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Turning your ESSAY into a SPEECH

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1 Turning your ESSAY into a SPEECH
Advice and Tips

2 JFK’s Inaugural Address

3 Template for speech outline:
Introduce yourself (be unique; grab attention; don’t bore us to death) Introduce your issue and your inspiration for that issue. Relate to the audience—why should they care? Explain how you came to draft your thesis Give first argument and most effective evidence Give second argument and most effective evidence Give third argument and most effective evidence Offer a solution or call your audience to action Ask if anyone has questions (Wait and then answer) Thank your audience (be unique)

4 Spice it Up
Add variety and interest. Conversational but not ‘slang’ Give it rhythm Vary the sentence structure. Use the active voice and avoid passive sentences. Repeat key words and points. Ask rhetorical questions in a way that attracts your listeners' attention. Personal experiences and anecdotes Use quotes. Good quotes work on several levels, forcing the audience to think. Make sure quotes are clearly attributed and said by someone your audience will probably recognize. Be sure to use all of these devices sparingly in your speeches. If overused, the speech becomes exaggerated.

5 Five things for your audience to do
Stay awake. How are you going to make sure they do this? Receive the information they seek. Get your message. Apply the message that you gave them through your research to their own life (relate to the audience) Act on your information. Are you asking them to do anything with your information?

6 The Point?  

7 Professional attire please yes, it is a part of your grade
Look NICE No shorts—wear pants, skirts, or nice jeans ie. no hole-y jeans, and wear a belt if they fall off of you—be PROFESSIONAL No t-shirts w/logos—solid colors are good, but make sure that it’s a professional looking shirt No tank tops or low cut shirts Avoid flip flops and tennis shoes—wear nice footwear

8 Grading Quality Point Value Professionalism Preparedness
Preparedness Speaking (tone, volume, etc.) Body Language (eye contact, etc.)

9 The Writing Process Continued
Editing our papers The Writing Process Continued

10 On Friday you will turn in (paper clipped in this order
Final Draft Rough Draft Plan (packet) News Notebook Your speech outline will be turned in separately after you have made your speech. Speeches will be given in random order on Friday and Monday. EVERYONE should be prepared to present Friday.

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