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Ch. 1.1 Earth’s Interior.

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1 Ch. 1.1 Earth’s Interior

2 A. The Science of Geology
1. Geologist -- scientists studying the forces that make and shape planet Earth. Study Rock for- chemical, physical properties mapping location describe landforms and features clues to Earth’s history

3 B. Studying Surface Changes
1. What causes Earth’s surface to change? a). Constructive Forces Build up mountains and landmasses Ex: island formation b). Destructive Forces Wear away mountains and other features on the surface Ex: water and/or wind

4 C. Finding Indirect Evidence
1. Seismic waves a). study how they travel through Earth b). Speeds, paths, data reveals layers of Earth

5 D. A Journey to the Center of the Earth
Temperature… increases And Pressure… a force pushing on a surface or area… as you go deeper inside Earth

6 D. A Journey to the Center of the Earth
3 Layers to the Earth Crust Mantle Core outer core inner core

7 1. The Crust Outer most layer Thinnest layer -- ranging from 5 - 40 km
Continental crust granite Oceanic crust basalt

8 2. The Mantle Located beneath the crust Is about 2,900 km wide
A layer of hot rock Has 3 layers Lithosphere means stone rigid layer Asthenosphere means weak Soft , tar-like Lower Mantle solid 2. The Mantle

9 a). Outer Core 3. The Core is divided into 2 sections:
Beneath the mantle molten iron and nickel a thick liquid movements create Earth’s magnetic field

10 b). Inner Core Beneath Outer Core
A dense ball of solid iron and nickel

11 E. Earth’s Magnetic Field
Earth’s outer core spins around a solid inner core of molten iron that creates a magnetic field.

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