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CAR-IX Caribbean Internet Exchange Job Witteman

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1 CAR-IX Caribbean Internet Exchange Job Witteman

2 CANTO, 15 July 20082 Who is AMS-IX Largest Internet Exchange Globally 25 employees 300 connected parties 500 ports operational 6 access points 400 Gb/sec at peak 70% international

3 CANTO, 15 July 20083 members ISP’s Carriers –Fixed tier 1, tier 2, tier 3 –Mobile (gprs,umts) CDN’s (akamai, limelight) Content providers (yahoo, google)

4 CANTO, 15 July 20084 AMS-IX as facilitator AMS-IX approached by ‘Netherlands Antilles’ IX considered valuable for increased connectivity and business activity Facilitating between parties ‘AMS-IX inside’ solution

5 CANTO, 15 July 20085 Good of the Internet Well run IX’s add to the stability of the Internet We are happy to share the expertise we built up over the years Help kick-start industry Transfer IX knowledge to stakeholders

6 CANTO, 15 July 20086 Organization Not for profit CAR-IX association Holding all shares in CAR-IX bv (ltd) Connected parties will automatically be member Elected board from amongst the members One member one vote Transparant structure Bi lateral peering agreements

7 CANTO, 15 July 20087 5 Founding members: UTS Telbo Scarlet EOCG Digicel

8 CANTO, 15 July 20088 Implementation Stand alone switch (plus back-up) Professional colo on Curacao Remote management by AMS-IX In- and out of band access for NOC AMS-IX NOC for tech support (mail + phone) AMS-IX member support via web

9 CANTO, 15 July 20089 A Flying start We transfer over 10 years’ knowledge and expertise in this field Interactive reporting web-site/portal Copy paste of back-office Proven technology Ready for service October 2008

10 CANTO, 15 July 200810 Key values at a glance Neutral Non-profit Independent Membership based Boosting regional infrastructure: “Connect the Caribbean” Profiting members, business community and ultimately the end-users

11 CANTO, 15 July 200811 CAR-IX Management CAR-IX Board members –Eric Stakland (CEO Scarlet; Chairman) –Paul de Geus (CEO UTS) –Edsel Winklaar (CEO Telbo) –Chris Engels (GM MIO) –Hans Lute (GM Digicel) MD Agaya, Nico Scheper

12 CANTO, 15 July 200812 Current infrastructure

13 CANTO, 15 July 200813 Questions ?

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