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Motorola CablePON Solutions

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1 Motorola CablePON Solutions
Enabling All-Fiber Networks with RFoG Motorola General Business Information, MOTOwi4 Wireless SP, Rev 1 Add additional legal text here if required by your local Legal Counsel. MOTOROLA and the Stylized M Logo are registered in the US Patent & Trademark Office. All other product or service names are the property of their respective owners. © Motorola, Inc. 2007

2 Market Dynamics Developing long-term network evolution strategies
Business Issues Developing long-term network evolution strategies Remaining competitive while lowering business expenses Solutions Cable operators are taking first steps towards all-fiber networks All-fiber solutions need to be evolutionary in scope Benefits Higher-tiered residential and commercial services revenue Long-term service evolution pathways created Establish strong competitive barriers in dynamic markets

3 Relationship Foundation
Home Agreement provides Motorola: Proven RFoG and Market Ready EPON Solutions Delivering RFoG Solutions to Tier 1 Cable Operators Globally Rounds Out Motorola’s Leading HFC and CablePON Portfolio Why Alloptic?: Highly Regarded and Widely Deployed RFoG Technology Business Fiber

4 Motorola Enables Evolution To All-Fiber
Cable Network Evolution Fiber Deeper, all-fiber networks Long-term PON and IP service enabler Legacy Investment Protection Leveraging operational knowledge and skill sets Same Optical Headend, OSS, and CPE Improved Business Performance Ability to deliver higher-tiered business class services Low cost all-fiber network, active OSP elements eliminated All-Fiber Service Evolution CablePON Fiber Deep

5 All-Fiber CablePON HFC Evolution to the All-Fiber Network
RFoG PON NGPON CablePON DOCSIS HFC Fiber Deep HE/Node Segmentation 1 GHz Expansion DOCSIS 3.0, Chan Bond All-Fiber Service Evolution CablePON Fiber Deep

6 Motorola Advantages HFC CablePON All-Fiber
The full backing and assurance of Motorola testing, system planning, field experience and ongoing support Why Motorola? Feature & Component Alignment/Interaction Across Complete HFC Ecosystem Product and Portfolio Management Configuration and System Engineering Services HFC Ecosystem Integration & Test Roadmap Stability Global CNRC support Operational Scale HFC CablePON All-Fiber RFoG NGPON DOCSIS Optical Transport Transmitters Receivers E-CWDM Optical Nodes Integrated PON RFoG EPON/GPON DOCSIS Optical Transport Transmitters Receivers Optical Amplifiers All-Optical Nodes DOCSIS Optical Transport Transmitters Receivers E-CWDM Optical Nodes RF Amplifiers Taps and Passives

7 Motorola End-to-End RFoG Architecture
Applications Motorola End-to-End RFoG Architecture Headend Solution Components Motorola RFoG Elements Optical Transmitter Optical Amplifiers Return-Path Receiver RFoG Return-Path Receiver Optical Nodes Key Alloptic RFoG Elements Motorola Hub to Home Optical Transmitters, Receivers Optical Nodes, Amplifiers Optical Networking Units Optical Amplifiers Optical Receivers Return-Path Transmitters RFoG Optical Network Units SFU, MDU RFoG SFU, MDU RFoG, PON SFU, MDU RFoG, PON Port

8 Existing and Greenfield Residential small offices / home offices
Motorola RFoG Applications Existing and Greenfield Residential Community Optical Node small offices / home offices HUB S Video Services Cafe Fitness wireless backhaul EMS/NMS Optical Transport shopping centers S Rural Communities Network Optical Node BSS / OSS CMTS S office parks Community

9 Key Take-A-Ways Cable Operators Taking the Next Step
All-Fiber Networks Cable Operators Taking the Next Step Unlocking New Services and Revenues Responsible Evolution Leverage Operational and Capital Investments Provide Path to Long-Term PON Architectures Proven Solutions Motorola CablePON Solutions Enable The All-Fiber Cable Network

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