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TCCC Meeting at GLOBECOM08 Joe Touch (USC/ISI) Sonia Fahmy (Purdue Univ) Xiaoming Fu (Univ Goettingen)

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1 TCCC Meeting at GLOBECOM08 Joe Touch (USC/ISI) Sonia Fahmy (Purdue Univ) Xiaoming Fu (Univ Goettingen)

2 Briefing… TCCC is here to represent you to the ComSoc, its publication and conference boards, and the IEEE. What issues would you like us to address? Dec 2, 20082

3 Agenda What is TCCC IEEE, ComSoc, TAC and TCs Current TC officers Homepage Mailing list Conferences and workshops Wrap up Dec 2, 20083

4 What is TCCC Structure of the IEEE, ComSoc, and TAC Our scope as a TC Our role in the structure – represent your interests – coordinate answers to your concerns – organize CCW – support other meetings via tech co-sponsorship – support TCCC by running its mailing list Dec 2, 20084

5 IEEE, ComSoc and TAC IEEE – Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers ComSoc – IEEE Communications Society – one of the 38 societies of the IEEE – Others: Computer, VTS, Signal Processing… ComSoc Technical Activities Council – for the convenience of volunteers and ComSoc staff to conduct Technical Activities – Officers: Andrzej Jajszczyk (chair), Marcus Brunner (Secretary/Information Coordinator) etc. – Members: chairs of all TCs, Emerging Technical Subcommittees, etc Dec 2, 20085

6 ComSoc TCs and Clusters Networking (NET) cluster: 7 TCs – Ad Hoc & Sensor Communications & Networks (AHSN TC) – Cognitive Networks (TCCN) – Communications Switching & Routing (TCCSR) – Computer Communications (TCCC) – High-Speed Networking (TCHSN) – Internet (ITC) – Optical Networking (ONTC) Communications/Signal Processing (C/SP) cluster: 7 TCs Communications Software & Services (CS&S) cluster: 5 TCs Vertical issues in communications (VICS) cluster: 5 TCs Dec 2, 20086

7 Structure of TCCC Officers – Current officers: Joe Touch (chair), Sonia Fahmy (vice chair), Xiaoming Fu (secretary) – Past officers : Bulent Yener (chair), Ken Calvert (vice chair), Song Chong (secretary) Representatives to tech co-sponsored meetings Dec 2, 20087

8 Webpage TCCC member portal – E.g., sponsored conferences – Meeting minutes – General info (e.g. mailing list, contact info, procedures) Dec 2, 20088

9 Mailing list Goal: to support the TCCC membership Currently supports the wider network community as an open bulletin board for meetings, journals, job posts Supports technical discussions Supports policy discussions Dec 2, 20089

10 IEEE INFOCOM IEEE Conference on Computer Communications – One of major ComSoc conferences – Founded in 1982, this year: 27 th – Acceptance rate: 17-20% – Submission #: 1100-1500 – Acceptance #: 220-250 Dec 2, 200810

11 Computer Communications Workshop 2.5 day, invitation-based Held at various times, organized as: – a medium-attendance workshop, with groups of technical presentations as panels – a small-attendance retreat, with groups of position presentations as panels Does the community want it as a retreat or an open workshop? Dec 2, 200811

12 Technical Co-Sponsorship current process is somewhat vague – TAC suggests the general guidelines & procedure – considering adopting process from ITC, TCHSN As a start point (process/reqts from ITC): – Scope, previous years – Review of the chair/TPC for relevant participation – Consideration of conference/workshop overlap – If local, support from a local organization, and a reason for needing society-wide endorsement – A peer review process – Publication of the proceedings in IEEE Xplore – Description of the financially responsible party or parties Dec 2, 200812

13 Next Year Activities Meetings at ComSoc major conferences: INFOCOM09, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Apr 19-25 ICC09, Dresden, Germany, June 14-18 Globecom09, Honolulu, Hawaii, Nov 30-Dec 4 TCCC: CCW09: TBD Dec 2, 200813

14 What can we do for you? what concerns would you like to see addressed? what concerns would you like us to represent up the hierarchy? Dec 2, 200814

15 How to contact us All officers: Individually: – Joe Touch ( – Sonia Fahmy ( – Xiaoming Fu ( Dec 2, 200815

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