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SHE Code 37: Chemical Safety Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) Group.

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1 SHE Code 37: Chemical Safety Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) Group

2 Managers of staff, visiting scientists; STFC site tenants, and those responsible for contractors on STFC sites who may use or be exposed to: a)hazardous substances (chemicals); or b)who purchase hazardous substances. Who should use this presentation & read the code

3 STFC Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) Group SHE Code 37: “Chemical Safety”

4 Why a Chemical safety code? Chemicals are an ever present part of our working life, whether in an office or research environment. Some of these can affect our health. Requirement of the ‘Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations’ (COSHH Regulations), 2002 (as amended). STFC facilitates and carries out scientific research which involves the use of substances that can seriously damage health if not controlled.

5 Key points COSHH Risk Assessments must be carried out prior to the use of hazardous substances by COSHH Assessor. There must be suitable storage for hazardous substances prior to material arriving on site. If identified by COSHH assessment, monitoring of exposure levels and health surveillance should be in place prior to first use. Ensure that chemical fume cupboards, LEVs are registered and inspected. Assessments must consider action in the event of an unintended release.

6 Key points Where proprietary chemicals, such as cleaning fluids or VDU screen cleaners, are being used in accordance with manufacturers instructions, then the hazards and control measures indicated may be included in the local General Risk Assessment rather than in a separate COSHH Assessment.

7 The training detailed in the code: -COSHH Assessors Course Can be booked by calling your local SHE training contacts: DL/RAL 8288; SO 2061; UKATC 8325. For help or advice with this code contact your local COSHH Assessor (see the SHE Directory ) or SHE Group SHE Directory SHE Training

8 See “What’s new” at Do you, your staff or your contractors work with hazardous substances ? STFC SHE Group Corporate Services Issued September 2010 SHE Code 37 “Chemical Safety”

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