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Guidelines for Ordering, Tipping, and Paying

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1 Guidelines for Ordering, Tipping, and Paying
Restaurant Etiquette Guidelines for Ordering, Tipping, and Paying Food & Nutrition 7.6

2 Objectives After the lesson you will be able to correctly:
Name guidelines for ordering, tipping, and paying a restaurant. Identify various types of gratuity.

3 Introduction Table etiquette varies by setting, whether at home, a fast food restaurant, or a fine restaurant. Mastering basic restaurant etiquette can make eating out more enjoyable.

4 Sit-Down Restaurants It is wise to make a reservation, an arrangement with a restaurant to hold a table, or with a hotel to hold a room, for a guest on a given date at a given time. If you change your mind or are late, call to cancel or change the reservation.

5 When You Arrive Wait for a restaurant employee to direct you to a table, unless a sign asks you to seat yourself. Check your belongings into the checkroom if one is available, if not put your belongings under the chair or table. Never put them on the table.

6 Read the menu carefully to view pricing, ingredients, and preparation of items.
Ask the server questions about the menu items if you are unsure about an item. Alert the server when ordering if you need separate checks.

7 During the Meal Be respectful.
Avoid disturbing others with loud talk and laughter or by using your cell phone. Be considerate and patient with servers. Calmly raise your hand when he walks by if you need the attention of your server.

8 Calling out or snapping your fingers is rude to the server and disturbs others.
Notify your server if you drop a utensil or spill food.

9 Paying the Check The server will bring the check, or restaurant bill, at the end of the meal. Look the check over carefully. Mistakes should quietly be pointed out to the server. It is customary to leave a gratuity, or tip. Gratuity is money charged or left as a tip for service.

10 Gratuity Servers rely on tips for income.
Type of Restaurant Amount to Tip Fancy 20% Family 15%, more for exceptional service Coffee shops Beverage only: at least 25¢; Food order: 15% or at least 50¢ Buffets 10% if server filled water glasses and cleared table Fast Food None Servers rely on tips for income. A standard tip is 15% of the check before tax, and 18% if separate checks are requested.

11 Paying the Check Paying in Cash
Place the money, including the tip, on the table or on the tray on which the check was presented. Paying by Credit Card The server or cashier will process the card, and hand you the slip. The slip has a space for the tip.

12 Fill in the amount, add the final amount, sign the slip, and hand it back to the server or cashier.
Keep your copy for your records.

13 Fast-Food Restaurants
Manners are important even in a fast-food restaurant. Make special requests as you order. When paying, hand the money to the cashier rather than putting it on the counter. Only take supplies, such as ketchup and napkins, that are needed.

14 Clear your table after eating.
When using the drive-thru, try to decide what to order before your pull up to the microphone. Have your money ready when you get to the window to pay. If you have a large order, go inside.

15 Complaints and Compliments
Politely discuss problems with either the server or the manager. If you are happy with the service, express your appreciation to the server and the manager.

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