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THINKING LIKE EINSTEIN Thomas G. West Review by Janan Fallon.

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1 THINKING LIKE EINSTEIN Thomas G. West Review by Janan Fallon

2 CRITICAL COMMENTS Refreshing intellectual drink in the drought of contemporary visual literacy Fascinating look at the relationship between logic and visual thinking Unsupported dichotomy between visual and verbal intelligence

3 CONCEPTS Old world-based on words and numbers New world-based on display and manipulation of information with computer models

4 CONCEPTS Graphical computer technology brings us back to visual roots Balance between left and right brain Problem solving and big picture thinking

5 CONCEPTS Humans visual creatures Left brain-reading and writing Historically humans rely on linear processing of information

6 EINSTEIN Strong visual thinker Developed speech late Difficulty with words Made thoughts visual

7 TRADITIONAL EDUCATION Medieval clerks Word bound thinking Excessive testing and memorization

8 NEW EDUCATION Children today live in visual world Critical thinking Understanding of patterns Image based Verbal and literary literacy

9 INFORMATION OVERLOAD Specialists-insulated Global thinkers-eliminate unnecessary information Society needs both Goal of teacher vs. goal of student

10 A Whole New Mind: Moving from the Information Age to the Conceptual Age Daniel Pink MFA is the new MBA Creative intuitive age Ubiquity of knowledge Information is cheap

11 EINSTEINS AT GPC??? How do we teach visual generation? How do we balance the old and the new? How do we achieve visual and verbal literacy?

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