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Earth’s Interior Interior=inside.

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1 Earth’s Interior Interior=inside

2 Geologist A geologist is a scientist that studies the forces that shape earth’s surface 200 years ago was the start of geology Geology is fairly new

3 Rock The material that forms Earth’s surface Geologists study rocks

4 Forces that shape Earth
Constructive Destructive

5 Constructive Building up Ex. Construction
The building (MS) was changed constructively.

6 Constructive Mountain ranges forming(slowly) Over millions of years

7 Destructive Forces that slowly wear down the Earth’s surface
Destroy =Destruction

8 Destructive Erosion by wind and water Think of our local beaches

9 Journey to the Center of the Earth
Temperature increases Pressure increases

10 How do we know what inside Earth is like if we can’t travel through it?
Scientist know this by studying seismic waves/data from earthquakes

11 If you took that journey you would find layers of the Earth
Crust Mantel Core

12 Crust “skin” of earth Like the shell of an egg or onion skin
VERY THIN!!!!!! Includes land on bottom of ocean floor Thinnest under the ocean(basalt) Thickest under mountains(granite) Is part of the lithosphere Most abundant element oxygen then silicon

13 Lithosphere Lithosphere means stone Crust and uppermost mantle Rigid
Contains plates

14 Oceanic vs. Continental Crust
Under oceans Under continents thinner thicker Made of basalt(think salty ocean) Made of granite More dense Less dense

15 Asthenosphere Gooey/bendable Plastic like rock
Convection take place here Found in Upper mantle only NOT A LIQUID!!!! SOLID

16 Mantle A layer of hot rock is also part of the lithosphere

17 Core Center of the Earth)
Inner core Outer core

18 Outer core Acts like a thick liquid

19 Inner Core dense ball of solid metal Heat source for convection
Hotter than the sun Spins-creates earth’s magnetic shield

20 The Lithosphere Crust and uppermost mantle Floats on the asthenosphere
Broken into pieces- tectonic plates

21 Crust Crust part of the (Lithosphere) Continental Less dense Oceanic
More dense

22 Mantle Upper Mantle called the asthenosphere

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