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Fine And Applied Arts.

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1 Fine And Applied Arts

2 Art and Design 9th Grade 2D Design Digital Photography
Studying Basic Elements of Art and Design Hands on class covers compositional problems, color, space and volume using a variety of media Digital Photography Teaches the basic techniques of photography as a means of artistic expression and as applied art in commercial applications.

3 Art and Design 10th Grade Graphic Design I
Visual layout of the printed page. Print, web, and mobile devices. Use the Adobe Suite Graphic Design II Build on skill set from GD I Work with real clients. More complex processes like ebooks & silkscreened graphic-tees

4 Art and Design 11th Grade Industrial Design Studio Art
This studio course focuses on the comprehensive integration of design problems with issues of appearance, function, materials, and manufacturing processes. Studio Art Designed to promote offerings and opportunities to express artistic content through visual means using a variety of media, including: drawing, painting, printmaking, and sculpture. 

5 Art and Design 12th Grade Advanced Studio: Printmaking
Additive and subtractive printmaking techniques Learn to ask questions visual and reflect on issues the students wonder about. Technically driven yet student inquiry based. Advanced Studio: Painting Technique foundation with media exploration and experimentation encouraged. Investigation of big ideas visually in paint. fostering innovation and creativity in our seniors. Art and Design Website:

6 Applied Arts Courses Project Lead the Way
9th grade Intro to Engineering 10th grade Principles of Engineering 11th grade Aerospace Engineering 12th grade Biotechnical Engineering

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