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The Thunder Dome Café or Thunder Java or Thunderstruck.

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1 The Thunder Dome Café or Thunder Java or Thunderstruck

2 ~Executive Summary~ – Vision Statement – Company Objectives – Product/Service offering – The Market – Competitive Advantage – Key Management Team Members – Funding

3 ~Vision Statement~ Our idea is to provide a beverage for the school in the morning so they can be energized and ready to learn the rest of the day. to serve the students and staff – for the students, by the students – more coffee anyone?

4 ~Company Objectives~ Sell Drinks Make Money Expand if possible – Morning coffee/lounge experience – Student bonding Students on time! Settled and ready for the day

5 Products and services What Business Will You Be In? – morning beverages – hot chocolate – coffee – tea – cappuccinos – possibly food in the future » donuts » cinnamon rolls » etc

6 ~The Market~ Middle School (12-14) – Average of 3 cups per week High School (14-18) – Average of 2.5 cups per week

7 Survey results – graph of comments good comments from students – out of all the surveys how many were good » 304 total » 152 good » 12 bad – graph of frequency how many times a week students will buy from us – graph of beverage preference



10 Marketing Strategy Radio – Announcements Print – Posters – Flyers on Lockers Web – High School Page – Facebook Promotional Materials – Discounts – Half-Off Hump Day (Wednesday)

11 Competitive Analysis Direct: – The Depot – Norm’s BP – Kafe Beans – Subway – SandBur Corner – Scandy Cenex – Scandy Bakery Indirect: – IGA – Crystal Café – Home

12 ~Competitive Advantage~ More Convenient Lower costs, higher profit margin

13 Operations Service – Our smiling faces giving you coffee Purchasing – Supplies Drink Mixes Cups Stir Sticks Staffing – Smiling Faces – Quality Customer Service – Volunteer Business Students Tips Welcome Equipment – Newco Mini Cappuccino Dispenser Compactible Size Adjustable Temp Individual Strength Control Reasonable Price Warranty Facilities – Ticket Booth Area

14 source of equipment/products – coffee machine – cappuccino machine – product provider Marry Jo? other sources

15 ~Management Team~ Intro To Business Class Accounting Class Workers – Students From Intro To Business – Students From Accounting – Co-Op Students – 3 Days A Week Preparation/Clean Up 7:30 to 8:25 Monday, Wednesday, Friday Open Doors At 7:40 Permanent Late Pass For Workers Close Doors At 8:15

16 ~Key Management Team Members~ Student Manager – One Student OR – One Co-Op Student Mrs. Scott – intro to biz class – accounting class – we are the target audience Volunteer, classmates, intro to business and accounting class

17 Finance Balance Sheet – Our company's financial position How much are we going to borrow from the school board? Break-Even Analysis – How much do we need to make every operating day to cover costs? Income Statement – How much do we project to receive? Product= charging $1.25 a pop Cash Flow – We need a cash budget How much will cash flows in and out? – Projects future cash needs What will be our operating expenses? – Operating expenses Utilities – How much will our cappuccino machine cost? » $802.85 – How much will our cups, cup caps and drink mix cost? » Cups= » Caps= » Drink mix= Employees – Will they be volunteers? Paid?

18 Growth Plan future products and services food, possibly bagels and or other morning food more drink options. Maybe different flavors expansion location size better quality different flavors – coffee – cappuccino price of product in future

19 potential barriers – wellness committee – space – staff scheduling

20 Contingency Plan

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