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Adding GE WTG Models to WECC Approved Dynamic Model Library

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1 Adding GE WTG Models to WECC Approved Dynamic Model Library
WECC MVWG Meeting June 2014 Eric Bakie

2 Agenda Review of GE WTG models in WECC MDF and WECC Cases
Discussion of Adding GE WTG models to WECC Approved Model Library

3 Background – SRWG Representation Log
Case Rep Log Number of unapproved models in WECC Basecase data Models Screened 13hs2a April 2013 54 motor1 14hps1a July 2013 50 svcwsc 14hs4a Nov 2013 46 14ls1a March 2014 40 20hw1 June 2014 Case Number of gens records Number of gens records with Turbine Type Data blank or set to unknown 24hs1 4,277 2,369 Next Focus Area – GE WTG Dynamic Records

4 Questions Asked Why are GE WTG Models not on the Approved Model List?
How many GE WTG records are already in the WECC MDF? How many records represent GE Wind Turbines? How many records represent non-GE Wind Turbines? How many records represent solar projects? Can the GE WTG models be added to the Approved Model List?

5 Criteria for Adding Models to WECC Approved Model List
Model documented and tested Model available in all three programs Justification that the model is needed

6 GE WTG Model Benchmarking Documentation
Images: GE Energy

7 GE WTG Model Status GE WTG Models have been implemented in all three programs GE PSLF PSS/E PowerWorld GE has indicated that their preference would be to represent GE WTGs with the dynamic models GE developed

8 Model Records in WECC Cases
14hs4a 14hsp1a 14hw2a 14lw1a 14ls1a 15hw3a 15lw2a 24hs1sa MDF gewtg 76 56 55 77 73 71 112 133 exwtge 42 33 32 47 48 49 70 ewtgfc 16 10 17 18 21 30 wndtge 28 27 54 A conversion routine to transfer GE WTG models to Phase 2 Generic Models is not available at this time Inclusion of GE WTG models on the approved model list could reduce the number of models that would need to be converted to Phase 2 Generic Wind Models

9 More Detailed Review of WECC MDF GE WTG Records
Unidentifiable Generation Type gewtg model only Est. Solar Type 3 Type 4 48 32 44 42 4 575V/690V (GE1.5/1.6/2.5) <575V/690V >690V >100kV (BES) 32 42 52 7 Review suggests that approximately 50 of 133 records are most likely being used to represent Type 3 and Type 4 WTGs

10 Discussion Topics Adding GE WTG models could potentially reduce the need to convert about 50 records Does this justify adding the GE WTG models? Could create the possibility of records not getting reviewed and updated Increases difficulty of tracking Phase 2 implementation Not adding the models provides opportunity to start fresh by replacing all wind/solar model records with the new Phase 2 Generic Wind/Solar Models Improves the chance of developing better modeling representation Easier to track Phase 2 implementation

11 Modeling of GE Wind Turbine-Generators for Grid Studies Guide
Can a revised GE guide be published that also includes using the Phase 2 Generic Wind Models for modeling GE Wind Turbines with recommended modeling data?

12 Motion Add GE WTG models to the WECC Approved model library for use to represent GE Wind Turbines Only Type 3 (DFAG - GE 1.5MW, 1.6MW, 3.6MW) Type 4 (Full Converter - GE Multi-Megawatt 2.5 MW)

13 Questions Eric Bakie, P.E. SYSTEM PLANNING ENGINEER
Idaho Power | System Planning  (208)

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