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Informer Security PRESENTER: Tim Nicholson | | March 5-6, 2012.

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1 Informer Security PRESENTER: Tim Nicholson | | March 5-6, 2012

2 Secure All Areas of Informer – Reports Informer-based Native SQL – System controls and settings – Archives – Data sources (databases) – Mappings (files/tables) – Properties (fields/columns) – Export Templates – Row-level security – Dashboards

3 Groups and Users – Local – LDAP – Combination

4 Adding Users

5 Adding Groups

6 Adding Users to Groups

7 RootDatasourceMappingReportPropertyArchive Export Template Security Structure

8 Root PERSON Deny All Files Grant SSN Deny General Users Power Users Root PAYROLL Grant All Files Deny

9 Conflict User in more than one group Same level –E–Explicit overrides inherited –D–Deny overrides Grant

10 SSN Group AGroup B Explicitly GrantedExplicitly Denied Deny Wins Group AGroup B Explicitly GrantedInherently Denied Explicit Wins



13 Two Levels of Enforcement Presentation layer Logic layer

14 System Settings – Controls access to system settings – Admins only?? – Settings Maintain groups and users Maintain LDAP settings Edit system settings Create export templates Manage user fields View all reports Maintain all schedules

15 Reports – Controls what users and groups can do with reports shared to them – Settings Launch Schedule View definition Share Make personal copy Export Archive Live Excel Edit, copy or delete Lock Manage tags Use database commands (TCL/ECL or SQL Where clause) – Native Reporting Edit Run

16 Archives – Controls access to archived reports – Settings View Export Delete

17 Data Sources – Controls access to database connections – Settings Create Add mappings View connection settings

18 Mappings – Files/Table access – Settings View property and association metadata Create reports

19 Properties – Fields/Columns – Default grant or deny access to properties – Settings View in a report column Use in report criteria

20 Export Templates – Defines PDF format – Settings Use when exporting Change Delete

21 Function Definitions – Stored calculated columns – Settings Edit Delete

22 Troubleshooting Security Impersonate –M–Must be Informer Administrator Object Permissions –S–See what permissions a user has

23 Examples

24 Thank you! Any questions?

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