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ICT Strategic Group 8.30am 13 th November Agenda 1Welcome and Introductions 2Previous Minutes and Actions 3Primary Managed Service 4RM Service Report 5Refund.

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1 ICT Strategic Group 8.30am 13 th November Agenda 1Welcome and Introductions 2Previous Minutes and Actions 3Primary Managed Service 4RM Service Report 5Refund Distribution 6RM Update 7BSF Update 8Education Update 9Filtering Requests 10AOB 11Date of Next Meeting

2 Stoke Primary School ICT Services Working in partnership with RM Education Item 3

3 Stoke Local Authority is changing its schools’ support offering Stoke LA in partnership with RM Education, can offer you a range of support packages Building block package approach

4 Decision to work with a partner for the following reasons: – Budget Pressures – Service Delivery Ambition – Changing School Environment – Change in working practices

5 Delivered by locally based people In your city

6 You will need the basics first Internet High-speed reliable and secure internet connection managed by Stoke LA E-mail World-class Microsoft Office 365 e-mail Filtering Parallel filters provided by both Stoke LA and RM Education Virus Software and updates for all the PCs in your school, built on Symantec £17 per pupil per annum and £2500 Line rental

7 Discounted SIMS licences are available Must have an approved SIMS Support Partner that meets the below criteria Product and Public Liability Insurance minimum of £5m Professional indemnity minimum £5m At least 2 years audited accounts or bankers reference if this is not available Dunn and Bradstreet credit check At least 3 references from organisations they currently provide this service to At least 2 years’ experience of managing/supporting and upgrading SIMS in a school environment At least 4 support staff directly associated with that service Must have an established Helpdesk operating between 8am – 5pm

8 City Council approved SIMS Support Partner is RM SIMS upgrades and patches SIMS advice, guidance and support Admin network support SIMS health checks

9 Engineer Visits (Half day per week) – Network management – Preventative maintenance – Resolving network problems – Installing software Can be enhanced to Bronze +

10 Managed curriculum service Including : – Pre-installation audit – On-site engineer visits – We’ll even repair your hardware as part of the package

11 Full managed service Including : – Curriculum network support – SIMS support – Admin network support

12 PackageNurseryPrimarySpecialSecondary Starter £17pp + £1500£17pp + £2500 SIMS Licence £3.50pp £4.00pp SIMS Support £595£2675£2775£3775 Bronze £4250 Covered by BSF Silver £45pp + £5000 Gold £45pp + £5500£45pp + £7500 Licence cost subject to CAPITA / All costs subject to RPI

13 Any Questions? Contact details in the back of the brochure. Jon Barker John Bowler Andy Morris Neil West

14 Item 4 ICT Steering – Service Usage and Performance Andy Morris – Operations Manager

15 BSF News…. Five Managed Service sites now live with two further “Mini Managed Services”. OSSMA next to join (Jan 2013), followed by Thistley Hough (April 2013) and six schools in Sept 2013. Eight former school technicians now RM employees. TUPE process going well - new colleagues very positive and spreading the word to the next phase.

16 Primary News…. Primary Support proposition agreed Visits underway to all Primary Schools to discuss Starter Package SIMS Support Bronze / Silver / Gold Curriculum Support Educational Support

17 Learning Platform Usage SchoolTotal Logins (Jun – Oct inclusive) Haywood Engineering College12718 Ormiston Sir Stanley Matthews11429 Norton Primary School6780 St Peter's Academy4077 Stoke-on-Trent City Council3934 Forest Park Primary School2649 REACH1807 St Wilfrid's RC(A) Primary School1639 St George and St Martin Catholic Primary School1597 Sandford Hill Primary School1422 Our top ten users:

18 RM Performance – October 2012 Overall call volumes high due to the three new BSF sites but lower than September; 1109 calls open in period. 144 calls open at the end of the period; 53% of these calls are with the customer for further action or closure Three Customer Satisfaction surveys were completed with an average score of 5.67 (Scores were 0,8,9) The First Time Fix rate is at 40%

19 Call Trend Analysis

20 Helpdesk (Business Technology) BT dealt with 223 support requests in October 2012 207closed 16 outstanding and carried over Call Breakdown Incidents – 61 Service Requests – 162 Top 5 Closed Incidents: CategoryNumber Software Usability77 Software32 Information Request 31 Software Install17 Printing / Scanning12

21 Key Performance Indicators - RM

22 Customer Satisfaction Figures are from Net Promoter

23 Annual Survey Survey held in June 2012. Fantastic response – over 1100 participants. – 77% satisfied or better with RM helpdesk – 83% of pupils satisfied or better with EM+ and KLP – 54% of staff satisfied with managed service Action plan being created to address dissatisfaction –Step 1: Change email product –Step 2: Improve contact with schools through visits and dialogue

24 Annual Survey Prize winners Pupils Naziah Akhtar, Thistley Hough Melissa Tellwright, Ormiston Horizon Staff Keith Burdon, Haywood Engineering College Victoria Brown, Priory Primary C of E


26 Item 5 Refund Distribution Total in the pot so far is £61,351 What do you want to do with it? Head Teachers Meeting for ideas Divide up = £1.81 per pupil Buy Lending Equipment - IPADS E-Safety proposal

27 Item 6 Cloud Products Update Office 365 RM Unify Peter McGurk – Service Delivery Manager

28 Dudley rollout complete Development work completing this month Pilot at OSSMA – Dec 12 Looking for a primary pilot site – if you are interested please talk to me or Neil

29 Migration through spring/summer 2013 Domain – your choice –Stay with, or –Choose/use your own domain >> –Examples: –Cost is minimal - less than £50/year


31 Item 7. BSF Update

32 SchoolOpeningUpdate ReachOpened - February 2012Managed Service Underway – Going Well AynsleyOpened - June 2012Managed Service Underway – Going Well TrenthamSeptember 2012Managed Service Underway – Teething Problems, business as usual COOPSeptember 2012Managed Service Underway – Teething Problems, business as usual HaywoodSeptember 2012Managed Service Underway – Teething Problems, business as usual OSSMAJan 2013Implementation Underway Thistley HoughApril 2013Specification Agreed St Thomas MoreSeptember 2013PIC process underway St Margaret WardMarch 2014PIC process underway HorizonSeptember 2013PIC process underway KemballSeptember 2013PIC process underway DiscoverySeptember 2013PIC process underway St PetersSeptember 2013PIC process underway MiddlehurstJanuary 2014Build Underway on programme Holden LaneJanuary 2014Build Underway on programme Abbey HillApprox Sept 2014Design Stage

33 Item 8 Education Katrina Hay

34 Good News The momentum builds – 2 schools to May 2012 – 3 schools in Sept 2012 – 7 by Sept 2013 – 4 by May 2014

35 Support in Advance How do we support in advance? – Consultancy to build a bespoke programme At the heart - the school’s vision & development plan Change management On-line skills audit Essential Skills Programme Visit to Real Centre Action Research Projects Partnership – School or academy – RM – LA

36 Support During Go Live Bespoke ‘Go Live’ Programme Partnership – Compliments Technical CPD CPD by other partners School’s in-house programme Time and resources available?

37 Action Research Projects Inform PIC Good practice examples Case studies

38 Good Practice ARP Stoke school wider resource Heather Gibb – Stoke LA LP Administrator 0000/UniversalServices/SchoolAdvisorySuppo rt/SchoolInterestSpaces/ActionResearchProjec ts/Pages/BrowseallARPs.aspx

39 Co-operative Academy at Stoke Case Study

40 Action Research Projects Stoke school wider resource Heather Gibb – Stoke LA LP Administrator UniversalServices/SchoolAdvisorySupport/SchoolInt erestSpaces/ActionResearchProjects/Pages/Browsea llARPs.aspx

41 Thank You

42 Item 9. E-Safety Jonathan Moss

43 The 360 E-safe City Project Fund Options e.g 50K of funding available from the IT Deductions Fund If 50% of this fund is available to the 360 esafe project then schools can have the option of using around £300 per school to use to support their 360 E-safe project. With £2500 used to support half termly E-Safety training events across the city at times that suit parents (evenings and Saturdays) in local venues accessible venues. If 75% of this fund is available for the 360 esafe project then schools can have around £425 available per school to use to support the 360 esafe project with £5000 used to support parent E-safety events across the city. If 100% of the find is available then schools can have around £550 per school to support 360 with £9000 being available for training events from Sept 2012- Sept 2014.

44 Lending Library Refresh All Schools to get access to the Lending Library Funds used to refresh kit e.g. more Ipads, Kindle Fire, Rasberry Pi, Microsoft Surface. Number of apps purchased for evaluation. Max of four loans to schools per year. Kit to be used for project work and evaluation. Schools to suggest kit to purchase and sub-group to decide purchase. Purchase through LA gives volume discount. Schools to decide who provides support.

45 E-safety Global unblocking system through the learning platform for speedy and accountable decision making. Communication regarding the use of RM smart caches and the responsibility of schools.

46 Item 10. Annual Report Neil West

47 Item 11. AOB – Proposed Date for next meeting Date Tuesday March 19 th Time 8.30 Location to be Determined Any offers?

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