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Gene Henneberg, Chair Remedial Action Scheme Reliability Subcommittee

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1 Gene Henneberg, Chair Remedial Action Scheme Reliability Subcommittee
RASRS Report to Operating Committee March 25-26, 2014 Salt Lake City, Utah

2 RASRS Scheme Reviews (10 Entities, 24 schemes)
NV Energy COI RAS Separation Scheme, Robinson Summit, addition approved Gonder OV RAS removal approved Gonder UV RAS removal approved Humboldt UV RAS removal approved EPE El Paso EPE-1 UVLS RAS removal approved Port GE Port Westward Runback removal approved

3 RASRS Scheme Reviews BC Hydro
South Interior East RAS Consolidation of previously reviewed schemes for Kootenay Canal, Seven Mile, Waneta Expansion, Arrow Lakes Hydro, Brilliant Expansion, most of 5L91 and 5L96 RAS. No change to hardware, studies or arming, just reporting. Consolidation accepted by RASRS. South Interior East RAS modification for Waneta Expansion approved with one action item Modicon 984 PLC Replacements at Ingledow and Nicola were approved North Vancouver Island RAS accepted as LAPS Mica GS RAS upgrades and modifications approved with one action item Natal previous action item resolution approved

4 RASRS Scheme Reviews SRP Desert Basin RAS removal approved
Randolph LAPS modifications accepted as a LAPS PacifiCorp Northwestern Idaho Power Path 18 Transmission Limit Control (TRLC) RAS accepted as a LAPS

5 RASRS Scheme Reviews SCE
Centralized RAS (CRAS), SCE provided an update to RASRS, approvals not required at this time. Modified West of Devers (WOD) RAS approved as WAPS Mojave Desert RAS approved as WAPS with one action item Devers RAS approved as WAPS with one action item Blythe RAS update arming level, still a LAPS

6 RASRS Scheme Reviews BPA
RAS Test Intervals Proposed test interval changes for WAPS to target annual with a maximum of two years and for LAPS a target of 5 years with a maximum of 72 months (6 years). Accepted by RASRS. The following BPA scheme modifications were reviewed in closed session: West Side RAS controller and changes at Pearl and Keeler substations approved John Day LLL (line loss logic) modifications were approved Grizzley LLL modifications were approved Captain Jack LLL modifications were approved

7 PRC-( )-WECC-CRT-2 The revised criterion requires owners to track and report periodic assessments of schemes. This is a follow up to the September 8, 2011 disturbance. Effective date January 1, 2014

8 WECC RAS Review Procedure
Revision to the RAS criterion also necessitates some minor revisions to the WECC Procedure to Submit a RAS for Assessment Criterion Attachment B data Periodic assessment review process explanation OC review/approval now!

9 WECC RASRS Charter Significant Charter changes include:
Removed a specific percentage of members present as a quorum requirement Removed the Chair’s authorization to “approve” new RASRS members in favor of “accepting” nominations of new members from WECC member’s OC representatives OC review/approval now!

10 WECC RASRS Member Skills

11 WECC RAS Database Good cooperation from WECC members for the annual database update in December AESO “joined the party” with 39 schemes A few other (mostly) thermal emulation schemes added More removals than new schemes reviewed in 2013 Presently 267 schemes in the database

12 RAS & Protection System Oversight Task Force (RPSOTF)
Task Force provides oversight of PCC/TSS MSRATF activities Co-chairs: Don Watkins, Dave Angell Membership drawn from: RAS Reliability Subcommittee Relay Work Group Technical Studies Subcommittee WECC and RC Staff Technical Support, Standards, and others

13 Modeling SPS & Relays Adhoc Task Force
The MSRATF is organized under TSS (and PCC), Joe Seabrook, chair: RAS modeling group Relay modeling group Contingency definition group

14 Modeling SPS & Relays Adhoc Task Force
“Big picture” objective is to develop and use contingency, relay, and RAS models as part of the Base Case Coordination System (BCCS), including models for unbalanced faults, accessed via a common data format from any of the four major software vendors’ programs.

15 Modeling SPS & Relays Adhoc Task Force
Specifications for Power Flow and Stability models already approved by MVWG: RAS models Phase Relays: Overcurrent, Directional, Distance Ground and OOS Relays: Future Node-Breaker topology to be adopted

16 Peak Reliability and RAS
Peak Reliability (the RC) has been developing RAS models to include in their EMS models. RASRS is discussing database and collection coordination to minimize the number of separate data requests to WECC members and align both the RASRS data and the RC data to be collected.

17 NERC SPS/RAS Standards
NERC has a new drafting team to write a new SPS definition and related standards. Among the ten members are four from WECC: Gene Henneberg (NV Energy, Chair) Amos Ang (SCE) Davis Erwin (PG&E) Hari Singh (Excel)

18 NERC SPS/RAS Standards
There will be lots of chances for industry comment, but . . . Please provide any informal feedback to the drafting team, especially on the SPS/RAS definition, sooner rather than later.

19 NERC SPS/RAS Definition
Example SPS Exclusion: Schemes to protect against SSR, which might include: Local SSR filters Torsional Stress Relay Critical contingency element monitoring and mitigation

20 April 7-9, 2014, Salt Lake City, UT (two weeks away!)
Next RASRS Meeting April 7-9, 2014, Salt Lake City, UT (two weeks away!) Review schemes from members Other RASRS business

21 Questions? Remedial Action Scheme Reliability Subcommittee March 2014

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