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The Role of the Information Technology Coordinator Moving the programme forward at your school.

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1 The Role of the Information Technology Coordinator Moving the programme forward at your school

2 What is my Role? Fix computers & Printers?? Report breakdowns to the Help Desk?

3 What is my Role? Support the principal as part of School Leadership Team Provide leadership and support to the growth and development IT programme through a variety of support activities Advocate for the advancement of educational technology at your school

4 What Makes a Good IT Coordinator? IT Coordinator Vision Professional Development & Programme Evaluation Teaching Learning & Assessment Content Knowledge & Professional Growth Digital Citizenship Digital Age Learning Environments Adapted from National Educational Technology Standards for Coaches 2011 Digital Age Coaching Click on each button to learn more. Next

5 Vision Believes that technology can play a role in increasing the achievement of every student Seeks out and studies trends in IT standards and curriculum Advocates for effective use of technology to support school programmes and objectives Back to menu

6 Teaching, Learning & Assessment Assist other teachers with: Using educational technology tools and resources Planning and delivering lessons that include technology in authentic learning opportunities Using technology with instruction strategies proven effective with students Assessing student performance and products Back to menu

7 Digital Age Learning Environments Assists staff with the use of a variety of digital tools & resources Promotes the use of technology productivity & professional development Liaises with Help Desk about management of resources Back to menu

8 Professional Development & Programme Evaluation Identifies Needs; Works with Purpose Assesses professional development needs Designs, delivers and facilitates professional development activities Evaluates the effectiveness of professional development Cultivates an educational tech learning community Back to menu

9 Digital Citizenship Advocates for equal access to technology for all students Model appropriate use of technology and digital resources Interacts/ communicates appropriately using technology. Back to menu

10 Content Knowledge and Professional Growth Ongoing learning in technology standards and curriculum Continual development of professional leadership Engaging in reflection and evaluation for personal growth Back to menu

11 What is Your Leadership Style? cheerleader sidekick listener reporter advocate learner guide finder

12 What are Strategies I can Use? Workshops or one on one training Lesson planning Modeling for Peers Observations/Providing feedback, data collection Sharing resources Creating a community of tech users- Enlisting others Working with students Others?

13 Variables Access to teachers Needs of teachers Level of expertise Confidence Principal expectations Other priorities P. Callender/ 201213

14 How do I get Organized? School Planner IT Coordinators Planner

15 Resources Teaching Resources: sites, videos, lesson ideas, assessment tools Coordinator Tools: school planner, coordinator planner, inventory chart Patricia Callender Ph: 278-3363 P. Callender/ 201215

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