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2 Selection Criteria The following criteria represent standards to be used in the evaluation of applications and in the selection of the Superintendent.

3 Professional Experience and Preparation K-12 public school classroom teaching experience required Successful school site administrative experience required Successful district level administrative experience required Experience as an assistant superintendent desirable Experience with a diverse socio-economic, multi-cultural student population required Masters degree from an accredited college or university required

4 Personal Characteristics Has high integrity and is honest, fair, trustworthy, and forthright; treats others with dignity and respect Has an understanding of the Alameda community and a commitment to being an active participant in the life of the community Creates a district climate of cooperation and collaboration

5 Personal Characteristics Is able to listen to new ideas and divergent opinions, and secures meaningful involvement of staff, parents, and community Is a person who communicates regularly and openly with all segments of the school and the community Recognizes that all staff members are integral to the success of the district Is willing to listen to and consider alternative opinions and ideas Has demonstrated skills in decision making; is decisive, directive, inclusive and/or collaborative as appropriate to the decision

6 Personal Characteristics Is highly visible in the community, schools, and work sites; is accessible and approachable by students, staff, employees, and community members Is sensitive and responsive to the educational needs and concerns of diverse, ethnic, cultural, and socioeconomic groups. Communicates in a consistent and timely manner with all segments of the district and community; is a visible, articulate spokesperson and an advocate for public education

7 Professional Skills and Abilities Has an in-depth understanding and knowledge of school budgeting and school finance at the state, district, and school level Has a demonstrated ability to manage the districts finances, facilities, and resources in a responsible manner, as well as the ability to seek and find new funding sources Has successful experience utilizing strategic planning and district goals to lead the district Has demonstrated skills in analyzing potential effect and impact of state and federal legislation on the school district

8 Professional Skills and Abilities Has a commitment to academic excellence, a record of increasing student achievement, and success in closing the achievement gap between ethnic, socioeconomic, and culturally diverse students Is a strong curriculum leader with a dedication to educational excellence and high academic standards, innovation, and equitable opportunities for all students Has a commitment to Arts Education and will support and promote an equitable arts education program in all of Alameda's schools Utilizes technology and supports technology and its use in instruction and district management

9 Professional Skills and Abilities Has demonstrated success in working with a governing board; is a person who ensures that the board receives appropriate information, advice, and recommendations Is a leader with a vision of where the district might go and what the district might become; has the ability to articulate the vision to incorporate other points of view and to decisively lead the district Has the ability to work closely with staff, gain their respect and utilize their expertise in planning, implementing, and maintaining instructional programs Has experience in negotiations with a demonstrated record of creating a positive climate in employee relations and a record of creating a climate of cooperation and collaboration

10 Professional Skills and Abilities Has the ability to select, motivate, and retain outstanding staff members Has the ability to address the districts declining enrollment while effectively meeting the education needs of all students

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