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2007-04-12/13SNAP data model Introduction to the workshop.

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1 2007-04-12/13SNAP data model Introduction to the workshop

2 2007-04-12/13SNAP data model Welcome agenda Background –Cambridge workshop, April 2006 Propose SNAP (used to be SPAP, should maybe be SSSAP) –Victoria interop meeting, May 2006 Agreed to go ahead with SNAP SNAP should be mirrored on SSAP, not SIAP, i.e. based on a data model for the meta-data

3 2007-04-12/13SNAP data model From Victoria 2006, closing plenary What is SNAP ? Subject: –N-body –(adaptive) mesh –evolving objects in 3D space Functions: –Retrieve whole –Retrieve part: Question, how to decide which part ? –Proposal: need functions creating small, summarising, meaningful info about the dataset. Examples: thumbnail, random sample, projection, gridding (for particles). (see CGs presentation) Query: based on metadata model Protocol: not discussed here, but initial draft exists. ADQL ?

4 2007-04-12/13SNAP data model Preliminary discussion items

5 2007-04-12/13SNAP data model Name of the protocol SNAP is confusing –Numerical suggests more than we aim to support –SNAP acronym is already in use for Supernova/Acceleration Probe How about: Simple Spatial Simulations Access Protocol (SSSAP)

6 2007-04-12/13SNAP data model Type of simulations in SNAP TBD do we still need this comparison? We have had some discussions concerning which type of simulations we want SNAP to support and about the kind of services that should be supported. GL: the case for spatial simulations –Common subject: part of space-time –Results relatively standard –Some large software packages used by many people –Theory spectra supported by SSA (is claim) –We need to start somewhere HW: the case for more generic simulations (is this what HW wanted to discuss, or more the services?)

7 2007-04-12/13SNAP data model Type of services in SNAP (can only really discuss this later in this workshop) Spatial cutout services only –Produces data products of same type as published data products A few more SNAP-standard services (building blocks): –Projections –Light-cones –Transformation of observables –… Also allow cutouts (etc?) on the dependent variables (observables) Allow also generic, notn-prescribed services (like the ones that can be registered already)

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