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Informer Reporting I need a report that…

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1 Informer Reporting I need a report that…
PRESENTER: Tim Nicholson| Director of Customer Services | March 5-6, 2012

2 New! New Features and Fixes (4.2.7+) Native SQL Reports (4.2.8)
Control HTML format using templates (4.2.8) New!

3 Topics Basic Reporting SQL Block Output Manipulation Analysis
Customizing Reports Scheduling

4 Basic Reporting Starting a Report Statement
“I need a report of all tuition charges for a given semester.” Determine where you are starting TUITION Identify the criteria Term Identify the output Student ID Name City, St and Zip Tuition Due Tuition Paid

5 Basic Reporting Multiple Criteria
“I need a report of all tuition charges over $500 for a given semester.” Order matters for performance Place most restrictive condition first

6 Basic Reporting Compound Conditions
Combines ‘and’ and ‘or’ conjunctions Parenthetical grouping X and (Y or Z) “I need a report of tuition charges over $500 or tuition payments under $300 for a given semester.”

7 Basic Reporting Nested Compound Conditions
“I need a report of all tuition charges over $500 for NC students or $1000 for TX students for a given semester.”

8 Basic Reporting Select/Returning Criteria is from a detail file
Cannot link directly from the summary file Need detail summarized (unduplicated) Need a savelist of summary file ID’s “I need a report of students with tuition balances.”

9 Basic Reporting Additional formatting Sorting Grouping
Normalizing (U2 only) Filtered vs. Non-filtered “I need a report of all students receiving PELL financial aid.”

10 SQL Block Got SQL? Run native SQL select’s to generate output
No need for mappings Any valid SQL select statement Can prompt for input <<Prompt text[Data type]multi-input indicator>> Prompt text – any text (e.g. Enter start date) Data type Text Numeric Date Datetime Time Boolean

11 Output Manipulation Adjusting Report Results Export Report Results
Move columns Sort columns Group Export Report Results

12 Analytics and Charting
Create Summary from Report Output Basic pivot table Simple charts Will be updating with dashboard charts

13 Customizing Reports User Settings Becomes independent version
Only YOU see your custom version Add/remove fields Add/remove sorting Add/remove grouping Add/remove normalization Must clear settings to see template

14 Scheduling Run It When You Need It Determine the schedule
When? (Start/End Date & Time) How often? (Recurrence) Determine the parameters (if any) Determine what to do with the results Archive Export File Savelist (U2 only)

15 Thank you! Any questions?

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