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Waiter teacher doctor actor.

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1 waiter teacher doctor actor

2 bank clerk shop assistant pianist violinist

3 editor, director, professor, inventor, translator...
reporter,designer,singer,lawyer,driver, farmer, worker, player,programmer, engineer... -er; teacher, waiter -or: doctor, actor -ist: pianist,violinist. compound words: shop assistant, bank clerk others: musician, athlete editor, director, professor, inventor, translator... artist, biologist, dentist, scientist, cartoonist... policeman, policewoman, housewife, football player,basketball player... astrounaut, pilot...

4 The ways to ask jobs! 条件状语从句
What do you do ? I am a student. What is your job? I am a student. What are you ? When you grow up, what do you want to be ? I want to be ... why do you want to be ..? If you want to be a ..., how are you going to do that? If I want to be a doctor, I am going to learn some medical knowledge. 条件状语从句

5 找找规律 If your daughter comes, I will call you up. 主句用将来时,if从句用一般现在时
unless, when,as long as Please stay at home if it rains tomorrow. 主句为祈使句,if从句用一般现在时 If he goes on smoking, it may be very bad for his health. 主句为谓语含有情态动词can/ may/ must, if 从句用一般现在时。 Do you know if it will rain tomorrow. 注意:if 还可以当“是否”讲,主要用于宾语从句,相当于whether,从句的时态根据语境来确定。

6 Now please talk with your partener about your dream jobs , and then give us a short conversation.

7 Thieves interview reporter report musician music waiters
课堂达标: 用单词的正确形式填空。 1. I’m a ______________(police). __________(thief) don't like me. Thieves policeman/ policewoman interview 2. As a ______ (reporter). You should _________(interviewer) other people. You should_________(reporter) some interesting news. reporter report musician 3. I want to be a _______ . And Ilike ________ very much.(music) music 4.They are all good _______ . They always _____ for customers with smile.(wait) waiters wait

8 1. Mary will go to Sanya if she     a five-day trip.
A. have B. has C. will have 2. -________ are you going to be a basketball player? -I'm going to practice basketball every day. A. What B. How C. When 3. I want to know if Mary     to the party tomorrow. A. goes B. went C. will go B B C

9 4.--What are you going to do tomorrow?
--We’ll go to the library tomorrow if it ___. A. isn’t rain B. rains C. doesn’t rain 5.—Do you know when he will come back tomorrow? --Sorry, I don’t know. When he ____ back, I’ll tell you. A. comes B. will come C. come 3.Eat less food _______ you want to put on weight . A. if B. unless C. until D. as soon as C A A

10 强化练习: 翻译下列句子 1.如果他是一个记者,他每天都会遇到很多有趣的人和事。 2.如果你想成为一个工程师请保持安静。 3. 将来如果你想成为一个警察,你可以抓很多小偷。 If he is a reporter, he will meet many interesting things and people. If you want to be an engineer, please be quiet. If you want to be a policeman in the future, you can catch many thisves.

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