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Direct Object Pronouns

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1 Direct Object Pronouns
Espanol 1

2 Trabajo de timbre Write the following sentences down and circle the direct object. Tomas threw the cat out the window. Write the following sentence with the direct object pronoun and circle it. Fortunately, nobody saw it. They cat lived.

3 Mañana You will have the verb quiz mañana.

4 Notebook Quiz 2

5 Direct Object Pronouns pg 212
Direct object- person or thing receiving action of verb Tom threw the ball. Direct object pronouns can be used to avoid repeating the noun. He threw it far. In English they are me, you, him, her, it, them, us

6 Direct object pronouns
Me me Us nos You te You os Her, it la you las you them Him , it lo you los

7 Placement They pronouns can go before the conjugated verb
Tom likes chicken. He eats it every Tuesday. A Tom le gusta el pollo. Él lo come cada martes. The pronouns go after no Ana doesn’t see her. Ana no la ve.

8 Placement They can also be attached to an infinitive
Juan is going to add us to the list. Juan va a añadirnos a la lista. Ana has to mix it (la receta). Ana tiene que mezclarla.

9 Actividad 26 pg 212

10 Actividad Rewrite the sentences showing where else these direct object pronouns could be placed. 1. Yo la voy a ver. 2. Ella los tiene que traer. 3. Anita y Juan los van a preparar. 4. ¿Tú nos vas a comer?

11 Tarea Cuaderno pg 70

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