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Seminar 09P Let’s get visual! INHOLLAND University SURFdiensten UNIVERSITY of British Columbia Eja Kliphuis/Annemiek Scholten/Pim Slot Ulrich Rauch/Tim.

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Presentation on theme: "Seminar 09P Let’s get visual! INHOLLAND University SURFdiensten UNIVERSITY of British Columbia Eja Kliphuis/Annemiek Scholten/Pim Slot Ulrich Rauch/Tim."— Presentation transcript:

1 Seminar 09P Let’s get visual! INHOLLAND University SURFdiensten UNIVERSITY of British Columbia Eja Kliphuis/Annemiek Scholten/Pim Slot Ulrich Rauch/Tim Wang © Copyright [Eja Kliphuis, Annemiek Scholten, Pim Slot, Uli Rauch, Tim Wang] [2007]. This work is the intellectual property of the author. Permission is granted for this material to be shared for non-commercial, educational purposes, provided that this copyright statement appears on the reproduced materials and notice is given that the copying is by permission of the author. To disseminate otherwise or to republish requires written permission from the author.



4 Workshop Outline

5 Take Away… What can you expect from concept maps with Inspiration? How does the tool work? How can I use rich media & video with the Virtual Cutter? How can I combine VUE, Pachyderm, …?

6 International Collaboration

7 Further Introductions Who is who? (pictures in.isf)

8 What Do You See?

9 Let’s Get Visual? A picture speaks louder than words… Students grow up in a visual world Visual ‘only’ is not enough Rich media can help student learning Our choice: c maps, rich media,..

10 Let’s Get Visual 1

11 Concept Maps INHOLLAND Overall view of c maps projects Concept maps, mind maps? Choosing a tool, licensing Examples, sharing practices Lessons learned and further plans Q&A

12 Overview

13 Concept Maps, J.D. Novak

14 Mind Maps, T. Buzan

15 Choosing a Tool Criteria were: Usability, ease of use Hiding of subconcepts possible Focus on part of the concept map Printable From longlist to shortlist (2005)longlist to shortlist

16 Licensing

17 First Pilot, April 2005 Henk Schilstra and business students, INHOLLAND

18 Orientation On a New Subject Henk Schilstra, School of Economics Haarlem, INHOLLAND

19 Shielding Radiation Jelle Scheurleer, School of Health Haarlem, INHOLLAND

20 Concepts & Business Analysis Team of 5 students Media & Entertainment Management, INHOLLAND

21 Brainstorm

22 Brainstorm Restructured

23 Other Applications

24 Sharing C Maps & Practices

25 Project-closure, September ‘06

26 October 2007 Minor and Master Visual Knowledge Building Service Level Agreements with Schools Workshop conceptmapping in minor UDP More concept maps and practices, e.g. -poster for research presentation -summary of plenary discussion …

27 Lessons Learned When on paper?When in Inspiration? Marieke Stammes, student School of Health, INHOLLAND

28 Moodboard Students Media & Entertainment Management, INHOLLAND

29 Integration With LMS

30 Concept Map in a wiki

31 Combination with Blog

32 Tools Inspiration 8IE C map Tools VUE Mindmanager Freemind iMindmap

33 Q & A

34 Hands-on with Inspiration What possibilities do you see? Create a visual map in Inspiration, you can start with a diagram start with a mind map start with a template We’ll be pleased to help you!

35 Let’s Get Visual 2 Rich Media & Video

36 Copyrighted Visual Material: Licensed by SURFdiensten SURFdiensten, the licensing service company for HE in the Netherlands (and Belgium) Software, content, hardware, ICT-services ‘Academia’-agreement with the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Image: access for HE to 10.000+ hours of streaming content (€ 0,51 per student/year) Broadcasts from Dutch public broadcasters and documentary footage Hosted by SURFnet (portal for content and services) One core (videoserver, search engine, authentication server), 2 user applications

37 Content from Sound & Image



40 One video base  two applications

41 Two Applications SURfnet Video Library (higher edu) Teleblik (Primary Secund. & Vocational)

42 SURFnet Video Portal

43 Sound & Image Content (accessible with academic license)

44 The Virtual Cutter: Creating Clips from Streaming Files

45 Multi-applicable Tool

46 Teleblik allows access to the archive of the Dutch public broadcasters for educational use Access is free of charge 70 % of the schools in the Netherlands own a Teleblik licence 12.000 television programmes are online New programmes are added every day Users can watch, request, edit and save material

47 How Does Teleblik Work? Recent programmes Search query Actual theme’s (p.e. Ramadan)

48 Search Results metadata Screen dump of short clip Screen dump of complete program

49 Play Clip or Program login play

50 User Interface: Edit Your Own Clip … Edit your own clip

51 …with the virtual cutter Click for start time Click for end time

52 Bookmark Clip URL of your clip can be bookmarked or emailed

53 Bookmark of Your Clip Bookmark Bookmark of your clip

54 Backoffice: Virtual Cutter + Editing Tool new daily workload for the editors

55 Backoffice: Virtual Cutter + Editing Tool work divided among editorial board

56 Backoffice: Virtual Cutter + Editing Tool the virtual cutter in the editing tool

57 Backoffice: Virtual Cutter + Editing Tool adding specific educational metadata

58 Backoffice: Virtual Cutter + Editing Tool adding guidelines for specific age groups in school

59 Backoffice: Virtual Cutter + Editing Tool the result at the front end

60 Virtual Cutter and Blackboard

61 Hands on: virtual cutter

62 Let’s Get Visual 3 VUE, Pachyderm and 3D Concept Maps


64 Rich Media Identifying Rich Media on the Web –Images (Image Repositories / Search Engines)Image RepositoriesSearch Engines –Audio (Music Sharing, Pod Casting)Music SharingPod Casting –Video (Video Blogging, DIY Video Hubs, Video Repositories)Video BloggingDIY Video HubsVideo Repositories –Interactive Animations (Flash, Shockwave)FlashShockwave –Virtual Reality Simulation and Games (Ancient Spaces, Second Life, World of Warcraft)Ancient SpacesSecond LifeWorld of Warcraft

65 Rich Media Tools Learning Tools at Arts, UBC

66 Rich Media Tools Ferret Image Repository

67 Rich Media Tools Pachyderm

68 Pachyderm Samples

69 Rich Media Tools Pachyderm Designer Screen

70 Rich Media Tools Pachyderm Designer Interface

71 Let’s Look at VUE Startup VUE application Create a few nodes Add content to nodes –My Computer content (doc, ppt, jpg, mov) –remote resources (Black Ships and Samurai) –web resources (flickr, google image, you tube)

72 Rich Media Tools Sample Pachyderm Presentation

73 Pachyderm Presentation -> VUE Converter

74 Outline of a Pachyderm Presentation in VUE

75 A Deeper Exploration of an Individual Pachyderm Screen

76 XML -> VUE Comparison

77 Concept Mapping in 3D Open Croquet Annotation Feature

78 All the things we didn’t talk about … The wider application of concept mapping in social network platforms (e.g. Facebook, Bebo) Using concept maps to make rich media content accessible (Section 508) Interoperability/Standardization of the xml description for concept maps …

79 What Do You See Now? Or…. one part from a graph on the front page of this mornings paper ;-)


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