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ZipLink™ Wireless Phone Line & Ethernet Extender

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1 ZipLink™ Wireless Phone Line & Ethernet Extender

2 The Problem The customer has “building across the street” which requires telephone and internet service. This building cannot be reached easily by standard wiring practices, or requires expensive trenching.

3 Existing Options Trench Run Overhead Lines
Provide service from Telco at recurring monthly cost

4 Alternative Option: ZipLink by Multi-Link
Radio communication with RJ11 direct connection Run one or two POTS lines & 10 mbps Ethernet over 5.8 Ghz radio Ethernet supports VoIP equipment to add multiple sets in new building POTS lines can be used for voice, alarm system, or utility meter data acquisition Extends any telco or PBX (with ATA) analog extension


6 Installation ZipLink ships as a complete system in a box
All hardware, mounting brackets, and communication equipment included Two hours typical installation No radio experience necessary

7 What is included LINE and PHONE end radios 2 x power adapters
2 x 100 ft. of outdoor Cat 3 cable 2 x wall pole mount and brackets & all necessary screws, nuts, lock washers

8 Assembled View

9 ZipLink Features Designed to be installed by electricians/telco field staff ZipLink extends 1 or 2 phone lines with 10BaseT Ethernet connections up to one mile Only standard tools required: drill, fish line, RJ12 crimper, 10 mm nut driver Radio uses public 5.8 GHz radio band with secure, 256 bit encryption No licenses required to operate All electronics is housed in antenna enclosure

10 ZipLink Benefits Faster and less costly than trenching
Can be used to replace existing cables that have failed Equipment can be moved if customer moves and re-installed at another site Radio uses public 5.8 GHz radio band with secure, 256 bit encryption No permits or licenses required No need for surveys or right of way maps

11 ZipLink Typical Installations
Fuel Tank Monitoring Utility Substations Point-of-Sale System/Credit Card Remote Site Access Truck Stops Construction Trailers Golf Courses Guard Booths Marinas/Boat Docks

12 For more info: Scott Shelton, Director of Sales/Marketing x225

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