin by August 1 with completion by September 30 Conduct an unveiling during the Avenue Y Street Fair on the first Saturday in October

9 Artistic Samples Required in order to apply Types of samples; –Visual: Up to 10 images on CD or DVD, or digital photos, clearly labeled with artists name, medium, and dimensions. One copy only. –Video or Film: DVD or VHS. Cue or indicate tracks. Panel reviews up to 3 minutes. One copy only. –Performing Arts: Same as for video/film. Indicate origin of work and relevance to project proposed. One copy only. –Poetry or Literature: Up to 20 pages. Attach to each copy of application

10 Preparing Your Budget Pay yourself! Artist fees may constitute all or most of your budget Equipment must be rented, not purchased Itemize any costs listed as other This budget MUST balance. If the project costs more than $2,000, show where the extra income will come from.

11 Sample Budget Expenses –Artist Fees$1,000 –Consumable supplies 800 (paint, paper, ink: see attached quotes) –*Other 200 (scaffolding rental/ 1 day) Total Project Cost $2,000 Grant Request $2,000 *List in-kind donations of materials or professional assistance separately. This shows support for your project.

12 What Will the Panel Consider? Artistic merit, as demonstrated by artistic samples, is primary Quality of proposed plan, demonstrating clarity, purpose, and innovation Realistic goals and objectives Quality of public component Demonstrated ability to organize, implement, and successfully complete a program (as indicated by resume and letter of support) Itemized budget

13 Projects Not Eligible for Support For a complete list, see page 2 of the guidelines –Programs taking place in school –Programs that are recreational, therapeutic, or rehabilitative (magic shows, bubble blowing, balloon art, juggling, clowns, martial arts) –Scholarships, fundraisers, cash prizes or awards, receptions, or parties

14 We Are Here to Help! The Arts & Cultural Council staff: –Assists applicants in formulating a project –Will review one draft if submitted by 10/28 Please note, this is NOT a guarantee of funding.

15 Once We Receive Your Application Arts Council staff reviews for completeness. You will be given a chance to correct errors. Panel of artists reviews applications in December and makes recommendations Recommendations approved by Arts Council Board of Directors Award announcements before December 25

16 If You Receive A Grant You Must… Sign and adhere to contract terms Attend the Community Arts Grants Awards Ceremony (Date and Time TBA) Credit the Arts Council, NYSCA and the New York State Legislature in all printed material relative to your project Provide Arts Council with a schedule of public events and publicity materials at least one month prior – THIS IS NOT OPTIONAL! File a final report within 30 days of completion of the project and no later than January 31, 2012

17 IMPORTANT! The Arts & Cultural Council must approve any proposed changes to your project IN ADVANCE –These might include changes to: dates, times, locations, or number of sessions Submit changes IN WRITING in the form of a request.

18 For More Information… Visit Contact Jennifer Watson Director of Development and Grant Programs (585) 473-4000, ext. 206 Jennifer Hale Grants and Development Associate (585) 473-4000, ext. 208

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