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ICT Strategic Group 8.30am 2 nd July 2013 Agenda 1Welcome and Introductions 2Previous Minutes and Actions 3BSF IT Performance 4Primary Schools IT Performance.

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1 ICT Strategic Group 8.30am 2 nd July 2013 Agenda 1Welcome and Introductions 2Previous Minutes and Actions 3BSF IT Performance 4Primary Schools IT Performance 5Microsoft Office 365/Unify Update 6Refund Distribution Decision 7Information Security 8Education Update 9BSF Experiences – Paula Fergusson 10AOB 11Date of Next Meeting – Tuesday 19 th November – Venue?

2 Item 3 ICT Steering – Service Usage and Performance Andy Morris – Operations Manager

3 BSF News…. Seven Managed Service sites now live with two further “Mini Managed Services”. Five further sites now only two months away from joining the Managed Service – Discovery, Kemball, Ormiston Horizon, St Peters, St Thomas More. Thirteen technicians now RM employees, with more due to join via TUPE in September. Apprentice Scheme has now begun – two apprentices working in Stoke schools, more to follow…

4 Primary News…. School ICT Service commenced on 1 st April 2013 Seven schools have taken up the Curriculum Support; 40 schools have taken up the SIMS support. Major programme underway to transfer 26 schools to new Servers.

5 RM Performance – March to May 2013 Call Volumes have generally increased, owing to the introduction of Thistley Hough High School in to the MS, and the School ICT Service. The number of calls carried over increased in April but has since reduced back to normal levels. The First Time Fix averaged 53% during the period.

6 KPI Scores

7 Call Statistics

8 Customer Experience Surveys 24 Customer Satisfaction surveys completed with an overall average of 7.96 Average scores: 7.125 (March 13) 8.16 (April 13) 8.5 (May 13) New method of collection being trialled

9 Customer Satisfaction

10 School ICT Service 27 calls (April) and 69 calls (May) were attributed to the new Service. Most common issues are with SIMS – 22 (April) and 51 (May) Over 70 scheduled Curriculum Support visits performed and many more ‘on demand’ visits.

11 Learning Platform Usage Our top ten users: School Total Logins (Nov – Feb inclusive) Haywood Engineering College13044 Stoke-on-Trent City Council10453 Ormiston Sir Stanley Matthews10092 Norton Primary School8861 St Peter's Academy4431 REACH4025 St George and St Martin Catholic Primary School1848 Gladstone Primary School1718 Ash Green Primary School1715 Forest Park Primary School1707

12 RM Unify & Microsoft Office 365 Update

13 Outline Re-run of key points What you need to do to prepare Timeline Questions

14 Office 365 re-run Accounts created based on Learning Platform (LP) usernames without.861 suffix Access to O365 through RM Unify Staff RM EasyMail Plus mail and folders will be migrated O365 (email only) to be in place by autumn term Own domain schools will be switched over earlier Both email systems will run in parallel until the switchover date for each school SGFL email forwarding for own domain schools

15 What you need to do to prepare No further staff password changes to be made until a week after your switchover Look out for your site migration and training plan to be sent out this week – will include what you will be able to do on the new system and when Refer to the Stoke County Council Learning Platform site for the latest O365 documentation: Ensure all users complete O365 checks prior to switchover when the new system is ready for your school Look out for further emails from O365 Stoke team in the autumn term


17 Thank you for listening Any Questions?

18 Item 6 Refund Distribution Total in the pot = £79K Secondary Head Teachers agreed e-safety 360 proposal Primary Head Teachers given opportunity to vote 1. Divide up 2. E-safety 360 proposal

19 Item 6 Refund Distribution Total in the pot = £79K Results of the vote were as follows:- 20 Responses 14 YES to E-safety 6 NO. Wanted to divide up Primary School voted to use the money for the E- Safety Proposal Over to Shirley…….. Total currently in the pot £0K

20 Item 7 Information Security Michelle Evans – RM Operations Manager

21 July 2013 Richard Cornell Information Security Officer CISSP, CESG Certified Professional Information Security for Schools

22 What is information security? Legal requirements Best practice in information security management What do schools need to do? What can we do to help? Agenda

23 What – InfoSec is all about and the need to protect confidentiality, integrity and availability Why – drivers include protecting reputation, contract requirements and legislation Who – roles and responsibilities touches everyone in different ways How –best practice is defined by government and international standards Information Security

24 What is the DPA? What is the role of the ICO? What roles are defined by the Act and what does this mean for schools? The 7 th Principal drives infosec practices Data Protection Act 1998

25 InfoSec management is based on PDCA annual cycle Need to define roles and responsibilities Need management commitment and governance including staff training Need asset owners to help with risk assessment InfoSec Management

26 Register with the ICO Create governance and appoint responsible people including SIRO Write policies covering various aspects of infosec management Carry out risks assessment and implement a range of controls to mitigate risks identified Awareness training for staff School tasks

27 – protective marking – encryption – audit logging – responding to security incidents – secure remote access – contracts with data processors – access controls – physical security – training and awareness – data quality and integrity – disaster recovery and business continuity School tasks cont. – consider the following

28 Write policies Carry out risks assessments Train staff Provide technology Audit existing practices Make recommendations How we can help LAs and schools

29 Education Update Shirley Robinson Katrina Hay

30 Good News Thistley Hough open Five more schools to open in Sept – St Peters Academy – Kemball Special School – Ormiston Horizon Academy – Discovery Academy – St Thomas More Catholic College Four more to go 2014

31 Go Live Bespoke ‘Go Live’ Programme Partnership – Compliments Technical CPD CPD by other partners School’s in-house programme Time and resources available?

32 How are we doing? Over 1000 CPD evaluations completed 99% Excellent or Good

33 BSF Collective Partnership Targets Range completed Highlights for Education Team – GSU Project – Supporting Flexible Learning – ARP Library – Lending Library

34 New arrivals for BSF Lending Library For use with ARPs Additional iPads & iPad Minis Switches for SEND 15 Nexus 7 2 Samsung Galaxy 10.1 30 Kindle Fire

35 BSF ARP Library ARP information useful to all sectors Feedback Prize Draw Ebrief this week 5 mins to complete £100 prize ARP Flyer.doc

36 360 e-Safe Update Overview of current situation Next steps primary schools Next steps secondary schools

37 Thank You

38 ITEM 9 BSF EXPERIENCE Paula Fergusson – Haywood Academy

39 Thank You

40 Item 10. AOB – Proposed Date for next meeting Date Tuesday November 19th Time 8.30 Location to be Determined Any offers?

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