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Panasonic KX-TA624 Advanced Hybrid PBX System

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1 Panasonic KX-TA624 Advanced Hybrid PBX System

2 System Outline Initial configuration is 3 CO X 8 Stations
KX-TA62460 Doorphone / Door Opener Card KX-TA62470 Card adds 8 Stations KX-TA62477 Card adds 3 CO X 8 Stations KX-TA62491 DISA / Fax Detection Card KX-TA62493 Caller ID Card for 3 CO lines KX-TA TT

3 KX-TA624 Initially configured with 3 CO X 8 Station
ExternalMusic Source External Paging Jack RS-232 for SMDR Ground Screw Power On/Off Switch Vertical / Horizontal Mounting KX-TA TT

4 KX-TA624 System Connections
1 External Paging Jack (Radio Shack Cat. No ) 1 External Music On Hold Input Jack (Radio Shack Cat. No ) 1 Station Message Detail Recording RS-232 Reset Switch System Clear Switch Vertical / Horizontal Mounting KX-TA TT

5 KX-TA624 System Connections
Central Office Lines RJ-14 CO Lines Extensions RJ-14 Extensions Extensions 101, 105, 109, 113, 117 & 121 all ring at the same time Extensions 102, 106, 110, 114, 118 & 122 all ring at the same time Extensions 103, 107, 111, 115, 119 & 123 all ring at the same time Extensions 104, 108, 112, 116, 120 & 124 all ring at the same time Paging Jack mm Music On Hold Jack 3.55 mm SMDR 9 pin Male RS-232 KX-TA TT

6 KX-TA62460 Card for 4 door phones (KX-T30865)
2 door phone speech paths - 1 & 2, 3 & 4 Card for 4 Door Openers (not provided) Door phone connections RJ conductor line cord to jack. (red/green to DP 1, black/yellow to DP 2) KX-TA TT

7 Up to Four Doorphones Requires the KX-62460 DP Card
Optional Doorphones - KX-T30865 Day/Night/Lunch Ring Assignments Flexible Ring Tone Pattern (three) Flexible Ring Length (15 or 30 Seconds) Flexible Door Opener Assignment and Times (for Day/Night/Lunch Adjustable Door Opener Time KX-TA TT

8 KX-T30865 Door phone unit Ring- Day, Night, Lunch
Door Opener Day, Night, Lunch KX-TA TT

9 KX-TA62470 8 Extension Expansion Card
This card can be installed directly to the system for a CO X 16 station, or connected on the KX-TA62477 for jacks 17 through 24. KX-TA TT

10 KX-TA62477 3 CO and 8 Ext Expansion Card Lines 4 through 6
Jacks 9 through 16 KX-TA TT

11 KX-TA62491 DISA (Direct Inward Station Access) Day / Night message
Fax Detection One Touch Access to stations or ring groups One per system KX-TA TT

12 DISA (Direct Inward Station Access)
Caller hears a pre-recorded Outgoing Message (requires a KX-TA62491 card). Operator records max of two messages (Day/Night) up to 30 seconds each. Fax Detection (Requires the KX-TA62491 to answer the incoming call) One Touch Dialing- to an extension, operator or Ring Group. Up to 10 codes. Programmable Security Codes KX-TA TT

13 DISA (continued) Calling an External Party- Security Codes, CO Security, 3 time and you’re out. Can answer lines DISA Busy Mode- Call Wait, Disconnect or hear DISA 2 message Intercept on busy stations to another programmable station KX-TA TT

14 KX-TA62493 CID Provides Name or Number to a Proprietary Telephone
KX-T7130 or KX-T7030 2 cards maximum card for lines 1-3, and lines 4-6 KX-TA TT

15 Caller ID Requires the KX-TA62493 card. Max 2 cards. Handles three CO’s each Log up to 20 numbers. Must use a KX-T7030 or KX-T7130 Will not display CID on a SLT Prog a CID Indication Button for Logging Prog a CID Selection Button to scroll info KX-TA TT

16 KX-T Proprietary Devices

17 KX-T7130 Large Display Speaker phone. 12 Flex CO Buttons
12 Flex Func Buttons Handset/Headset White or Black KX-TA TT

18 KX-T7030 Display Speakerphone 12 Flex CO Buttons
4 Flex Function Buttons KX-TA TT

19 KX-T7020 Speakerphone 12 Flex CO Buttons 4 Flex Function Buttons

20 KX-T7050 Monitor Telephone 12 Flex CO Lines 4 Flex Monitor Buttons

21 KX-T7055 Monitor Telephone 3 Flex CO Buttons 3 Flex Monitor Buttons
White Only KX-TA TT

22 KX-T7040 Direct Station Selector/ Busy Lamp Field Console DSS/BLF
32 Programmable DSS/BLF buttons 16 Programmable One-Touch feature buttons KX-TA TT

23 KX-T7880 Multi-Line Cordless 3 Flex CO Buttons 1 Intercom Button
Conference, Hold Up to 30 on a system KX-TA TT

24 KX-T7885 900 MHz Multi-Line Wireless Telephone with LCD
3 Line Multi-Function LCD Top line for call activity and phone status symbols Middle line for normal display phone alpha-numeric text Bottom line for flexible button identification text 4 Programmable buttons for up to 12 functions 6 Ringer Modes including Vibrator Mode Headset Jack (2.5mm jack) High Capacity, Quick Charging NiMH battery Includes one battery Additional KX-A276 batteries can be purchased separately KX-TA TT

25 New Enhanced Capabilities
Account Codes Call Transfer to CO Conference Call, Unattended Room Monitor Station Message Detail Recording (SMDR) TAM - Telephone Answer Machine Support Time (Day, Night, Lunch) Service Voice Mail Integration Additional Features KX-TA TT

26 Account Codes SMDR can be used for Accounting / Billing
24 Separate Codes Available Incoming Calls to SMDR is Optional Outgoing Calls have four choices Verify- All Mode, Verify- Toll Mode Forced Mode, Option Mode Four Digits (0 - 9) Emergency Numbers override Acct. Entry KX-TA TT

27 Call Transfer CO / Unattended Conference
Allows an APT to Transfer an incoming CO or Intercom call to an outside CO Disabled by default (prog 606) Timer Adjustment: Minutes Unattended Conference- Leave the conference by Pressing CONF. Return by Pressing CONF. Max time 32 minutes KX-TA TT

28 Room Monitor Monitor APT or Door phone w/o a tone
Must be assigned (prog 612) Activate at phone (7351#) Can Not Use a KX-T7050 or 7055 SLT with MUTE button can be used for monitoring KX-TA TT

29 SMDR Print details to a computer or serial printer on outside calls
Requires a DB9-DB9 Null Modem Cable. Cable will be a female 9 pin to female 9 pin. Shows Date, Time, Ext. making the call, CO line the call was made on, dialed number, duration of call. Incoming will display callers number (with CID from Telco and a KX-TA62493 card. KX-TA TT

30 TAM Extension Assign a jack for TAM (Sys 611)
TAM answers CO, dial station connected to TAM, hear busy, dial “4”. All stations can be assigned as TAM *Disconnects TAM Station KX-TA TT

31 Time (Day, Night, Lunch) Service
Automatic or Manual Mode - (006) Flexible Ringing- ( ) Delayed Ringing- ( ) Incoming Ring Service- ( ) Choice of DIL, DISA1, DISA2 Flexible Out Dial ( ) KX-TA TT

32 Voice Mail Integration
Supports In-Band Signaling (follow on ID) Up to four ports Works with the KX-TVS75/100/200 Activates the MW Light on 7000 Series Supports immediate answer, delayed answer and DISA Intercept Routing Flexible MW Button on 7000 Series KX-TA TT

33 Additional Features Additional Timers: (prog 200-211)
KX-T7040 DSS Console- Max two, uses station port System Password, 4 digit, adjustable 12/24 Hour Clock CO Line Indicator Assignment (prog 109) Assigns capability of answering calls not assigned to ring. Flash Key Mode (prog 110) allows EFA KX-TA TT

34 Additional Features Toll Restriction- Expanded to 5 Classes
Electronic Station Lock/ Remote Station Lock Emergency Dial Number- allows up to five 4 digit phone numbers to override TRS, Account codes and Electronic Station Lock Host PBX Access Codes- Allows using the KX-TA624 in front of larger PBX. Ignores access codes in TRS tables Outside Line Ringing Pattern- Choice of 3 KX-TA TT

35 Additional Features Absent Messages (six pre-defined messages)
Call Park - 10 zones (0-9) to park (0-9) to answer Ring Group- for DISA only Programmable MW Light on DSS / CO Button Ten Personal Speed Dial # per Extension Pickup Dial or Hot Line on SLT KX-TA TT

36 Additional Features Timed Reminder
Flexible CO Buttons- CID, Conf, DSS, FWD/DND, Group CO, S-CO, O-CO, Log In/Out, One Touch Dial or Save Preferred Line Assignment- In/Out Executive Busy Override KX-TA TT

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