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Do We Need/Have a Reference Value Chain Model of IP Based-Networks Development? WORKSHOP ON SURVEY & ASSESSMENT FOR INTERNET TRAFFIC INFRASTRUCTURE Movenpick.

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1 Do We Need/Have a Reference Value Chain Model of IP Based-Networks Development? WORKSHOP ON SURVEY & ASSESSMENT FOR INTERNET TRAFFIC INFRASTRUCTURE Movenpick Tower & Suite Hotel, Doha, Qatar, 6 November 2012 Dr. Ahmed ElHefnawy Senior Advisor for Arab States – ITU Views presented here is not yet officially approved by ITU & is still under investigation/elaboration.

2 Most of the Investments will be directed in the next 10 years to IP-Based Infrastructure & Services. The Digital Divide is largest in this. Special stress to Broadband; the current decade is the Broadband Decade compares to the last one was the Mobile Decade. Different Scope & Measures for meaningful Analysis & Planning. Different Business Models. WHY IP-Based Infrastructure & Services?

3 Holistic View: From Registration …Content From Devices Acquisition …Participation From National …Regional... International From Cost+ ….. Value+ Game Changer VOICE >>> DATA, via VOIP & OTT IP is a Different World.. As we move from Minutes to Bytes

4 Traditional Models (OSI) are built on Vertical Layers Need to have Horizontal Layers Interlinked for Value Management, Streamlining the Process.. End to End.. Traditional vs. Needed Model

5 Yes, there are many measurements available, but not integrated and sometimes inconsistent. A Conceptual Model is Needed. Are Critical Measurements Available?

6 Economic Environment …. Regulatory Setting …. Market (Users ) Culture …. These Factors Determine the Pace and Size of Development of Each and Every Component of the Model Factors Affecting The Development

7 Supply Infrastructure Demand Indirect Factors, Policy & Regulation, etc. Content & Media Environmental Impacts

8 Traditionally, you have a phone number, then phone and mobile numbers, then came the Internet and users start to interact and get recognized by one or more of the following: Web Site, Email, Blog, Facebook / LinkedIn / Google Plus / My Space Twitter YouTube Flickr/Instagram/…. BBM/ WhatsApp /… Skype / Viber / Tango … PayPal Open ID IP (static, dynamic, ) …. E-Num !! Registration of Subjects

9 Proposed Ecosystem Conceptual Model (1/2) Users/ Producers Data Centers (Hosting) Devices (HW & SW Suppliers) Connectivity (ISPs, Cables, IXPs,ISPsCablesIXPs Spectrum, Exchanges Content (Users/ Producers) Sites (Registrars) Connect Transmit Receive Sub. Register Sites Hosts UsersUsers ProducersProducers

10 Proposed Ecosystem Conceptual Model (2/2) ICT Operational System Human Resources Policy & Regulation Geography Economy

11 IP per Country: –, – Akamai: Connectivity: – Akamai: –, Domains : – IXPs: – – Root Servers: – – Registrars: – GTLD: Registries: – GTLD: Traffic/Services (not at level of Arab Countries): – – Sources for Main Parameters

12 Monthly Traffic will grow from 4 GB/Month (2011) to 15 GB/Month (2016)… 375% in 5 years By 2016, Devices Connected will be three times the population compared to almost population size in 2011. ---------- المصدر : 481360_ns827_Networking_Solutions_White_Paper.html Key Directions (Not frequently discussed) (1/2)

13 Video represents almost 86% of Traffic Traffic in Middle East & Africa will grow at the highest in the world at an annual percentage of 57% compared to a global average of 29% from 2011 to 2016. Key Directions (Not frequently discussed) (2/2) TechnologyTraffic 2016Traffic 2011 WIFI51%43% Wired39%55% Mobile10%2%

14 The Arab region which has 5.13% of world population, 3.8% of world GDP, 4.53% of world literates, 9.63% of world land, 4.22% of world Internet Users, 5.8% of world mobile subscribers, 2.99% of world fixed lines, 1.41 % of Internet International Connectivity, 0.88 % of world IP addresses, 0.8% of articles in Wikipedia, 0.2% of world hosts, 0.16% of world domains, and 0.0036% of world IXP Traffic from 0.34% of world IXP participants. Benchmarking Arab Region

15 The effect of the divide in the region compared to the global. The amount of data transmitted per capita is about 1 GB/Month compared to a global average of 14.5 GB/Month with an average speed of 1.1 Mbps compared to global average speed of 10.44 Mbps, and the price of delivery per 1 Mbps/Month is 1000% for ADSL and 2215% for Leased lines compared to OECD. High Cost Low Usage The Resulting Performance (1/2)

16 Download Speed regionally is 30% of Global Average ( Cost of Connectivity for Mbps for fixed lines Regionally is 39 times cost in OECD and 16 times cost globally. Amount of Monthly Data Usage (GB) is 7 % global average (Est.) متوسط سرعة التحميل اقليميا حوالى 30% من المتوسط العالمى. تكلفة الاتصال للميجا بيت / ث للخطوط الثابتة بالمنطقة العربية حوالى 39 ضعف التكلفة لدول منظمة التعاون الاقتصادى و 16 ضعف المتوسط العالمى. حجم الاستخدام البيانات ( جيجا بايت شهريا ) للمستخدم بالمنطقة العربية حوالى 7% المعدل العالمى. The Resulting Performance (2/2)

17 Supply Side High Cost Limited Content. … Content is the King. Low Speed Demand Side A huge Market of 365 Millions speaking same language and have an economy of over $ 3 Trillions. Factors Affecting Performance (1/2)

18 How much of the Revenue directed to Investment ? Where is it generated at National/ Regional / International? ; How it is to be distributed from Content, Service and Infrastructure Providers? Investment & Revenue Revenue Investment

19 Revenues are gradually moving to International Content Providers, associated with the decreasing revenue from Voice (Fixed/Mobile) and SMS as a result of VOIP & OTT, Companies in the region will be exposed to a huge challenge especially with the increasing need to the investment needed for high traffic. At least, Revenue Sharing Agreement is Needed between Infrastructure Provider, Service Providers & Content Providers. Adopting a regional digital agenda similar to EU. How can we Solve?

20 1.Planning to streamline Investment to remove bottlenecks 2.Used for Revenue Sharing by Value Added in the Chain Model Usage

21 Thanks for Listening


23 Q & A

24 International Links Internet Exchange Points Data Centers Backbone IP Exchanges Backhaul Last Mile Balanced Investment is needed in this infrastructure in addition to Policies for regulation to ensure socioeconomic development. Main Components of ICT Infrastructure

25 Digital Content Marketing Support Facilities (Payment, Search Engines, Directories,..) Policies are needed to direct/attract Needed Balanced Investment to ensure socioeconomic development. Main Components of ICT Services

26 ItemOldNew Main Communication Component VoiceData Main Revenue StreamInternational CallsSubscription; Transactions; Advertising; Main Links between OperatorsTransitPeering Infrastructure InvestmentBackboneBackhaul New FacilitiesN/AInternet Exchange Points; Data Centers; Fiber optic Cables; Main Elements of TrafficLocal Voice CallsVideo; TV streaming; User Generated Content Main ICT CompaniesTelecom OperatorsApple, Google, OwnershipGovernmentPrivate Changing ICT Industry

27 By Year xxx, XX % of People & Entities (subjects) will spend an Average of XX USD/year to exchange XX GB/year/subject in a secure and reliable manner in XX % of time & locations… Vision (Proposed)

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