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Teachers As Leaders A Training Program for Collegial Leadership.

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2 Teachers As Leaders A Training Program for Collegial Leadership

3 How to get started... Brainstorming activity Divide in to groups Question: What training topics do you believe teacher leaders need to be effective?

4 Share information from each group Compile list

5 Who was invited to the Brainstorming Session? Administrators –Principals –Assistant Principals Coordinators Teachers –Department Heads –Team Leaders

6 Compilation of Lists Condensed Refined Discussed Consensus Reached Reviewed Decisions about delivery method

7 When would we conduct the class? Every other month During the regular school day Alternate counties for meeting space Hours: 8:30-4:00

8 Topics Dynamics of the teacher leader Departmental Management/Professional Development Skills Instructional Improvement Communication Evaluation

9 Dynamics of the Teacher Leader Knowledge of research on effective schools/practices Clear understanding of role within the mission and beliefs of the school and school system Understanding change and the change processes Ability to see the BIG picture

10 Resources for Session One Results: The Key to Continuous School Improvement by Mike Schmoker Effective Department and Team Leaders: A Practical Guide by Rodney J. LaBrecque Who Moved My Cheese? by Spencer Johnson, M.D.[

11 Departmental Goal setting reflecting the system and school goals





16 Review “Don’s Case”

17 Departmental Management Professional Development Organizing –Time –Others Delegating Effective Staff Development –Design –Implementation

18 Resources for Session Two LifeTime Organizer System Guest Speaker - Lynn Seay

19 Skills Budgeting- How to create a budget How To Run An Effective Meeting Interviewing

20 Resources for Session 3 Systematic approach to budgeting based on Schmoker/School Improvement Plan Effective Department and Team Leaders: A Practical Guide by Rodney J. LaBrecque Human Resources Director –Judy Byrd, Fayette County

21 Effective Meetings Chapter 8- How To Run Effective Meetings: Don’t Waste Their Time –Jigsaw Chapter Mike Schmoker’s- Time Effective Meetings

22 Interviewing Job Description/Job Vacancy Profile of the Ideal Teacher Paper Screening Score Sheet Screening Interview - Guidelines and Questions Selected Power Questions Sample Questions to Identify Effective Teachers

23 Instructional Improvement Coaching Observation Skills Working with the marginal teacher Working with teachers at different levels New teacher support: do’s and don’ts

24 Resources for Session Four Guest Speaker from Northwest GA. RESA/Consultant –Phyllis Payne

25 Communication and Evaluation Collaborative Team Building People Skills –How to deal with difficult people –Liaison- Effect between teachers and administrators –Listening Reflecting Next Steps

26 Resources for Session Five Effective Department and Team Leaders: A Practical Guide by Rodney J. LaBrecque –Chapter 3 & 4 The FISH Video

27 Key Components for Success Pool Resources (use department heads expertise) Job embedded On-going Evaluative feedback after each session Listen and be flexible Give them what they need

28 “We have found that when teacher leaders join together to inquire about their work, they promote quality and professionalism, develop structures for learning, and prompt changes in their programs and practice.” Betty Achinstein NTC Program Director

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