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Trust is first. Nothing will move until trust is firm Senge.

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2 Trust is first. Nothing will move until trust is firm Senge

3 School Support Visit School Committee Presentation April 22, 2004

4 The first responsibility of a leader is defining reality. Herman Miller

5 Fractals Fractals entered our world from the research of Benoit Mandelbrot Fractals are everywhere around us –in the patterns of nature-clouds, landscapes-broccoli

6 Fractals The closer you zoom in the more there is to measure Since there can be no definitive measurement Fractals as common as they are teach some new and important things

7 Fractals What is important to note is the quality of the system Its complexity and distinguishing shapes Fractals in stressing qualitative measurement, remind us of the lessons of wholeness in systems Fractals suggest the futility of searching for ever finer measures of the discrete parts of a system There is never a satisfying end to this reductionist search


9 Fractals Fractals have a direct application to leadership and organization. The very best organizations have a fractal quality to them. An observer of such an organization can tell what the organizations values and ways of doing business are by watching anyone, whether it be a production floor employee or a senior manager. There is a consistency and predictability to the quality of behavior. No matter where we look in these organizations, self- similarity is found in its people, in spite of the complex range of roles and levels



12 Community


14 School Committee The most important qualifications of trustees should be that they care for the institution, which means that they care for all of the people the institution touches, and that they determine to make their caring count.-Robert Greenleaf

15 The Strategic Plan STRATEGIES AND 2003-2004 ACTIONS Strategy A: Promoting Success for All Students Strategy B: Maintaining an Emphasis on Foundational Skills Strategy C: Empowering Decision-Making at All Levels Strategy D: Developing Well-prepared Teachers and Administrators Strategy E: Engaging Families Strategy F: Making Community Connections

16 Leadership Mrs. Sipala Mrs. Almanzor

17 Special Education Local Advisory Committee Striving for excellence for all children Very good report Continuous improvement Compliance is not excellence

18 Faculty and staff


20 School Support System (SSS) The Rhode Island Department of Education Office of Special Populations reviews each local school districts special education support system every five years. Jamestowns School Support System visit was conducted in January 2004.

21 Description of SSS SSS is based on using information to improve compliance and performance of special education support services. SSS provides technical assistance to more effectively implement special education support services.

22 Description of SSS SSS has 13 components: student record reviews, data analysis, staff questionnaires, team orientation, presentation of programs and services, school visitations, interviews with parents, children and staff, discussion of findings, draft report written, review of draft report, final report, discretionary grant money to implement technical assistance.

23 Description of the SSS SSS report has the following areas of focus: school improvement, school climate, good teaching practices, educational program alternatives, teacher support teams, free appropriate public education, facilities, evaluation, individual education program, least restrictive environment, transition, procedural safeguards, parent involvement, and professional development.

24 Findings Post Evacuation Plans-Addressed Plan for integration of a complete middle school-developing support plan

25 Findings Preschool Regular Education Teacher Addressed

26 Performance Vision and instructional practices Supportive Environment Interagency Agreements Community Based Learning Website and Technology Grade level and common planning times

27 Performance Standards-based Professional Development Program Continuum Extended School Year Procedures and Protocols Transition

28 Performance Parent Involvement

29 Performance SELAC

30 Performance Facilities

31 Relationship is the organizing Principal of the Universe-Jaworski There are deep connections n the Jamestown Learning Community among the strategic plans, school improvement plans, community members, parents and families, administrators and school committee, teachers and learners

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