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Unit 1 Friendship Anne’s Diary This is a photograph of me as I wish looked all the time. Then I might still have a chance of getting to Hollywood. But.

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2 Unit 1 Friendship Anne’s Diary This is a photograph of me as I wish looked all the time. Then I might still have a chance of getting to Hollywood. But at present, I'm afraid, I usually look quite different. Anne Frank 10.Oct.1942 Sunday. Made by Liang Zhiming Sep. 5 2004

3 Unit 1 Friendship Page 4 Ex.1 1.______ believe 2.______ feeling disturbed 3._______free,not tied up 4.___________ make one become calm 5.__________ very interested in something trust upset loose calm down spellbound

4 Unit 1 Friendship 6. ______________ write down 7.___________ suffer something 8.__________ with the purpose of doing something 9.___________ staying close to and looking at somebody 10. ___________ as stated by somebody or something Page 4 Ex.1 set down go through on purpose face to face according to

5 Unit 1 Friendship Page 4 Ex. 2 Anne’s sister, Margot, was very ______ that the family had to move. She found it difficult to settle and ______ in the hiding place because she was ________ whether they would be discovered. She knew she had to ________ her parents and ______ them this was necessary. At first she thought she would go _______ but later she realized that it was better to ______ this together. upset trust concerned calm down cheat through face

6 Unit 1 Friendship Page 4 Ex. 2 1.If you are ________ about somebody, you want to offer help because you are worried about him/her. 2.Was it an accident or did David do it on ________? 3. From the very beginning, Paul made it clear that he would be _______ in control. 4.He used to work ______ even in the middle of winter. 5.________ is all the animals, plants and other things in the world that are not made by people, and all the events that are not caused by people. 6.Just the ________ of more food made her feel sick. concerned purpose entirely outdoors Nature feelings

7 Unit 1 Friendship 1.add up ( 把两个或以上的数或量)加起来 add to 增加,增添 add … to 把 …… 加到 …… 中 add up to 共计(指加起来总和是) 1 ) You’d better ____ some notes ___ the article. addto 2)His school education _________ no more than one year. added up to 3) What he had done ________our difficulties. add to 4)Please __________ all the numbers. add up

8 Unit 1 Friendship 2.upset adj. 心烦意乱,不舒服的,不适的 disturbed /sick 使不安,使心烦,打乱,打翻 区别: nervous (rather afraid) : 在事情发展过程中有一种害 怕的感觉  紧张 anxious(worried): 由于害怕某种事情会发生而感到焦急 upset(rather unhappy): 由于某事的发生而感 到心烦意乱 1)I’m always ________ when I have to make a speech. 2)Your mother will be ______ until she hears you’re safe. 3)She was very ______ when the dog died. 4)The news quite __________ him. 5)If the rain keeps falling, it will ______our whole plan. nervous anxious upset upsets upset

9 Unit 1 Friendship 3. ignore vt. 不理睬,忽视,对 …… 装作不知 + sb/sth be ignored 不知道,没意识到 be ignored 不知道,没意识到 1)He ________ the doctor’s advice and goes on smoking. 2) I _____________ that the boss could be so strict. ignores was ignored 4. calm down vt. Vi. 平静下来,使平静 1)Do not take drugs to calm yourself down? 2)We will come back to normal when things calm down

10 Unit 1 Friendship 5. concern vt 涉及 n. 关心,关注,(利害)关系 be concerned about 关心,挂念 1 ) We are all concerned for /about her safety. 2 ) This concerns them deeply. 6. while walking the dog 1)While___________( 逗留) Beijing, he paid a visit to Tian An men 2) When __________( 累 ) we can have a good rest. staying in tired

11 Unit 1 Friendship 7. reason 理由, 原因 动机( explain why it happens or what causes it happen 决定做某事或采取某一行动的理 由,由此而得出结论或解释 ) cause 原因 ( 起起某事的后果或起因, usually a bad event ) cause 原因 ( 起起某事的后果或起因, usually a bad event ) 1 ) The heavy rain was the ________ of the flood. 2 ) There are________ for this great interest in the ideas, feelings, and actions of youth." cause reasons 8. share 1) They share their joys and sorrows. 2) You could share it out a bit more equally. 3) Everybody shares in cooking chores. vt. 分享,分担

12 Unit 1 Friendship 1)It gave me a feeling of satisfaction. 2)I have a feeling of hunger. 3)I have a feeling that something terrible is about to happen. 4)Don’t hide your feelings. I know everything. 5)He doesn’t show much feeling for the poor.( 对 … 的感 情,同情,体谅 u.n.) 9. feeling feelings 10. go through vt. experience,look at carefully, finish sth. or complete sth.,use up 1)He would go through fire and water for his country. 2)Going through his list of customers is a massive job.

13 Unit 1 Friendship 10. hide away + 地点状语 hide + 宾语 + away hide away + 宾语 hide hides hiding hid hidden 1)The thief _______ in a friend’s house for several weeks after the robbery. 2)He _________________ just now.( 把自行车藏了起来 ) 11. outdoors, indoors adv. n. outdoor, indoor adj. outdoor, indoor adj. 1)It was warm enough to be ______ all afternoon. 2) If you enjoy _______ activities, this is the trip for you. outdoor outdoors 12. crazy adj. be/grow crazy about be/grow crazy about hid away hid his bicycle away

14 Unit 1 Friendship 1)It’s _________you to buy the car at such a high price. 2)The boys _______________the girl singer. are crazy about crazy of 13. on purpose 故意 for (the) purpose of 为的是 ; 为了.... 起见 ; 为了... 的目的 with the purpose of 以... 为目的 by chance /accident 偶然 1)I think he lost the key on purpose. 2)He went to town with the purpose of buying a new television. 14. in order to + do 为了 … 起见;以便 in order that + clause in order that + clause In order to catch the train, she hurried through her work.

15 Unit 1 Friendship 15. dare mod.v ( 否定句,疑问句,条件状语从句) vt. dare (to) do vt. dare (to) do 1)How dare he say such a word! 2)If you dare do that again, you’ll be punished. 3)That was why he dared do so! 4)She knew he was wrong, but she _________tell him. daren’t didn’t dare 16. face to face adv. face-to-face adj. face-to-face adj. 1)They've never met each other face to face. 2)They will have a face-to-face interview.

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