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Designed by Tian chen. Lead in 2.What do they have in common? 1.Who are the people in the pictures?

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1 Designed by Tian chen

2 Lead in 2.What do they have in common? 1.Who are the people in the pictures?


4 Kuan-yin of 1000 hands (千手观音) The biggest winner of 2005 CCTV gala show.It is an unusual dance performed by 21 deaf-mute women dancers.They rang from 13 to 27 in age.The 27-year- old leading dancer Tai Lihua is the soul of the dance,who lost her hearing at age of 2 after an injection to cure a fever.But she never give up and has achieved a lot through her hard work.

5 Unit 17 Disabilities Disabled? Not me!

6 Teaching aims: 1.Learn some new words and phrases. 2.Read and understand the passage and learn to talk about disability. 3.Write a passage about disability.

7 disability deaf blind lame dumb near- sighted six fingerscolor blindness disease of brain Types of disability

8 Though the disabled are disabled physically, they are not disabled mentally and have a strong will/ great determination. What does the title mean? Skimming

9 Scanning What difficulties do Xiaowen and other disabled students have to overcome? overcome…physical…social difficulties. …prevent… move around…make…activities….att itude…. feel unfairly treated….not wanted.

10 Scanning What do the students who are disabled at the education college learn? learn… assist…people importance …cooperating… reach …goals

11 scanning How do the special education college and Literature of Chinese Blind Children help disabled people help… providing assistance, education, support, inspiration… encouragement

12 scanning How has the way society views disabled people changed?Why? In the past, disabled people were often seen as “burdens” or “problems”.But now people have learned to respect and appreciate disabled people. First of all, as people become educated, they realize that disabilities don’t prevent a person from leading a productive life. Second, the many achievements of disabled people have taught them that the disabled can contribute to society.

13 Paraphrasing 1.The best way to help is often simply a matter of opening doors and offering guidance. (help and advice) 2.The Beijing Union University has launched a special education college where gifted disabled students receive the help they need to succeed. (set up)(talented, having one or more special abilities)

14 Paraphrasing 3. They need recognition, more than sympathy and help. (feeling sorry for someone) (the state of being recognized) 4.In the year 2000, he was invited to study in London and became the first visually impaired Chinese to study abroad. (blind, with very poor eyesight) (disabled)

15 Love Care

16 Please say something about the following items: 1.zhong xiaowen 2.xu Bailun 3.Ye Zijie 4.The Beijing Union University 5.Literature of Blind children Consolidation

17 Homework 1.Read the passage again. 2.Write something about what we talk about in this period.

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