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Law Of Association Interviewing the Guru. Why Do An Interview? Credibility Builder Authority Figure Simple Form Of Product Creation Profitable.

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1 Law Of Association Interviewing the Guru

2 Why Do An Interview? Credibility Builder Authority Figure Simple Form Of Product Creation Profitable

3 Interview and Package When it comes to product creation, many people struggle with the process and it can take up to several weeks or more just to create a simple product for their own online home based business. A great way of creating a quality product quickly is to interview an expert in your niche and then package it up as a product. Creating an interview product is definitely one of the easiest and fastest ways of creating a high quality product which will benefit you and your online business.

4 Limited Expertise = Limited Income The number ONE mistake most newbies make is that they think they have to be the expert to sell high end internet products What people really want is credible information based on expertise and experience The experts are out there…Ask them the questions and you sell the answers

5 Overcome your FEAR and AWE of Gurus Stop struggling to get recognition in your market…. Start capitalizing on the expertise of others Youre about to discover how to use other peoples skills, reputation and time to leverage yourself from zero to hero in any niche market..

6 Just a Few Facts to Think On FACT 1 – Its easier to work with established leaders or gurus, than to work against them and try to beat them at their own game. FACT 2 – When people associate you with other gurus, you are branded as a guru too even though you may be a complete newbie. FACT 3 – Once youve been branded as an expert or a guru, people are willing to pay through their noses to do business with you.

7 Law of Association Expert by Association To get rich and famous fast, associate yourself with people who are ALREADY rich and famous. If you associate yourself with a guru (someone successful) youre also seen as someone equally successful. If youre seen with rich and powerful people, you instantly also become rich and powerful – Its a fact of life!

8 Understand the Law of Association and Its Power Napoleon Hill romanced and interviewed the richest people of his decade, turning himself into an expert almost overnight with his book Think and Grow Rich – yet Napoleon himself wasnt rich until he published his book!

9 The Interview Why Do I Need to Do an Interview? An interview is the golden key to opening doors It is a fast way to create informational products Leverage traffic from the experts Expert by application Powerful interactive format

10 The Interview, continued…. Select your topic or niche Find the experts Research the experts Contact the experts Follow up and set up interview Do the interview

11 Why Learn How to Do Interviews Correctly? The best answer I have to this question is this: Doors will become closed to you if you dont come across as knowing what you are doing! #1 Skill of an Interviewer: LISTEN!

12 Traits Of Experts To Look For Own Products Have a list Credibility and are Authority Figures (Star Power) Proven Results

13 Where to Find Experts to Interview Google or search engine strategy ( Use ) Article directories Forums, blogs, social networking Attend live seminar events Become an Affiliate for their products (ClickBank, Paydotcom) Ask the experts for recommendations When you find a potential expert do a search on Google and see what comes up. Look for their credibility!

14 Pay attention to the publications and any other media you may keep track of in your market Niche. Specifically, Those who gets quoted when articles or blog posts are written about your Niche. These are already recognized market authorities. Excellent to approach for an interview Use social media tools to spread the word that you seek an expert such as; Twitter Facebook

15 Google search: Simple Google search on your topic and see which names keep coming up. Blog search: Find experts who have blogs on the topic and contact them. Published articles: Look at online resources such as Clickbank marketplace: Look at the top selling information products in your Niche market Amazon: Check out the authors of the top selling books in your Niche especially of new books as the authors will be keen to promote them and will be used to giving interviews. Press releases: is one of the best. Ready-made list of people who actively want publicity.

16 Research the Potential Expert You Want to Interview (Do Your Homework) Dont go to somebody when you dont know the first thing about them. The person you approach to do an interview with wants to know youve done a little homework. So do your research on the people you want to do interviews with. Its absolutely critical. Google search for Experts BIOs Research Experts products Look for social media profiles Check Experts blogs Check Sales pages Sign up for their free products Read their books & listen to their CDs

17 The Approach Make sure youre approaching the right experts with the right target market that matches your message and your offer. When the expert asks you why you want to do an interview with him or her, make sure you have a good reason. Give details on the subject and focus of the interview Where, when, and how will the interview be conducted Once again show how it will BENEFIT everyone involved – you, the expert, and the audience. Treat them with respect and you'll get a far better and more interesting result

18 YOU NEED THEM…THEY DONT NEED YOU! Build a real relationship before the approach Wrong approach: Cold with generic canned request. Hey this is so and so and Im interviewing some of the top experts in your field for a product that I am creating called How to succeed at making money online as a beginner. Since youre so successful, I would really love to include an interview of you in my product. I am really confident that this product is going to be a HUGE HIT, so youll get a ton of FREE exposure from doing this interview. Please let me know as soon as possible if you can do this interview with me. Thank You DELETE!

19 Better Approach: sincere to your potential interviewee that simply thanks them for what they do. Do not be vague make sure you are very specific. Hello Expert this is so and so and I am on your list and I have bought many of your products. (Name them) I would like to take this time to personally thank you for what you are doing and for the help you have provided me through your products. (tell them how they have helped) What I like most about the product is the fact that it ……. (tell them what you liked in detail Again thank you! Reply Back

20 Written Interview questions to Expert and they reply with an answer back. You lose the dynamic of an actual conversation. You lose the possibility of the follow-up to the questions you get back.

21 Recorded Audio This is the next best way if you cant get a live, face-to-face interview on camera. You still have the audio and can add visuals to it later such as pictures of yourself and the person being interviewed, graphs and charts, etc. Recording devices; Talkshoe Skype Learn to recognize different tones in the interviewees voice, such as excitement.

22 Recorded Interviews Face to Face – The Best Way to Do an Interview If you have the face to face video, you can strip out the audio to use with mp3 or you can have audio put into text. Your viewers will be able to connect to you and you can do a better job of drawing them into the interview with you to make them feel they are a part of the interview. Remember to analyze body language during the interview.

23 Preparing for the interview When you have lined up the experts to interview, you should prepare a list of about 10 questions you want to ask. Some interviewees may like to see this list in advance but the idea is to keep it as a friendly conversation but structured. To get questions, you have to find out what people in your niche want to know.

24 Getting Questions Or Topics To Discuss. If you don't know the questions you need to research Where to find the questions to ask: Forums Ask your list Brainstorm with others Yahoo Answers Twitter Facebook Sales Pages (Look for claims) Bullet points

25 Interviews are Not Just a List of Questions To be a good interviewer you need to know that the interview itself is not just about the guest that is being interviewed; and it's certainly not all about YOU. *Most Important* Know that there is a third element to all interviews that is much more important than the two people carrying on a conversation.

26 The Important Third Element It is important to remember that there are third parties involved in the interview – the audience Make them feel a part of the interview Build a relationship, not just with the person you are interviewing but with your audience as well Make them feel like you are getting the information to benefit them as well as you

27 The Questions Four Types of Questions Shaken – A question completely unexpected. Stirred – Emotional and moving. Gently tossed – Easy question…. Maybe something new for the audience. Over easy – Completely expected.

28 Closed Questions Closed questions require short answers, with one word or phrase, like yes and no. It is easy to make statistic conclusions from closed questions: Are you a Democrat or Republican?

29 Open Questions These questions require more information from the interviewed. That means that the answers contain more than one- or two-word responses. Why do you consider yourself a Democrat or Republican?

30 Question Example Wrong: How can I build my list of subscribers? Correct: If you lost everything you have including your list of subscribers, or you were a beginner that was just starting out and you only had 30 days to build a list of 1,000 subscribers, could you tell me exactly how would you would go about it.? Put some real thought into your questions you are going to ask.

31 Keep Order and Transfer Power Dont interrupt. Dont jump back into the position of power too soon if you find yourself with dead air. The person being interviewed will feel compelled to give more information and may go further than they intended to with their answer.

32 I had no content Gave me content I had no knowledge Gave me knowledge I had no authority Transferred authority I was not an expert I became the expert USED JV PARTNERS (INTERVIEWS) Product Creation

33 Money Making Ideas With Interviews Money-Maker: Offer Licenses to your Series Money-Maker: Develop An Ongoing Series Use Same expert on a new different topic. Find new expert on completely different topic. Find new expert on the same topic. Money-Maker: Promote Other Products in the interview Affiliate Products Your Own Products Related Products with Resell or PLR Rights

34 Money-Maker: Break Series apart. Use as lead generator and Backend Money-Maker: Use as bonus for better conversions Money-Maker: Use for List Building, Backend with product recommendations Money-Maker: Live interview charge attendees to attend call.

35 Find and Research Niche Get Domain Name and Hosting Find Five to Ten Experts Get Your Questions Sales Copy and Graphics Set up Squeeze Page and free offer Expert Interview Product Launch Process Pre-launch Ask original experts to Promote ClickBank or PayPal Payment system Create OTO Go back to the experts Set up Autoresponder and follow up messages JV Partners Launch Product At Exact Date/Time Do Your Interviews

36 Something to Remember: You do not have to be the expert on the topic of your interview. Your job is to get the valuable information out of the expert. Your interview is not only a learning tool for the listener, but also for yourself. Something to Remember: You do not have to be the expert on the topic of your interview. Your job is to get the valuable information out of the expert. Your interview is not only a learning tool for the listener, but also for yourself. The more interviews you do, the more comfortable you will become

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