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November 2014 RD/AD Report First Coast Area Jacksonville,Florida.

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2 November 2014 RD/AD Report First Coast Area Jacksonville,Florida

3 Bermuda Area Learning Days

4 September 27,28 and 29 Three days of Meetings, Workshops, Service Fellowship and fun Friday night 8 th Serenity in Paradise area Convention Fundraiser Saturday – PR Workshop and Mock Presentations Building Strong Home Groups, Being and effective GSR Communication and Leadership, Group Support Forums Area Planning Tool and Intro to Service System proposals Saturday Night Recovery meeting Sunday – LSC Questions and Answers, and Wrap Up

5 Collaboration October 6, 2013 The South Florida Region and the Florida Region collaborate and present a joint Service System Proposal Workshop hosted by the Central Florida Area. Attended by about 40 members from both Regions

6 Western Service Learning Days Los Angeles California October 25,26 and 27  Service System Core Test Groups report results back to fellowship for the first time  IT Workshops  Public Relations  Helpline  H&I  Professionals Presentations and Panel Discussions

7 Important Dates Florida Regional Service Conference November 15,16,17, 2013 English Conference Agenda Report available November 27, 2013 Translated Conference Agenda Report available December 27, 2013 Conference Approval Track available January 27, 2013 Deadline for Submitting R/B/Z recommendations for consideration for nomination October 31, 2013 Regional report Deadline February 15, 2013/Area Annual Reports due January FRSC 2014 WSC 2014 April 27-May 4, 2013 WCNA 36 JUNE 11-14 2015 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

8 Conference Agenda Report Workshops Available dates

9 Conference Agenda Report Available Dates December 14 2013 January 4, 2014 January 11, 2014 January 25, 2014 February 01, 2014 February 22, 2014 January 17, 2014 Tallahassee RSC February 08 2014 MARLCNA February 15 2014 SEZF Atlanta March 01 2014 WEBINAR More will be revealed

10 NAWS Projects

11 Intro to NA Meetings Project – approval draft will be in the CAR – five countries and 19 states have participated

12 Projects Traditions Book Project New workshops created 90 minute profile and 20 minute for the Group level

13 NAWS Electronic Subscriptions NAWS Update Updates about NAWS activity. monthly email update is sent to all subscribers of the Just for Today mailing and all NAWS periodicals automatically NAWS Update Just for Today Daily Emails Daily email with each day’s Just for Today meditation. Just for Today Daily Emails NAWS News: E-subscription Quarterly update about NAWS and World Board activities, this publication is only available via email. NAWS News: E-subscription The NA Way Magazine Quarterly journal for recovery, unity, service, entertainment, and information about NA World Services

14 Resources Local Resources Area A collection of the fellowship’s experience, strength, and hope on a variety of service topics Local Resources Area

15 Issue Discussion Topics  Collaboration  Group Conscience  Supporting Our Vision  Third Tradition

16 Discussion Boards NA Service Discussion AreaNA Service Discussion Area - registration and some demographic information are required. NAWS IT Blog This is the blog where the IT department at NAWS posts information about projects they are working and is a way to communicate with other NA Website and IT trusted servants Traditions Book Discussion Area WSC Participants' Discussion AreaWSC Participants' Discussion Area - The WSC discussion board is meant to provide conference participants with an opportunity to share ideas and experience with one another..

17 GSR Assembly March 15, 2014 Rosen Shingle Creek 9939 Universal Blvd Orlando FL 32819

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