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Live Excel PRESENTER: Brad Leupen | CTO, Entrinsik | 10-11-2010.

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1 Live Excel PRESENTER: Brad Leupen | CTO, Entrinsik | 10-11-2010

2 What is Live Excel? Live Excel Spreadsheets maintains a “live” connection to the report even after the browser window is closed Data may be refreshed periodically, updating the spreadsheet cells and charts Spreadsheet may be enhanced with charts and formulas and distributed to others without losing this connection Changes to the report on the server will be reflected in the spreadsheet the next time it is refreshed

3 Why use Live Excel? Great for management who are comfortable working in Excel Excellent tool for driving mail merge documents and email campaigns Great way to link Informer data with Microsoft components

4 Creating a Live Excel document Export button on report details or report output User must have the “Create a Live Excel Spreadsheet” permission


6 The I-Query File Informer doesn’t actually create a spreadsheet, it creates an “I-Query” file that contains a URL to the Informer report Excel interprets the.iqy file as a new Data Connection

7 Web Query Security Informer embeds an encrypted “token” in the iqy report parameters The token indentifies the report to run and the user to run the report as Therefore, each live excel spreadsheet is bound to a specific user/report Excel does not prompt for Informer username and password – Insecure – Unpredictable output You should control access to Live Excel spreadsheets on your network just as you would regular spreadsheets with the same information

8 Opening in Excel To open in new spreadsheet: double click the.iqy file To add to existing spreadsheet: Data Tab -> Connections -> Add… -> Browse for More…

9 Refreshing Web Query Data Data -> Refresh [All] Properties – Refresh every n minutes – Refresh on opening New report columns will appear in Live Excel output

10 Runtime Parameters To view runtime parameter settings, click Data -> Connections -> Live Excel Connection -> Properties -> Definition -> Parameters… (whew!) Excel will prompt for runtime parameters by default Enter “*” to use as a wildcard Parameter values may be re-used automatically Prompts may be replaced by cells in the worksheet – Make sure all parameter cells are formatted as “Text”! Runtime parameter cells can be set to refresh the spreadsheet automatically

11 Runtime Parameters Cont’d

12 Editing Connection Properties Data -> Connections -> Properties Edit query to change the URL (e.g. If your Informer URL changes) Parameters to change runtime parameter defaults

13 Formulas You can create formulas that work off live data the same way you would static data Properties -> Fill down formulas in columns adjacent to data

14 Formulas Cont’d

15 Pivot Tables Use Pivot Tables to summarize data and perform drill downs

16 Pivot Tables Cont’d Tip: Use a dynamic named range to handle new columns and variable row count: – =OFFSET(Sheet1!$A$1,0,0,COUNTA(Sheet1!$A:$A), COUNTA(Sheet1!$1:$1)) Drag and drop fields into the Row Labels / Column Labels / Values buckets to change the table. Use “Value Field Settings” to change the aggregate function on Value fields (e.g. Sum, Count, Avg) Use the right-click -> group feature to group date fields into month, quarter, yearly intervals

17 Pivot Charts Similar to Pivot Tables but allow you to view the summary data in chart form

18 Mail Merge

19 Thank you! Any questions?

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