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PCC Update Presentation to TEPPC June 2010 Dana Cabbell PCC Chair.

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1 PCC Update Presentation to TEPPC June 2010 Dana Cabbell PCC Chair

2 Today Base Case Coordination System (BCCS) WECC-071 System Performance Criteria Drafting Team 2

3 BCCS In a Nutshell Software Tool to Improve Current Process of Base Case Data Collection, Error Checking and Compilation Web-accessible Centralized Database Facilitates Improved Data Management Supports Integration with the Westwide System Model 3

4 Progress To Date Request for Information Issued August 2009 Vendor Interviews Request for Proposal Approved by SRWG March 2010 Approved by TSS April 2010 Approved by PCC June 2010 Presented to WECC Finance and Audit Committee in April and May 2010 4

5 RFP Considerations Include sufficient detail in the RFP The selected vendor must ensure compatibility across multiple power system analysis platforms Steady state and dynamic data Vendors will recommend preferred file management and maintenance methods 5

6 Next Steps RFP Board Approval in July 2010 Issue RFP to Vendors Fall 2010 Develop Paper on Proposed Framework for Base Case Development with the BCCS (Revised Data Preparation Manual) Develop a Quantitative Cost/Benefit Analysis Vendor Bid Review Fall/Winter 2010-11 6

7 WECC-071 System Performance Criteria WECC Drafting Team formed March 2010 Review TPL-(001 thru 004)–WECC–1-CR- System Performance Criteria Requirement WRS1.1 Reliability Subcommittee was assigned to be the drafting team Existing WRS1.1: The NERC Category C (N-2) initiating event on double circuit towers also applies to the N-2 contingency of two adjacent transmission circuits on separate towers in a common corridor Remove or modify WRS1.1 classifying the N-2 of two adjacent transmission circuits on separate towers as Category D

8 Common Corridor Definition

9 TEPPC Study Request Scenario Study request submitted in the 2010 TEPPC Study Program -- determine economic benefits if WECC requirement WRS1.1 is removed Requested TSS to use judgment on how ratings might increase with this hypothetical criteria change If path ratings limited by an N-2 adjacent circuit contingency, what would the rating be if the adjacent circuit criteria were reclassified as Category D? Discussion: Path Rating study required to determine the actual change in a path rating Concern with the accuracy of the results of requested scenario

10 Questions? 10 Dana Cabbell PCC Chair (909) 274-1588 All information on PCC can be found on the WECC website at

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12 Common Corridor Definition Common Corridor definition from WECC TPL criteria: Contiguous right-of-way or two parallel right-of-ways with structure centerline separation less than the longest span length of the two transmission circuits at the point of separation or 500 feet, whichever is greater, between the transmission circuits. This separation requirement does not apply to the last five spans of the transmission circuits entering into a substation. Adjacent Transmission Circuits definition from WECC TPL criteria: Transmission circuits within a Common Corridor with no other transmission circuits between them. Transmission Lines that cross but are otherwise on separate corridors are not Adjacent Transmission Circuits.

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