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DM: Simulation Data Model RFC and other comments Tuesday, 1130-1300, A.

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1 DM: Simulation Data Model RFC and other comments Tuesday, 1130-1300, A

2 Overview Recap SimDM RFC Comments –AI:action item Implementations –Note (LePetit etal) –SimDB@VO-URP Further work –SimDB (this afternoon) –SimTAP (yesterday)

3 Particle cataloguesFOF group catalogues Density field grids Subhalo merger tree forest Synthetic galaxy catalogues Mock galaxy catalogues (“light cones”) Mock images GADGET3 initial conditions FOF group finder SUBFIND L-Galaxies MoMaF SkyMaker “Gridder” Galaxy spectra BC03/M05 SSPs +

4 Other example: PDR

5 RFC there here

6 Which docs in RFC? see header of RFC page May need better cross-linking in docs themselves AI: Find out how to combine docs in final PR package.

7 Use of term Protocol SimDM:simdb/protocol/Protocol: describes how an experiment can/will/must be defined. –Compare ”Method by which an observation is made” () Defines parameters, results, some semantics Compare to SIAP, SSA etc. –SAME! So in fact very apt name to use! AI: describe possible confusion in document and suggested ways to avoid it.

8 Service not well defined A resource that allows access to SimDM/Resource-s –to results of 1..* Experiments –to results of experiments for a given SimDM/Protocol –to resources in a SimDM/Project Vaguely defined on purpose –service will define details itself Can be a SimDAL service –when defined for a finite set of SimDM/Protocols, could have SimTAP as queryData part. AI: improve description (CR, GL)

9 How to use the model? SimDAL+SimTAP –SimDB? –SimRegistryExt? Too complex for simple models? SimDM targets discovery of services –Also results of “simple models” have been created with protocols Sometimes required to assist description of complex models –examples above AI: Try to describe simple models in SimDM NB Spec contains no statement about exclusivity of SimDM –special cases may deserve (if not need) special attention –“micro-simulations”, “cosmological simulations”

10 SimDB => SimDM in utypes and names of XML files, replace SimDB with SimDMutypes AI: Do it, how about root package (simdb)?

11 Algorithm What if different protocols use same Algorithm. No normalised usage of common algorithms REPLY: Algorithm uses semantic label to refer to externally assumed common definition. No redundancy. AI: none

12 New comments (discussion yesterday with VOParis) ProductType: Should it be on Protocol iso on Product –Query: “Give me all SimDM/Protocol-s that can produce spectra.” Do we need a kind of InputDataType on Protocol? –Required information if one wants to run a SimDM/Protocol AI: put discussion on wiki

13 Semantics We use SKOS concepts Semantic vocabularies for SimDM –See Franck in semantics session AI: Check we have properly written vocabularies containing all SKOS concepts used in the model.

14 Implementations What is an implementation? 1.serialisation of real(istic) instaces in XML schema 2.(Web) application using the model 1.Described in Note (link) –see B. Ooghe Thursday morning DM) 2.SimDB@VO-URP (local link)local link

15 Registry Which SimDM/Resource-s qualify as Registry resources. SimDM → Registry extension for SimDAL services. AI: Discuss what must be done, this afternoon theory session.

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