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Double Object Pronoun Placement

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1 Double Object Pronoun Placement
p. 288 Avancemos 2

2 Object Pronoun Placement
You already know the direct object pronouns: me nos te os lo, la los, las

3 Object Pronoun Placement
And you know the indirect object pronouns: me nos te os le les

4 Object Pronoun Placement
When you use a direct and an indirect object pronoun together, place the indirect BEFORE the direct. Memorize this acronym: RID Reflexive, Indirect, Direct

5 Object Pronoun Placement
La camarera nos trajo el caldo a Juan y a mí. Now…convert sentence using all pronouns. La camarera nos lo trajo. (RID)

6 Object Pronoun Placement
Place pronuns BEFORE the conjugated verb or ATTACH to infinitives and present participles:

7 Object Pronoun Placement
BEFORE the conjugated verb: Me los vas a pedir. You are going to ask me for them. Me los estás pidiendo. You are asking me for them.

8 Object Pronoun Placement
ATTACHED to the infinitive or present participle (gerrund). Vas a pedírmelos. You are going to ask me for them. Estás pidiéndomelos. You are asking me for them. (When attaching pronouns, add an accent to the stressed vowel.)

9 Object Pronoun Placement
When the indirect object pronoun le or les comes before the direct object pronoun lo, la, los, or las, change le or les to se. In other words, Don´t le lo ! Se lo !!!! Don´t le la! Se la !!!!

10 Object Pronoun Placement
Le pedí la cuenta al camarero. I asked the waiter for the bill. Le becomes “se” Se la pedí. (RID) I asked him for it.

11 Object Pronoun Placement
¿Les puedes llevar el té a esas mujeres? Can you take the tea to those women? Les becomes “se” Puedes llevárselo? (RID) Can you take it to them?

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