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CareTrack22014-01-03 Volvo CareTrack – Telematics System.

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2 CareTrack Volvo CareTrack – Telematics System

3 CareTrack Volvo system (CareTrack) – Cellular signal is the standard method of communication Automatically switches to Satellite if a cell signal is not available CareTrack A system that communicates via wireless network reporting valuable information to the owner All information is fed back to your computer Cellular is faster than Satellite – be sure your system has both! Telematics – How it saves $ on owning and operating costs

4 CareTrack Preventive Maintenance – one of the most important things you can do in extending the life of the equipment Service reminder notifications - receive messages, alarms and reminders Track and Manage fleet service intervals from your computer L220F hr service due in 25 hours Telematics - Benefits

5 CareTrack Telematics - Benefits Fleet data reporting – monitor fleet status Machine utilization reporting-fuel use, hours working vs. idling Machine alarms and error code reporting overheating, low fluids- remote diagnostics Fault and error code are reported on your computer screen

6 CareTrack Telematics - Benefits Specific operating data Fluid levels and temperatures - see a problem coming Service brake usage percent and pressure distribution

7 CareTrack Telematics (Volvo CareTrack) Review Service reminder notifications - Track and Manage your entire fleet servicing needs from your computer Fleet data reporting – time running, time working vs. idle time, fuel consumption, etc… Monitor your fleet performance from you desktop or laptop! Volvos Matris program provides detail operational data about Volvo equipment See and identify trends in all aspects of the machine functions and operation Shows you where training is needed or where a problem may be developing All of this gives you the ability to lower your owning and operating costs through: Proper Preventive Maintenance Make improvements where needed in fleet utilization Monitor machine operation data - improve efficiency and productivity Spot potential problems as they materialize and prevent/repair before it gets worse

8 Paving Principles

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