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Visit us at: Purpose - Do well now and in future Research findings suggest that core subject knowledge, non- routine problem solving,

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1 Visit us at:

2 Purpose - Do well now and in future Research findings suggest that core subject knowledge, non- routine problem solving, system thinking with broadly applicable capacities and habits of mind are essential to excel in a knowledge Economy. WWK helps students to develop critical thinking and learn to apply knowledge in finding out-of-box solutions to non-routine problems in new situations. Learn with SMILE : Simple Motivating Interactive Learner- Centric Environment that helps students to achieve their full potential. Visit us at: “What we learn with pleasure……….. We never forget” --- Alfred Mercier

3 Key Benefits – Stay ahead of the curve with strong basics Awareness: Construct your knowledge around big ideas or concepts with theme based learning, applets and animations. Analysis: Develop critical thinking, identify meaningful patterns and observe relation between different concepts. Application: WWK helps you to apply the knowledge to find solutions to real world problems. Practice problem solving with free response questions and solutions. Visit us at: “The eternal mystery of the world is its comprehensibility” --- Albert Einstein

4 SMILE - Simple, Motivating, Interactive, Learner centric Environment Simple: Media rich content, User Friendly Navigation, Homepage themes connected with the content. Motivating: Explore the real world applications for conceptual understanding of the subject. Interactive: Active participation in the learning process through animations and applets. Learner centric: Thought provoking FRQs, Worked out Examples, Q & A for K-8 to K-12 students improves ability to apply the learned concepts for problem solving. Visit us at: “Everything should be one made as simple as possible, but not one bit simpler” ----- Albert Einstein

5 Content design - The Way You Like It Theme based conceptual learning and motivating content with real world examples, visually rich images, graphics and animations. One view navigation: One can see all topics and sub-topics in a lesson. Understanding and Recalling is facilitated by topic-wise learning objectives, summary and worksheets. Topic-wise FRQs and worked out examples helps students to use learned knowledge in practical and concrete situations. 100 + Themes 10000+ Content pages 15000+ Pictures Animations Applets Visit us at:

6 Physics - The World around you Pleasure of finding things is natural Physics is the most fundamental of all sciences and deals with the simple rules that govern the universe and simple particles that everything in the universe is made of. It is all about matter, energy and the relationship between them. Clear grasp of concepts through applets and know how they fit together to explain the natural phenomena. Visit us at: “I a universe of atoms, an atom in the universe.” --- Richard P. Feynman

7 Chemistry - Beauty of Science or Science of Beauty. Does it Matter? Visit us at: “I never teach my pupils; I provide only conditions in which they learn” --- Albert Einstein Chemistry is all about structure and the nature of matter. Molecular events taking place within us right now allows us to read this and our brain cells to translate the flux of charges into thoughts. Know about the molecules of life: the structure, internal processes, chemical reactions and organic changes. Engaging content through animations to explain fundamental concepts interestingly.

8 Biology - The Wonders of the Inner World Journey into the world of plants, animals, and humans Major themes that unify biology. Hierarchical organization of structures extending from molecules to bio-sphere. Bio-chemistry and how it deals with the study of life molecules. Sequencing of human genome and genetic engineering. Get ready to travel into the inner world and change the way you look at life and world around. Visit us at:

9 Math - How Proficient Are You in the Language of Science? Capture the precision, fluency and logic of it all with 70000+ questions across topics. Clear explanation of answers. Worked out solutions at end of each test. Indication of topics to study for greater clarity. Capture the precision, fluency and logic of it all. Visit us at:

10 Prepare for success - Problem solving skills Q & A in Whiz test section has thousands of questions by subject. Depending on the level of difficulty the questions have a ‘beginner' and ‘advanced’ level tags. Randomly generated Model Tests for Engineering/Medicine with over 200 K questions covering all subjects provides measured evaluation and feedback. Time and effort are the only constraints to get better. Snapshot View: Physics or Chemistry, Biology or Math - get a single view of your progress across the subject/s. 45 K + Physics questions 50 K+ Chemistry questions 30 K+ Biology questions 70 K+ Math questions Visit us at:

11 Strong foundation and good effort is all it needs to become fluent in the language of sciences. Visit us at:

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