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Victoria, May 18 2006Session III Theory Interest Group Session III Victoria, May 18 2006.

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1 Victoria, May Session III Theory Interest Group Session III Victoria, May

2 Session III Agenda Review results this week Metadata models Road map

3 Victoria, May Session III Monday TSAP: –Can be subsumed in SSAP if: POS not required, if provided, return null result (same with SIZE, TIME) FORMAT=METADATA (or request=getCapabilities) must remain –Registration possible once registry accepts SSA as standard service type and using type=SIMULATION to indicate theory data

4 Victoria, May Session III Tuesday: UCDs Discussion Tuesday afternoon Compile list of words, no classification yet into UCD vs Standard Word Some structure though, that might lead to such a classification Working TWiki document on IVOA/TheorySemanticVocabulary Plan: work this out further to come to proposal –Who ? –Not to comprehensive, targeted to ??? (discuss here) –Cross-check with existing list (Semantics/VOEvent?) –Propose to Semantics WG –When ? –Longer term: use in data model for describing simulations (see there)

5 Victoria, May Session III Wednesday: Data formats and SNAP Focus on intermediate and large scale simulations: particles and mesh in 3D space. Issue: many proprietary formats Services need to produce datasets users can understand –Straightforward choice: VOTable, possibly using BINARY data, possibly base64 encoded. –Alternative proposal: allow original file but force publisher to provide wrapper codelets to read the files and produce … what ? –Chose to first try out VOTable. Plan: –Sell VOTable+binary+base64 to theory community –Write prototype/template translators for some complex existing data types. –Tools/libraries capable of reading these into SNAP –Subject: particle and mesh data. Former produces tabular data, latter ? FITS ok for regular meshes, but ARM ? Input to DAL efforts on cubes/complex/generic datasets ? –Functions: Retrieve whole Retrieve part: Question, how to decide which part ? Proposal: need functions creating small, summarising, meaningful info about the dataset. Examples: thumbnail, random sample, projection, gridding (for particles). (see CGs presentation) –Query: see today –Protocol: not discussed here, but initial draft exists.

6 Victoria, May Session III Thursday: metadata SNAP as prototype: –Need protocol for discovery of interesting simulations (not just in SNAP) –Proposal: base on metadata model (i.e. SSA like, not SIA like) –Focus on this type of simulation, but identify areas which all simulations share. Discussion now and possibly later: –Characterisation (of what ? Results vs capabilities), –Physics and subject (use semantics effort) –Computational aspects

7 Victoria, May Session III Road map Finish use cases note Standard vocabulary/UCDs for theory SNAP –Data models –Protocol Generic service registration using standard vocab (outreach) Other protocols desired ? Generic simulation model ?? Service use in GWS-manner

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