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AP Portfolio Quality 3 PARTS > 1 - BREADTH - 12 works (no details) variety of works, can be unrelated. different media, subject matter 2 - CONCENTRATION.

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1 AP Portfolio Quality 3 PARTS > 1 - BREADTH - 12 works (no details) variety of works, can be unrelated. different media, subject matter 2 - CONCENTRATION - 12* works (*may have details) series of 12 related works exploring a concept in-depth 3 - QUALITY - 5 actual works may not be larger than 18 x 24 can be works from concentration, breadth or not show mastery of technique and media

2 Quality Section Quality The Quality section promotes the development of a sense of excellence in art. For this section, students submit five works that best demonstrate excellence. There are no preconceptions about what the work will look like -- it may have been created quickly or over a long period of time; it may be representational, abstract, stylized or it may show a combination of any of these characteristics. The five works chosen for the Quality section may come from the student's Concentration section and/or Breadth section, but they don't have to. They may be a group of related works, unrelated works, or a combination of related and unrelated works. ** works must be no larger than 18 x 24

3 Quality - Samples Quality The student works displayed on this page are reproductions of actual works submitted by students in June 2005. All of the samples here were chosen because they clearly represent different points on the scoring scale for Section I, Quality. In the course of the AP evaluation, each section of the portfolio is scored on a six- point scale. Once the evaluation is complete, the various scores assigned to each student's portfolio are combined and transformed into the final AP grade of 1-5*. The requirement for Section I of all three Studio Art portfolios is five pieces. Each group of five works is accompanied by a brief rationale for the scores awarded to the works. We greatly appreciate the generosity of the students who have agreed to share their works in this way. * There is also a score of 6!

4 2D Design Quality Section – Score: 3 This series of works offers both abstract representation and imagery of flowers. In utilizing a range of materials, the technical aspects have not been fully achieved. The institution of the elements of art, including color and shape, seems awkward and out of sync in attempting to get at the principles of design. The student's voice is not discernible.






10 2D Design Quality Section – Score: 4 Most of these compositions engage the viewer with an exciting futuristic approach to creating digital compositions. The metallic images make some connection with our expectations and vision for technology. In contrast, the watercolor seems unresolved and leaves the impression that this particular work may not have received the same level of artistic development.






16 2D Design Quality Section – Score: 5 As a 2-D portfolio experimentation in composition, this series of works offers the exploration of a variety of design principles. The choice of media is distinctive and serves as a means to explore what is possible with regard to color. The pencil drawing engages the viewer through repetitive devices within the rendering of the patterned cloth. While the portraits may not be fully resolved, they accomplish some expressive qualities.






22 2D Design Quality Section – Score: 6 In this series of photographs, there is evidence of a confident personal voice; it resonates both in the student's choice of subject matter and the approach to creating dynamic emphasis in the various compositions. The student uses point of view to highlight unique approaches to creating strong contrast and directionality. The use of digital software is deliberate and underscores investigation into the surface qualities.






28 Drawing Quality Section – Score: 3 Maximizing a particular medium to demonstrate the quality of work possible appears to be uneven here. There is evidence of some effort at tonal values as the student explores both ink and charcoal. The pervasive use of photo-derived imagery has not been altered to create a personal student voice.






34 Drawing Quality Section – Score: 4 There is evidence of the student's attempt in both observational still life and figurative work. The experimentation with color noted in the observational drawing of the bottles seems to translate well into one of the figurative drawings. There are several emergent expressive qualities that remain open to further exploration. Compositional concerns with regard to centering the figure and the use of photographs may in some ways compromise the student's voice.






40 Drawing Quality Section – Score: 5 This drawing portfolio is characterized by a diverse collection of competent approaches both conceptually and technically. Confidence is conveyed through the use of observational techniques in tandem with a keen sense of compositional devices. The abstract composition appears to have been informed by the studies included here, and this results in the same level of engagement. Although slightly awkward, the ellipses that set up the sense of depth in the still life composition reflect a willingness to take on sophisticated ideas.






46 Drawing Quality Section – Score: 6 Coherence of an original idea and intriguing points of view characterize the investigation posed here. A sense of deliberateness is reflected in the inventive and confident use of the elements of art to achieve key principles of design such as depth, perspective, and emphasis. The incorporation of the use of photography as a means to develop ideas (as opposed to copying from published sources) serves to distinguish and solidify a unique sense of personal voice.






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