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How to make our sentences better in writing? Designer: Li Yu.

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1 How to make our sentences better in writing? Designer: Li Yu

2 Warming-up:The good voice of Class Four Grade Three: 1. 2. The experiment shows that proper amounts of exercise, if _____ out regularly, can improve our health. The majority of people in the town strongly support the plan _____ a playground for children. carried to build

3 3. 1000 4. The settlement is home to nearly 1,000 people, many of _____ left their village homes for a better life in the city. The Barbie toys she was quite fond of _____ her so much pleasure during her childhood. whom brought

4 Pre-writing: task1: endless 'love' 1.My son ________ ( )playing the piano. 2.Many football fans ______( ) Beckham. is fond of are crazy about to like something, especially something you have liked for a long time liking someone very much, or very interested in something:

5 3. He has a ________ for rock music. great enthusiasm 4.He lay in the sofa, ____ ______( ) the book. absorbed in a strong feeling of interest and enjoyment about something and an eagerness to be involved in it to interest someone so much that they do not pay attention to other things:

6 I love reading

7 1. Students are busy with their study and don`t pay attention ___ reading. _____ with their daily study, many students tend to put books_____, _______ them untouched for months. Many students, occupied with their daily study, often ______ to realize the importance of reading. While-writing task2 : on reading Busy aside leaving fail to busy doing something to not succeed in achieving something

8 2. ______ can make people _______ and make people forget worries. Those ___ like reading are more likely to live a happy life _____ from worries. who free happy Reading

9 3. If a man doesn`t know anything about literature, he can`t really understand the meaning of ___ and _____. Man knowing _______ about literature can`t really understand the meaning of life and love. nothing life love

10 4.Reading can change a person`s whole life. Only by reading _____ we take hold of our fortune and make a _______ to it. The habit of reading ______ at an early age is bound to( ) make a ________ to one`s whole life. can difference formed

11 5. Reading is very _______. We should keep reading. Reading is to us what water is to _____. It is necessary that we _______ read more books in our daily lives. fish important should

12 6. We should choose books ______ are ______ too difficult nor too easy for you to read. neither The books we choose should be neither too ____ nor too _____. difficult easy which A tadpole transforms into a frog. As a tadpole changes into a frog, its tail is gradually absorbed. a small creature that has a long tail, lives in water, and grows into a frog. have a frog in your throat = to have difficulty in speaking, especially because of a sore throat

13 7 Read books that not only ______you but also _______ you. benefit interest

14 Post-writing

15 Task3: Look at the picture carefully and tell the class how you understand it. As we can see in the picture, a girl is getting stuck( ) in a bottle. Regardless of this situation, she looks optimistic, _____on a pile of books she has read and _____ in reading the one in her hands. sitting absorbed

16 That is because she believes that the books can serve __ a ladder leading up to the opening of the bottle. The ____ books she reads, the sooner she will get out of the bottle. as more

17 This picture ____ me of the famous saying: Knowledge is power. And the books are the sources of knowledge. Books, _____ can give us power to conquer difficulties, are the best friends of us. which reminds

18 When we come across problems in our daily life, we can always refer to books, _____ can help us find out solutions. Just like the girl in the picture, despite the fact ____ she is stuck in the bottle, she could ____ get out of it by reading as many books as possible. which eventually that

19 As for us students, by reading books, we can accumulate( ) adequate( enough ) knowledge to face the challenge in the future. ___ let's read more and success will be ahead of us. So

20 Solutions to making a better sentence: 1. think about the different expressions in words and phrases 2. focus on the different patterns in sentences 3. try to accumulate some better sentences you like according to the various topics

21 REALLY APPRECIATE YOUR ATTENTION AND COOPERATION! Homework: read the passage again and again,then try to recite it as quickly as you can.

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