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RP Chair Centralized Training Primary PowerPoint Please note that the Page Numbers on the various slides correspond with the condensed Training Manual.

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1 RP Chair Centralized Training Primary PowerPoint Please note that the Page Numbers on the various slides correspond with the condensed Training Manual. This manual was handed out at Training and may be found online by following the link for the 2011-12 Training Manual page and scrolling down. If you have any questions, please contact RP Staff.

2 RP Campaign History

3 2011-12 RP Campaign Goal $2,100,000

4 Resources available tomorrow Handbook Chapter Mailed with your Training Manual Electronic Training First week of October Lunch & Learns throughout the year RVCs, RP ExCom & Staff

5 First steps ASHRAE Funds The Nuts & Bolts RP Chair Responsibilities RP Chapter Chair Training Researching Today, to Change Tomorrow What is RP? RP

6 See Pg. 2

7 Two things in one… RP is both RESEARCH Promotion RESOURCE Promotion

8 Resource Promotion Research Education (ALI) Unrestricted/General Fund ASHRAE Foundation

9 Education & Unrestricted Funds Education ALI – ASHRAE Learning Institute Development of new Courses and Training Materials Unrestricted The ASHRAE General Fund Supports all different projects and can be used by all departments Helps supplement Dues, Ad sales and Bookstore sales

10 ASHRAE Foundation General Typically supports ALI Endowed Research Funds Generates a 5% annual return Great for memorials, honor gifts, chapter donations No more then 50% of Chapter donations

11 ASHRAE Foundation & Research Counts toward your Goal! Endowed funds count into perpetuity Earns PAOE Points Great way to help secure the Chapters success Create a lasting Memorial or Honorarium

12 The Big One …

13 Research $1.9+million annually Research Projects Grant-in-Aid Projects (students) 80+ Projects Every Region has Research! 13 out of the 14 Regions get a minimum of $1.20 back in research compared to whats raised 8 out of 14 get $4.00+ back in research!

14 The Hows, Whys and Whats of RP The Nuts & Bolts

15 In main Training Manual, sample handed out

16 Who, What & Why Chapter activities PAOE Reminders RVC activities Staff activities and how it all ties in together

17 Fundraising Terms LYBUNTS Last Year donors who havent given yet this year SYBUNTS Previous donors who havent given yet this year and didnt give last year Non Donor Member who hasnt given in 5+ yrs See Pg. 22

18 LYBUNTS Gave during the last campaign but havent given yet this year Low Hanging Fruit Know Research Support ASHRAE Involved Majority of Donors Easiest donation to get ….. and yet ……

19 On June 30 th, 2011 … 6pm … 2,200 LYBUNTS $420,000 2010-11 Campaign: $2,168,000 raised from 7,000 donors ($90,000 more than last year!)

20 Why do LYBUNTS exist? The reality of life 50%-75% of donors renew We do have duplicates in the system The single biggest reason ….

21 No one asks for their support


23 Thank you so much for your support last year and I hope that the Metro Chapter can count on you again this year!

24 Dont worry about it Theyre not going to ask a question you cant answer Why should I give? Whats in it for me? How much do you want? Where should I send the check? Even if they do … You know, let me check on that and Ill call you back

25 ASHRAE Resources for LYBUNTS 10 Yr History Report How much they gave in the past Max amount in 2-3 yrs Why they gave Specifi c areas of interest Special events? Ad sales? Show sponsor?

26 To get you started Run your 10-yr history real time report Found on the private RP Webpage Sort to find your LYBUNTS them Dont email them Dont mail to them Call

27 SYBUNTS Gave in previous campaigns but havent given yet this year Middle Fruit Know Research Supported ASHRAE in the past Involved or were involved Associated with a big mystery ….

28 Why did they stop giving?

29 Lots of possible suspects Stopped being involved in the Chapter INVITE them back! Reach out and make the personal connection Upset Never underestimate the power of emotions Find out what and/or Contact your RVC or Staff Out of the industry Thank and let Staff know

30 The biggest & most likely culprit … No one asked ASK Thank Re-educate about Research Ask Specific amount at least Honor Roll!

31 Non-Donors Havent given in at least 5 yrs High Fruit Lots of work but potentially big pay-offs May not be active Chapter members May be younger or older & feel they have less resources

32 Non-Donor First Steps Find the disconnect & work to solve it Not involved with the chapter? Not informed about ASHRAE Research? Or would other funds interest them more? Just never been asked? ASK for their support Specific amount at least Honor Roll! Specific instructions Follow up

33 Check out Page 21

34 Too much, too little or just not doing it The Ask

35 How much to Ask for Minimum of Honor Roll level $100 for individuals, $150 for companies Use the 10 Yr History report as reference ASK for a specific amount See Pg. 27

36 How to find donors 10 yr History Report Real Time Reporting Your Member List & Community Local employers, companies, suppliers Who do you do business with?

37 Paper Chase with Meaning Summary FormFull Circle Worksheet How you send in the $$$ Like a deposit form at the bank Contributor Numbers Full address if no # Contact name! Phone number! Two types – use what is easier for you OR create your own! Deadline: 11/15/2011 MUST send in the form All the Chapter Officers Minimum of $100 Great first meeting activity Travel vouchers? Im not asking you to support something I dont support See Pg. 11

38 So … how much do I raise? Goal Not based solely on what you did last year! High 5 H5 High 5 Award Challenge See Pg. 56

39 All Important Goal Dates December 30 th 30% of Goal met June 15 th 100% of Goal met June 30 th ULTIMATE DEADLINE – if its not in Headquarters, it doesnt count June 29th

40 at least to fundraisers and to donors

41 Say it loudly, often and with meaning See Pg. 29

42 Donor Recognition Honor Roll level HVAC&R Coin Years of Giving Coins October Journal Listing AHR Expo Listing Chapter & Regional Display Listing Beyond Stuff Saying Thank You

43 How do you know whats going on? See Pg. 39

44 Monthly Spreadsheet & Reports Real Time Donor Report Same user name/password as your Members only access log-in Spreadsheet emailed Monthly Compares LYTD with YTD Goals, High 5 & Challenge

45 RVC & Staff responsibilities too! Chapter Chair Responsibilities

46 RVCResponsibilities To support, encourage & help you reach Goal Monthly Contact Thanking donors by 12/15 Top 20 Regional Donors Coordinating Solicitations by 5/15 Top 20 Regional Donors Advice To support and help the Region reach Goal

47 Your Responsibility To Make or Exceed Goal

48 Your Responsibilities Make or Exceed Goal or at least do better than the year before Ensure that Research is an active part of your Chapters activities Thank donors Last year & current year Solicit all types of donors Companies & Members Use resources wisely

49 Staff Responsibilities Whatever we can do to make your job easier and help ensure that your campaign is a success 120 hrs a week supporting you and your activities What do you want to do? Supporting all the donors of ASHRAE RP

50 Staffs Favorite Words Dont worry, Patricia - I know this is a major donor and I know how important this is for the Chapter. Ive been in contact with them, have a Plan B if I dont hear from them by such&such date. Ill take care of it.

51 Staffs Least Favorite Words Yeah … I really dont know whats going on with that donor. No one in the chapter has talked to them so … no clue about this years donation.

52 Contact RP Staff Questions? Comments? Suggestions?

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