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Theory Interest Group H. Wozniak. 2010-May-19H. Wozniak / Obs. Strasbourg / VO-France2.

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1 Theory Interest Group H. Wozniak

2 2010-May-19H. Wozniak / Obs. Strasbourg / VO-France2

3 USERS COMPUTERS USER LAYER RESOURCE LAYER USING SHARING VO CORE PROVIDERS 20100517 IVOA Architecture DATAACCESSDATAACCESS PROTOCOLSPROTOCOLS REGISTRYREGISTRY Data Models VO Query Languages Semantics Formats Browser Based Apps Script Based Apps Desktop Apps Data and Metadata Collection LEVEL 1 SimDB SimDM SimDAL

4 2010-May-19H. Wozniak / Obs. Strasbourg / VO-France4 Objectives achieved and even further !  Diversity of theoretical products (Session 1): many products accessible on-line  3D+Time: CADAC (Rick), CINECA (Claudio), StarFormat (Franck), GalMer (Igor)  non-spatial: PDRDB (Franck), stellar isochrones/evolutionary tracks (Carlos, Miguel), synthetic photometry (Carlos, Miguel), astrosismology models (Carlos, Miguel) many diverse science (and use) cases: cosmology, cluster of galaxies, star formation, cloud collapse, stellar isochrones, photodissociation,… a very good sampling of the real world and real use of theoretical products

5 2010-May-19H. Wozniak / Obs. Strasbourg / VO-France5 Objectives achieved and even further !  SimDB/DM (Session DM+TIG): under DM WG auspices, finalization of the Simulation DM (part of the SimDB) we needed approx. 4 * 2hrs + 1 normal session = 9.5 hrs to freeze the DM agreement on SimulationDM to cover ALL theoretical products  One name (simulation), one root (Sim*), one SimDAL (Session 2) for every kind of theoretical product !

6 2010-May-19H. Wozniak / Obs. Strasbourg / VO-France6 Actions and Roadmap  SimDB/DM (SimDM) action leaders: Mireille & Gerard action players: Mireille, Gerard, Benjamin, Franck, Miguel, Carlos, Rick, Claudio, Hervé, Laurent write the specification in IVOA document format with DM collaboration entrust SimDM to DM WG timeline :  specification finalization (DL: end of June)  recommendation path during summer after DM WG review  REC by EXEC in Nara (hopefully)  mapping of all theory services (SVO, CINECA, BaSTI) to SimDM action leaders: Miguel, Patrizia action players: Miguel, Carlos, Patrizia, with Franck’s expertise

7 2010-May-19H. Wozniak / Obs. Strasbourg / VO-France7 Actions and Roadmap  SimDB/Service action leaders: Gerard action players: Gerard, Benjamin, Franck, Nicolas experts (see Baltimore conclusions): Norman, Mireille, Keith, REGISTRY? need to query on a SimDB service two preliminary implementations rely on several others IVOA standards  semantics vocabulary  TAP  VOSI  … need to resume work on it by July

8 2010-May-19H. Wozniak / Obs. Strasbourg / VO-France8 Actions and Roadmap  Semantics action leaders: Fabrice & Franck action players: ALL Astrophysical Objects: Ex: Galaxy, disk, bulk, Cloud, gas, jets,... Physical quantities: Ex: Velocity, Temperature, Temperature of electrons,... Physical processes Ex: Gravitation, MHD, hydrodynamics, Radiative transfer Algorithms Ex: Tree, SPH, Vlasov solver, Monte Carlo,…  Largest participation of people interested in Theory products required Expertise in different fields of (astro)physics is mandatory  Priorities : 1. Finalize the Algorithm vocabulary (DL: next INTEROP) 2. Develop the other vocabularies 1. Physical processes (subset of IVOAT + a few missing processes) 2. Astrophysical object (Ontology of astronomical objects + a few other processes) 3. Physical properties (UCDs + vocabulary)

9 2010-May-19H. Wozniak / Obs. Strasbourg / VO-France9 Actions and Roadmap  SimDAL (including SimDAP and S3) action leaders: Claudio & Rick action players: Claudio, Rick, Carlos, Miguel, Benjamin, Franck, Nicolas, Gerard becomes very urgent ! SimDM is there (quite soon) testing facilities available need to work as soon as possible with DAL WG

10 2010-May-19H. Wozniak / Obs. Strasbourg / VO-France10 Roadmap  Roadmap Next INTEROP (7-13 Dec 2010 @ Nara, Japan) BEFORE : 1. SimDM: regular telecon on writing SimDM specification (Louys, Wozniak, Gheller, Cerviño, Lemson, Le Petit, Ooghe, Rodrigo Blanco, Wagner, Bourgès) 2. DM WG: start WG discussions in July 3. resume work on SimDB and SimDAL : an intermediate meeting (2 days?) 1.when ? September (doodle pool to be done) 2.what ? SimDB and SimDAL 3.where ? Strasbourg (central wrt Bologna-Madrid-Munich-Paris) 4.who ? Gheller, Wagner, Cerviño, Lemson, Le Petit, Ooghe, Rodrigo Blanco, Wozniak,… At Nara INTEROP  Top priorities : SimDAL (presentations in DAL sessions or common one?), SimDB, Semantics

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