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Zainul Abideen The Fourth Imam By A.S. Hashim. MD.

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1 Zainul Abideen The Fourth Imam By A.S. Hashim. MD

2 Zainul AbideenLineage Al-Husain Ali Shahr Banu Daughter of Yazdajird

3 Zainul Abideen Zainul Abideen in Childhood Mother dies a few days after childbirth Aunt Zainab takes care of him Has the charming looks of grandfather Ali Grandpa Ali loves him dearly When two yrs old grandpa Ali is assassinated Back to Medina

4 Zainul Abideen Up to 13 Yrs Old Tutored by Al-Hasan and Al-Husain Participated in the Discourse held at the Masjid Al-Nabawi Close relationship to Al-Hasan Close to Zainab, his aunt His capacity of learning and reasoning is outstanding

5 Zainul Abideen In his Youth At age 14, he loses Al-Hasan who died of poisoning by Mu’awiya Average in stature, slender, handsome, and impressive. Character was molded by Islam Participates in discussions led by his father

6 Zainul Abideen In early adulthood Marries Fatima, the daughter of Al-Hasan A year after marriage a boy is born, named Muhammad (Al-Baaqir) The Ummah was in turmoil, since Mu’awiya was trying to appoint Yazid as Khalifa For some time Mu’awiya’s agents and collaborators were busy selling cooperation and acceptance of Yazid to the people

7 Zainul Abideen Karbala with Al-Husain Zainul Abideen, his wife, and his son (Muhammad Al- Baaqir) joined Al-Husain to Karbala He witnesses the savage treatment dealt to the family of the Prophet in Karbala Sees his father, 5 uncles, and many relatives (17 teenagers) mercilessly cut to pieces and heads cut off Sees the tents burned and children screaming in alarm and running in fright for shelter Witnesses the nightmare of the moment while sick in bed near fainting

8 Zainul Abideen In Karbala He became gravely ill during the events of Karbala, with fever and fainting spells Was conferred the Imamah during the turmoil of Karbala Zainab addresses him as the Imam Confronted Ibn Ziyad in Kufa, quoting the Quran In fetters, he was taken 700 miles to Damascus 72 heads, including his father’s, were on top of spears for the show

9 Zainul Abideen In Damascus Onlookers thought them to be rebels Face to face with Yazid answered only by quoting the Quran, defeating Yazid Gave a speech in Masjid Umawi on Friday Prayer Returned to Medina with family as per his wishes, but the nightmarish tribulation never left his mind

10 Zainul Abideen Part of his Khutba at Masjid Umawi I am the offspring of the Lord of Mecca and Medina, I am the issue of the Lord of Zamzam and Safa, I am the lineal descendant of him whose forefather had lifted in his cloak the Black Stone, I am the child of the one who mounted the Buraq and gone through the regions of Heavens I am from the progeny of the one who went up to Sidratul Mun'taha, and whom Allah had shown the fountainhead of the Wahy

11 Zainul Abideen More of the Khutba I am the offspring of the guide from whom disbelievers got the guidance to the straight path, I am................... I am the son of a person whose thread of life was snapped by cruel fingers, and I am the son of whose head was severed while thirsty, and body left exposed to the burning sands of Karbala, I am the son whose father's death was mourned by the Angels in Heaven, as well as humans and Jinn, I am the son whose father's head was mounted on a spear and taken for show from town to town

12 Zainul Abideen Zainul Abideen takes up seclusion. After Karbala Zainul Abideen takes up seclusion in the outskurts of Medina, for about one year, in a tent Zainab takes provisions for him every day Only about 5 people are permitted to meet with him Uncle Muhammad ibn Al-Hanafiyah represents him and acts on his behalf Spends time in composing Du’aa, Meditating, and Prayers Be away from spies and secret agents

13 Zainul Abideen He Charts the Course for future Islamic works Three channels: 1. 1.To produce Islamic Scholars that ultimately would topple Benu Umayya (Islamic scholars) 2. 2.Means of communication to spread the teachings by the cadre of scholars 3. 3.Establish a transparent network to promote the cause of Ahlul Bayt The above are to be carried out year after year transparently

14 Zainul Abideen His immediate period Strategy consists of: 1. 1.Crying and actively seeking people’s sympathy for Al-Husain, and talk about Karbala persistently 2. 2.Emphasizes Prayer and long Sujood 3. 3.Persists on Du’aa, composing them and let them be the MAP for the future works 4. 4.Shuns Politics Completely 5. 5.Starts Majlis for Imam Husain every year 6. 6.Gradually educate scholars in Islam

15 Zainul Abideen Give refuge to Benu Umayya Hosts Marwan's family and relatives, 400 members, free of charges. 1. 1.Kept them for several weeks, 2. 2.Period when Yazid’s army invaded Medina Marwan was the nemesis and trouble maker during Uthman’s rule Marwan was the enemy of Ahlul Bayt, but now he is in need of their help Marwan fought Ali during Jamal Confrontation

16 Zainul Abideen Turmoil of the times Zainul Abideen witnesses the grave consequences of the failed Medina uprising: 1. 1.Sahaaba killed, 2. 2.Wives assaulted, and 3. 3.P roperty pilfered Ka’ba was attacked by Yazid to pacify Ibn Zubair Al-Hajjaj burns the Ka’ba by throwing catapult Yazid dies at age of 33 Years The forces leave Mecca

17 Zainul Abideen During the 3 yr of Yazid Rule 2. Invades Medina 3. Attacks Ka’ba 1. Karbala Atrocities Atrocities of Yazid’s Rule

18 Zainul Abideen More uprisings Uprising of Tawwaboon against Benu Umayya: fight unto death Uprising of Mukhtar in Iraq: Occupy Iraq, chase all fighters against Husain and kill them, including Ibn Ziyad, Shimr, and Omar ibn Sa’ad Marwan becomes Khalifa, then dies 9 months later It is said Marwan was killed by his wife by either poisoning or by way of choking

19 Zainul Abideen Tough times Al-Hajjaj (who attacked the Ka’ba to subdue Ibn Zubair), becomes governor of Iraq, Tyrannical rule in Iraq for 20 years. The new dictator’s cruelty knows no limits Abdul Malik (son of Marwan) is Khalifa in Syria Zainul Abideen works diligently to focus on Piety as the basis for society.

20 Zainul Abideen The Islamic Institute Steady growth of the Islamic Institute over 27 years’ period Diligent work in tutoring of scholars. Growth steady but fast growing Al-Baaqir, and grandson Al-Saadiq participate in the Discourses and Discussions Al the end, 160 Scholars graduate

21 Zainul Abideen They teach and discuss Tafseer, Hadith, Ah'kaam, and Jurisprudence He wrote Al-Saheefa Al-Sajjadiyah He wrote Risalah al-Huquq (Personal Rights versus Personal Obligations in our life)

22 Zainul Abideen The 3 Phases of Islam PHASECARRIED OUT BY: TASKS CONSISTING OF: PHASE I Muhammad (pbuh) Emphasis was on teaching Islam in depth, especially to the Sahaaba (Companions), and making Islam available to the maximum number of people—yet, bearing in mind that it would take an average person a long time to assimilate Islam. Therefore, Muhammad (pbuh) did not fight the hypocrites.

23 Zainul Abideen The 3 Phases of Islam PHASECARRIED OUT BY: TASKS CONSISTING OF: PHASE II Ali, Al-Hasan, and Al-Husain They were the 3 who were to confront the negative forces caused by Islamicly weak persons which threatened to undermine Islam: Be it during Ali's Khilaafah, Al ‑ Hasan's acceptance of peaceful terms, or the events leading to the explosive but anticipated Karbala as led by Al ‑ Husain.

24 Zainul Abideen The 3 Phases of Islam PHASECARRIED OUT BY:TASKS CONSISTING OF: PHASE III Zainul Abideen and the Imams after him. Zainul Abideen took on his shoulders the heavy task of teaching the scholars once the confrontational phase was over. This culminated by establishing the Islamic Institute (Institute of Ahlul Bayt). The main source of information was the Corpus of Knowledge Imam Ali left. The Institute was to expand and flourish by later Imams.

25 Zainul Abideen Corpus of Knowledge Ali’s writings during: Abu Bakr, Omar, and Uthman’s Khilaafah: Corpus of Knowledge consists of the following: 1. 1. Quran in chorological order 2. 2. Tafseer (Mus’haf Fatima) 3. 3. Hadith (Saheefa of Ali) 4. 4. Ah’kaam 5. 5. Al-Jafr 1.White Jafr: Prophets and early times 2.Red Jafr: Rules of war in Islam

26 Zainul Abideen The Imamah. Imamah is not subject to election or negotiation. It is a designation (a Directive) by the Almighty. An Imam is Ma'soom, meaning safeguarded by Allah from: – –a) religious error, – –b) sin, and – –c) forgetfulness.

27 Zainul Abideen To Keep Karbala in Mind I 1. Imam Zainul Abideen urged the people to visit the site of Karbala. Thus people confirmed their resolve in the Islamic principles Imam Al ‑ Husain stood for. 2. He encouraged Muslims to observe the anniversary of Karbala every year. 3. This led to Majlis every year done at the time in confidential manner, in private houses 4. He used to visit the burial area of Imam Al ‑ Husain every year. 5. He would visit Karbala un ‑ announced, often unnoticed.

28 Zainul Abideen To Keep Karbala in Mind II He recommended that in Sujood to touch a clean Turbah. This was recommended so that a person's highest part of Salat (Sujood) be associated with the principles Imam Al ‑ Husain gave his life for, meaning authentic Islam. He used a logo: May the Killer of Al ‑ Husain Ibn Ali be Debased and Defiled. The Logo became popular

29 Zainul Abideen Emphasis Imamah was frequently explained and emphasized, and Ismah (as attested by Ayah of Tat'heer) was often emphasized, (Surah 33 : Ayah 33) and The unique and Center Role of Ahlul Bayt in Islam was often explained. Work to produce high quality scholars, 1. 1.who were to teach others about true Islam, 2. 2.thus spread the word about the motive and the principles which Imam Al ‑ Husain had given his life for, and 3. the same time expose the offenses of Benu Umayya.

30 Zainul Abideen The Institute graduates more than 160 scholars.

31 Zainul Abideen Renowned Students Al ‑ Baaqir and his brother Zayd also participated in the discourses, Well known students were: – –Hasan Al-Basri – –Al-Thamali – –Al-Zuhri – –Ibn Tawoos, and – –many other erudite scholars

32 Zainul Abideen Character Zainul Abideen was very forgiving and generous. During Ramadhan, he would record whatever misdemeanor his servants did, then let them acknowledge, then give them their freedom He used to buy as many slaves as he could afford, educate them then set them free He was revered in the community since he was the Imam of the Ummah

33 Zainul Abideen Character Zainul Abideen had empathy for the poor and needy He used to carry sacs of flour to distribute to the poor During Ramadhan he would cook one sheep each day for distribution to the fasting needy He had a very melodic voice, people loved hearing him read the Quran Zainul Abideen never wore his clothes for more than one season, then gave them to the poor Financially he helped numerous needy people

34 Zainul Abideen Dear Lord, I implore Thy protection from: · Extremes in greed, · Being hasty in anger, · Being dominated by envy, · Lacking of patience, · Being with scarcity of contentment, · Being with depravity of morals, · Being beseeched by passion, · An indulgence of zeal, · The submitting to desires, and · Opposing what is right..... Sample Du’aa: Sample Du’aa: Imploring protection from evil

35 Zainul Abideen Munajaat: Tender Prayers My Lord! Thy bounty which Thou hast begun ‑‑ complete it! Thy generosity which Thou hast given me ‑‑ strip it not away! Thy cover over me through Thy clemency ‑‑ tear it not away! My misdeeds which Thou hast come to know ‑‑ forgive them! My Lord! I seek intercession from Thee with Thee, and I seek sanctuary in Thee from Thee! I have come to Thee craving Thy beneficence, desiring Thy kindness, So act toward me with forgiveness and mercy of which Thou art worthy! Act not toward me with chastisement and vengeance of which I am worthy! By Thy mercy, O Most Merciful of the merciful!

36 Zainul Abideen EPISTLE OF RIGHTS AND OBLIGATIONS Zainul Abideen delineated the basic rights, mostly from Shari'ah 1.Allah's rights on man, covering a wide range of prerogatives. 2.Rights of body and soul, 3.Rights of family members, 4.Rights of those superior to the person or dependant on him, 5.Rights of neighbors and friends, not excluding the non ‑ Muslims.

37 Zainul Abideen EPISTLE OF RIGHTS AND OBLIGATIONS: EPISTLE OF RIGHTS AND OBLIGATIONS: Rights of the wife: It is the right of your wife that you should know that Allah has made her for you a repose and comfort, and a friend and shield [against sin]. And likewise, it is incumbent upon both of you to thank Allah for your spouse and to know that the spouse is a grace of Allah upon you. You are obliged · to respect her, · be kind to her, and · although your rights upon her are greater and her obedience to you final in all your likes and dislikes so long as it is not a sin So, she has the right of love and fellowship, and an abode so that natural desires may be fulfilled, and in this it is a great duty.

38 Zainul Abideen Zainul Abideen dies Zainul Abideen dies at age of 57, reportedly poisoned. Had calloused skin at place of Sujood (forehead) Thick skin in his back due to carrying sacs of flour at night to distribute to the poor Became pale with curved back due to incessant prayers Had the roughest experience: be it in Karbala, political times, and other circumstances His load was enormously heavy and psychologically taxing

39 Zainul Abideen Burial Zainul Abideen was buried at the Baqii ’ He and others knew the ruling Benu Umayya would not allow the burial otherwise With time, a structure was built for people to perform visitation, pray, and read Du ’ aa The structure was demolished by Rulers in 1925

40 Zainul Abideen Picture of Al-Baqii 1925 Al-Baqii after it was destroyedAl-Baqii before 1925

41 Zainul Abideen For Details Go to: then choose: Series of Islamic Books: Life of Ahlul Bayt Vol. II

42 Zainul Abideen Be in Allah’s Care Thank you and May God Bless you. Dr. A.S. Hashim

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