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 starter activity YouTube clip Spot the difference.

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1  starter activity YouTube clip Spot the difference.

2 Lenin was forced to flee Petrograd in autumn 1917 following an unsuccessful coup. He sought refuge in Rasliv, Finland until the situation had calmed down. The Provisional Government claimed that Lenin was a spy for the German government. How much truth do you think there was in this claim? Razliv, Finland, where Lenin hid in a hayloft!

3 The July Days and the Kornilov Affair
 LOs To find out the causes & events of the July Days To assess the impact of the JDs on the PG

4  Your task Read Murphy, p.63 . Write the heading ‘July Days’ in your notes and list the reasons why the July Days occurred as well as key events Extension. Do you still agree with the views of Richard Pipes (p.59) about Lenin’s charisma?

5 July Days Military failures – failure of June Offensive, desertions, declining morale Political opposition – formation of Provisional Revolutionary Committee Demonstrations – outside Mariinksy Palace & Tauride Palace – 50,000 people! Military support – several regiments joined protestors

6  Your task Study the 2 events, the July Days & the Kornilov Revolt on p Note down the positive & negative effects of these events on the Bolshevik Party.  Who came out worse – the PG or the Bolsheviks? General Kornilov

7 July Days Arrests – 500 Bolsheviks arrested
Lack of leadership – Lenin fled to Finland; humiliation – Lenin forced to disguise himself Opposition to Bolsheviks – failed uprising united PG & Soviets against Bolsheviks Acceptance of defeat – Lenin writes ‘The State & Revolution’ accepting difficulty of revolution in Russia

8 Kornilov Revolt Rearmament – Bolshevik leaders given guns to defend Petrograd Bolsheviks prisoners released Support for Bolsheviks increased – seen as defenders of Petrograd Support for PG decreased – seen as weak

9 Orlando Figes (above) thought the July Days was nothing more than a ‘mood’ and lacked leadership and direction. Imagine you are going to interview this historian, draw up a list of questions you would like to ask about his work on the July Days.

10  Plenary Causes of July Days Impact on Bolsheviks
Pipes or Figes? Causes of July Days Impact on Bolsheviks Kornilov Revolt – impact on Bolsheviks? Extension. Who do you agree with: Pipes or Figes?

11  Homework Complete section five of your study guide.
Extension. Create factoids on Lenin & Trotsky making notes on their ideas, political careers and the part they played in the Revolution. Include useful quotes and views of historians Lenin (left) & Trotsky (right)

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