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Panasonic KX-TA624 Advanced Hybrid PBX System OVERVIEW.

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1 Panasonic KX-TA624 Advanced Hybrid PBX System OVERVIEW

2 KX-TA TT2 System Outline zInitial configuration is 3 CO X 8 Stations zKX-TA62460 Doorphone / Door Opener Card zKX-TA62470 Card adds 8 Stations zKX-TA62477 Card adds 3 CO X 8 Stations zKX-TA62491 DISA / Fax Detection Card zKX-TA62493 Caller ID Card for 3 CO lines

3 KX-TA TT3 KX-TA624 zInitially configured with 3 CO X 8 Station zExternalMusic Source zExternal Paging Jack zRS-232 for SMDR zGround Screw zPower On/Off Switch zVertical / Horizontal Mounting

4 KX-TA TT4 KX-TA624 System Connections z1 External Paging Jack (Radio Shack Cat. No ) z1 External Music On Hold Input Jack (Radio Shack Cat. No ) z1 Station Message Detail Recording RS-232 zReset Switch zSystem Clear Switch zVertical / Horizontal Mounting

5 KX-TA TT5 KX-TA624 System Connections zCentral Office LinesRJ-14 CO Lines zExtensionsRJ-14 Extensions Extensions 101, 105, 109, 113, 117 & 121 all ring at the same time Extensions 102, 106, 110, 114, 118 & 122 all ring at the same time Extensions 103, 107, 111, 115, 119 & 123 all ring at the same time Extensions 104, 108, 112, 116, 120 & 124 all ring at the same time zPaging Jack3.55 mm zMusic On Hold Jack3.55 mm zSMDR9 pin Male RS-232

6 KX-TA TT6 KX-TA62460 zCard for 4 door phones (KX-T30865) z2 door phone speech paths - 1 & 2, 3 & 4 zCard for 4 Door Openers (not provided) zDoor phone connections RJ conductor line cord to jack. (red/green to DP 1, black/yellow to DP 2)

7 KX-TA TT7 Up to Four Doorphones zRequires the KX DP Card zOptional Doorphones - KX-T30865 zDay/Night/Lunch Ring Assignments zFlexible Ring Tone Pattern (three) zFlexible Ring Length (15 or 30 Seconds) zFlexible Door Opener Assignment and Times (for Day/Night/Lunch zAdjustable Door Opener Time

8 KX-TA TT8 KX-T30865 zDoor phone unit zRing- Day, Night, Lunch zDoor Opener Day, Night, Lunch

9 KX-TA TT9 KX-TA62470 z8 Extension Expansion Card zThis card can be installed directly to the system for a 3 CO X 16 station, or connected on the KX-TA62477 for jacks 17 through 24.

10 KX-TA TT10 KX-TA62477 z3 CO and 8 Ext Expansion Card zLines 4 through 6 zJacks 9 through 16

11 KX-TA TT11 KX-TA62491 zDISA (Direct Inward Station Access) zDay / Night message zFax Detection zOne Touch Access to stations or ring groups zOne per system

12 KX-TA TT12 DISA (Direct Inward Station Access) zCaller hears a pre-recorded Outgoing Message (requires a KX-TA62491 card). zOperator records max of two messages (Day/Night) up to 30 seconds each. zFax Detection (Requires the KX-TA62491 to answer the incoming call) zOne Touch Dialing- to an extension, operator or Ring Group. Up to 10 codes. zProgrammable Security Codes

13 KX-TA TT13 DISA (continued) zCalling an External Party- Security Codes, CO Security, 3 time and you’re out. zCan answer lines zDISA Busy Mode- Call Wait, Disconnect or hear DISA 2 message zIntercept on busy stations to another programmable station

14 KX-TA TT14 KX-TA62493 CID zProvides Name or Number to a Proprietary Telephone zKX-T7130 or KX- T7030 z2 cards maximum zcard for lines 1-3, and lines 4-6

15 KX-TA TT15 Caller ID zRequires the KX-TA62493 card. Max 2 cards. Handles three CO’s each zLog up to 20 numbers. zMust use a KX-T7030 or KX-T7130 zWill not display CID on a SLT zProg a CID Indication Button for Logging zProg a CID Selection Button to scroll info

16 KX-TA TT16 KX-T Proprietary Devices zKX-T7130 zKX-T7030 zKX-T7020 zKX-T7050 zKX-T7055 zKX-T7040 zKX-T7880 zKX-T7885

17 KX-TA TT17 KX-T7130 zLarge Display Speaker phone. z12 Flex CO Buttons z12 Flex Func Buttons zHandset/Headset zWhite or Black

18 KX-TA TT18 KX-T7030 zDisplay Speakerphone z12 Flex CO Buttons z4 Flex Function Buttons

19 KX-TA TT19 KX-T7020 zSpeakerphone z12 Flex CO Buttons z4 Flex Function Buttons

20 KX-TA TT20 KX-T7050 zMonitor Telephone z12 Flex CO Lines z4 Flex Monitor Buttons

21 KX-TA TT21 KX-T7055 zMonitor Telephone z3 Flex CO Buttons z3 Flex Monitor Buttons zWhite Only

22 KX-TA TT22 KX-T7040 zDirect Station Selector/ Busy Lamp Field Console DSS/BLF z32 Programmable DSS/BLF buttons z16 Programmable One-Touch feature buttons z

23 KX-TA TT23 KX-T7880 zMulti-Line Cordless z3 Flex CO Buttons z1 Intercom Button zConference, Hold zUp to 30 on a system

24 KX-TA TT24 KX-T7885 z900 MHz Multi-Line Wireless Telephone with LCD y3 Line Multi-Function LCD xTop line for call activity and phone status symbols xMiddle line for normal display phone alpha-numeric text xBottom line for flexible button identification text y4 Programmable buttons for up to 12 functions y6 Ringer Modes including Vibrator Mode yHeadset Jack (2.5mm jack) yHigh Capacity, Quick Charging NiMH battery xIncludes one battery xAdditional KX-A276 batteries can be purchased separately

25 KX-TA TT25 New Enhanced Capabilities zAccount Codes zCall Transfer to CO zConference Call, Unattended zRoom Monitor zStation Message Detail Recording (SMDR) z TAM - Telephone Answer Machine Support z Time (Day, Night, Lunch) Service z Voice Mail Integration z Additional Features

26 KX-TA TT26 Account Codes zSMDR can be used for Accounting / Billing z24 Separate Codes Available zIncoming Calls to SMDR is Optional zOutgoing Calls have four choices Verify- All Mode, Verify- Toll Mode Forced Mode,Option Mode zFour Digits (0 - 9) zEmergency Numbers override Acct. Entry

27 KX-TA TT27 Call Transfer CO / Unattended Conference zAllows an APT to Transfer an incoming CO or Intercom call to an outside CO zDisabled by default (prog 606) zTimer Adjustment: Minutes zUnattended Conference- Leave the conference by Pressing CONF. Return by Pressing CONF. Max time 32 minutes

28 KX-TA TT28 Room Monitor zMonitor APT or Door phone w/o a tone zMust be assigned (prog 612) zActivate at phone (7351#) zCan Not Use a KX-T7050 or 7055 zSLT with MUTE button can be used for monitoring

29 KX-TA TT29 SMDR zPrint details to a computer or serial printer on outside calls zRequires a DB9-DB9 Null Modem Cable. Cable will be a female 9 pin to female 9 pin. zShows Date, Time, Ext. making the call, CO line the call was made on, dialed number, duration of call. Incoming will display callers number (with CID from Telco and a KX-TA62493 card.

30 KX-TA TT30 TAM Extension zAssign a jack for TAM (Sys 611) zTAM answers CO, dial station connected to TAM, hear busy, dial “4”. zAll stations can be assigned as TAM z*Disconnects TAM Station

31 KX-TA TT31 Time (Day, Night, Lunch) Service zAutomatic or Manual Mode - (006) zFlexible Ringing- ( ) zDelayed Ringing- ( ) zIncoming Ring Service- ( ) Choice of DIL, DISA1, DISA2 zFlexible Out Dial ( )

32 KX-TA TT32 Voice Mail Integration zSupports In-Band Signaling (follow on ID) zUp to four ports zWorks with the KX-TVS75/100/200 zActivates the MW Light on 7000 Series zSupports immediate answer, delayed answer and DISA Intercept Routing zFlexible MW Button on 7000 Series

33 KX-TA TT33 Additional Features zAdditional Timers: (prog ) zKX-T7040 DSS Console- Max two, uses station port zSystem Password, 4 digit, adjustable z12/24 Hour Clock zCO Line Indicator Assignment (prog 109) Assigns capability of answering calls not assigned to ring. zFlash Key Mode (prog 110) allows EFA

34 KX-TA TT34 Additional Features zToll Restriction- Expanded to 5 Classes zElectronic Station Lock/ Remote Station Lock zEmergency Dial Number- allows up to five 4 digit phone numbers to override TRS, Account codes and Electronic Station Lock zHost PBX Access Codes- Allows using the KX- TA624 in front of larger PBX. Ignores access codes in TRS tables zOutside Line Ringing Pattern- Choice of 3

35 KX-TA TT35 Additional Features zAbsent Messages (six pre-defined messages) zCall Park - 10 zones 22(0-9) to park 52(0-9) to answer zRing Group- for DISA only zProgrammable MW Light on DSS / CO Button zTen Personal Speed Dial # per Extension zPickup Dial or Hot Line on SLT

36 KX-TA TT36 Additional Features zTimed Reminder zFlexible CO Buttons- CID, Conf, DSS, FWD/DND, Group CO, S-CO, O-CO, Log In/Out, One Touch Dial or Save zPreferred Line Assignment- In/Out zExecutive Busy Override

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