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Mary Motamedi Keyanna Timmons Keith Saddler Dan Garofalo Michael Hughes Kate Hillman.

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1 Mary Motamedi Keyanna Timmons Keith Saddler Dan Garofalo Michael Hughes Kate Hillman

2 Why a Wing Eating Contest? Unique from other group’s events Catered to many groups of people Temple students Faculty STHM majors Greek organizations Multicultural organizations Philadelphia community Fun with high energy

3 Pre-Event Preparation Original Plans – Date: Mid April – Time: Afternoon – Location: Outside at the Bell Tower or Liacouras Walk – Wings donated from Maxi’s Pizza Restaurant – Donate all proceeds to Japan Relief Effort

4 Pre-Event Preparation Finalized Plans – Date: Mid April – Time: Thursday evening – Location: WingStop 1600 N. Broad St. (Across from Fresh Grocer) – All proceeds from contestants were used for the price of the wings

5 Pre-Event Preparation Why things changed? – Impossible to get in touch with Robin (Maxi’s manager) – Student Activities fee for a table reservation – Difficulties keeping wings at proper temperature outside – WingStop refused to donate wings

6 TU WingBowl Goals and Objectives To provide a fun and entertaining activity for students, faculty, and the Philadelphia community to enjoy. To draw together spectators and participants of all ages, sexes, and backgrounds. To provide a sense of camaraderie but within a competitive atmosphere.

7 Planning Process Planning for TU WingBowl required: – Constant communication with WingStop managers – Securing DJ Renato – Creating a sign up sheet and acquiring contact information from interested contestants – Creating a budget for the event Determining the number of wings needed and the total cost Determining the amount to charge contestants

8 Planning Process We chose to charge our contestants $5 each in order to cover the cost of all 350 wings and TU WingBowl prizes The equipment and supplies needed included: – 350 wings (BBQ, mild, atomic) – Latex gloves – Tables, chairs – Plates, cups, napkins – Refreshments – Prizes (gift cards and ribbons) – Matching STHM uniform T-shirts for event staff – Speakers and entertainment system

9 Planning Process The final date we decided upon was Thursday, April 24 th from 5:30-7:30pm at WingStop. Marketing and advertising materials included: – Facebook event TU WING BOWL FACEBOOK – Word of mouth – Fliers posted in residence halls, dining facilities, IBC gym, and various places around campus

10 Staffing

11 Kate Collected the money and checked off contestants on sign up sheet as they arrived Counted and reported our total dollar amount after the Wing Bowl Keyanna Issued and collected the waivers from each contestant Kept participants in the correct order and rounds in which they were assigned Issued and collected surveys from each person at the end of the event

12 Staffing Keith and Dan Judged WingBowl contestants Retrieved wings from kitchen and distributed correct number of wings to each contestant Cleared off tables and set up for next round Provided refreshments for each contestants throughout the event

13 Staffing Mary Microphone controller host along with DJ Renato Reported to the kitchen the number of wings needed for each round Crowned winners with Keyanna

14 Policies, Procedures, Rules Procedures WingBowl consisted of 4 rounds, followed by the Championship Atomic Round. Each round consisted of 5 contestants. Policies The first contestant to finish all 15 BBQ or Mild wings moved on to the Championship. In the Championship, the first male and female contestant to finish 10 atomic wings was crowned TU Wing King and Queen.

15 Policies, Procedures, Rules Rules Contestants’ hands must not touch the table or wings until the “GO” signal Contestants must not interfere with other contestants during the competition Wings must be consumed completely or else the contestant was disqualified

16 Risk Management TU WingBowl had many risks involved In order to have a fun and SAFE event, contestants were provided with unlimited beverages to avoid dehydration Gloves were used when handling wings Liability waivers were created and signed by ALL contestants prior to the competition Liability waivers stated the following: – Contestants are aware that by competing in an eating contest the possibility of sickness, choking, or vomiting may occur – Contestants are fully aware that any unforeseen incident during competition is not our or WingStop’s responsibility

17 Liability Waiver I ____________________________ agree to participate in TU Wing Bowl on behalf of my own choice. I agree to follow all rules, regulations, and instructions as provided to me by TU Wing Bowl event staff. I acknowledge that TU Wing Bowl event staff and WingStop are not responsible for any unforeseen incidents or health related issues that occur to contestants. I am aware that as a TU Wing Bowl contestant, I am required to consume numerous amounts of wings in a timed period. I am also aware that at any point during the contest, I am allowed to withdraw from the competition. Signature __________________________Date ________________

18 Schedule of Events 4:00 DJ Renato arrives to set up 4:30 Event Staff arrives to set up venue 5:15 Contestants check in Rules, policies, and procedures explained Liability Waiver signed 5:40 Welcome

19 Schedule of Events 5:45Round 1: BBQ round 6:00 Round 2: Mild round 6:20 Round 3: FEMALE Mild round 6:40 Round 4: Mild round 7:00 Round 5: Atomic CHAMPIONSHIP

20 Schedule of Events 7:20 TU Wing Bowl King and Queen Crowned and $10 gift card prizes awarded 7:30 Event Feedback Surveys issued Thank you End event 7:45 Clean up/Break down

21 Championship Round Video Clip Championship Round

22 Unbeknownst to the crowd… – Both the TU Wing King and Queen became sick after the competition  – We experienced budgeting issues! WingStop overcharged us. Originally we were told wings would cost $50/100 wings. We were charged $62/100 wings. Lesson learned: ALWAYS have total costs in writing or recorded to avoid money situations!!!

23 Assessment Below is the survey that was distributed to TU Wing Bowl attendees: 1.How would you rate the success of TU Wing Bowl on a scale from 1 to 5? (1 being unsuccessful, 5 being successful) 2.What was your favorite and least favorite part of TU Wing Bowl? 3.What could the event staff have done to improve this event? 4.Would you attend/participate in this event again?

24 Survey Results 27 surveys were filled out in total. For question #1:  22 respondents rated TU Wing Bowl a 5/5  4 respondents rated TU Wing Bowl a 4/5  1 respondent rated the TU Wing Bowl a 3/5

25 Survey Results For question #2, the majority of respondents answered that they favored:  Music/DJ entertainment  The female round  The intensity  Delicious wings/competing  The close location to campus

26 Survey Results For question #2, the majority of respondents answered that they disliked:  The long waits  The tight space of WingStop  The event ran too long

27 Survey Results For question #3, the majority of respondents answered that we could have improved by:  Giving out complimentary wings  Making more activities for the spectators  Making sure that WingStop had wings ready sooner  Choosing a larger venue

28 Survey Results For question #4:  26 respondents said they would attend or participate in TU Wing Bowl again.  1 respondent replied that they may attend again  0 respondents replied that they would not participate again

29 Congratulations to Sean Black and Lynda Parra, the TU Wing King and Queen!

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